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Full text of "Green Years : Westwood High School yearbook"

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westwood high school 


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For Reference 

Not to be taken from this room 


j.y' ■ ::^y-i HM 

2 H^^ 



^The Mark You Leave 

"The Mark You" leave is... 

naking you one in a crowd. It's what 
seperates you from the other 800 kids 
and what makes you special." 

"What you choose to do with your free 

"the memory you create in high school 
and the impression other people have of 
you as a person!' 

"who you are, and why people should 
remember you!" 

"It's about the people you have impacted 
and the memories you have left 
throughout your four years!' 

"It's about the amount of hours I have 
spent at this school!' 

\\' I 



> ^^ 

Table of Contents 

6 The Yearbook Dedication . 

8 Faculty and Staff 
■_ 14 Class Portraits- Seniors ' 
'^>^32 Class Portraits- Juniors 

42 Class Portraits- SophomoreY 
piass Portraits- Freshman 

62 Student Government 

64 Extracurricular Clubs 

80 Green Years 

82 Theater Events 

86 Advice from our Retirees 

88 Happenings 

94 Mixed Grade Candids /'^ 

98 Memories of Paul Hanle^ 

100 Sports t 

152 Senior Expressions ^mf^fk 

174 Prom kS^TjRf 

178 Senior Week 

182 Senior Superlatives' 

184 Graduation 

186 All Night Graduation Farty 

188 Senior Will 

192 What's Next? 

194 Parent Messages 






' L^mB 



^ ^'''u^SivBy 


Presented to Mr.* Shu man at Class- Day*, June 4, 2010, 
by Danielle Stein, on behalf of the 2010 Senior Class 

"Work Hard, Be Nice." Four little words that form one 

powerful philosophy. 

These are the words that greet students as they walk 

through the door of room A1 1 5 in the history wing. 

The 2010 Yearbook Dedication recipient not only reminds 

us to do these things, 

but he inspires us by showing us how they're done. 

For all he's done for us and for his belief in what we can be, 

the members of the Class of 201 join together to 

shout. ...Shuman! 

Work Hard, Be Nice. 

Hailing from South Boston, Mr. Shuman worked to become 

the valedictorian 

of his high school class at Catholic Memorial. 

From there he earned a degree in Government and 

Economics at Bowdoin while serving as the captain of his 

college varsity hockey and golf teams. After working for a 

few years as a market analyst, he followed his heart into 

teaching, earning his master's degree at Tufts and finally, 

thankfully, in 2005, found his way to Westwood High. He 

has been encouraging the Westwood High School 

community to work hard and be nice ever since. 

Work Hard, Be Nice. 

In the classroom, it's obvious how hard Mr. Shuman works 

to make learning both meaningful and fun. He uses the 

lessons of history and the study of psychology to make us 

think about big ideas: who we are, what we value, our 

responsibilities to ourselves and others. Whether it's 

rallying for their candidates in the mock presidential election 

or arguing constitutional points in front of the Shu-preme 

Court, students in Mr. Shuman's classroom want to do their 

best. As Natalie Shapeton said, 

"I wish I had Mr. Shuman for more than one year. He wants 

everyone to succeed and with him success always seems 


Work Hard, Be Nice. 

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Shuman's contributions make 

the Westwood High School community better. From 

refereeing the girls' football game, to chaperoning the beach 

trip, to advising We the People, or bringing Westwood's #1 

Superfan, Teddy Shuman, to a Friday night football game, 

Mr. Shuman's support has made our senior year more 


Work Hard, Be Nice. 

Whether he's baking us his special blueberry cake or giving 
us the "Hey, guys, what's up" in the halls, Mr. Shuman 
exemplifies what it means to be nice. Kayla Franceschi said 
of him, "He's down-to-earth and an all around good guy. 
Everyone likes Mr. Shuman." Now I can tell you, as president 
of the Student Council, the fact that everyone loves Mr. 
Shuman saved the talent show this year. We booked him as 
the MC, knowing that everyone would show up for Shuman. 
Work Hard, Be Nice. 

Mr. Shuman leads by example, making him someone the 
senior class admires. As Christian Adams said, "No matter 
what he's doing, he commits himself to it with honesty and 
integrity." Mr. Shuman helps us to be better people. As Ries 
McQuillan said "He has made me into a more confident 
person." Mr. Shuman gives us support and guidance when 
we need it. As one senior noted, "We had some really tough 
moments this year and Mr. Shuman was always there - for ^ 
me and for the class as a whole." A few seniors noted 
appreciatively that it took Mr. Shuman's hard work and a litfti 
kick in the pants (nicely) to get them to graduation this ye^^ 
Truth be told, we might say he's our perfect role model, 
except for that little flaw of coaching the Canton High Schoo^ 
Hockey Team. 
Work Hard, Be Nice. 

In his cover letter applying to teach at Westwood, Mr. 
Shuman wrote, "I look forward to joining an exceptional 
school community dedicated to creating a positive and 
supportive learning environment that promotes mutual 
respect and the expectation that every student will strive to 
meet his or her potential in both the classroom and the larger 
community." Mr. Shuman, with the example you set for all of 
us, you have helped to make Westwood High School that 
place. We understand from past senior classes that it is your 
practice to write a personalized thank you and good luck note 
to every one of your graduating seniors. Well, Mr. Shuman, 
the 201 Yearbook Dedication is our thank you note to you. 

"Mr. Shunian's class is tur^ 
uiid iiiteructive- we learn 
through active experience 
und real-lite n^odels. He 
teaches in a way that 
makes it easy to learn.'^j 

Malachi^ Duffy \ 


c Iius c^reoT sense oif 
turner and always keeps 
l^is classes laughing. He 
cares so much for his 
students and really want^ 
to see them succeed." 

"He made my high school 
experience very ^ \ 

comfortable and ^jn 
always put me 'm a good 
mood. He has an answer to 
everything no matter 
whot-your^r^jatioi^ is." 
Morioh Hun^^ 

"He is probably the best 
teacher I have had my 
entire higi^ school career: 
his classes always keep 
me thinking." 

Madison Rau 


,* ^' 



"Mr. Shumate n^ade the 
entire senior year 
experience a blast. He kept 
us motivated to work hard 
in all of our classes, not 
iust his!" 

Peter Campion 


i M 



Sean Bevai 
Asst. Principe 

John Antonucci 

m Superintendent 

Dr. Earls, Chair 



Ms. Felton 

Ms. Hanlon 












Mr. Kaczenski 

Dr. Zarrow 

Ms. Kelsch 


Ms. Sonneborn 

Ms. Troiano 

*^' Foreign 

Ms. Roberts. Chair 

Ms. DeLeon Mr. Ducheneau 

BIa *^ f 



w li'i 

m ' 


▼ lB.^aA 

Ms. Flanaaan 

Mr. Gillis 

Ms. Whelan 

Ms. Aykanian 

Mr. Kelly 


> Ms. Testa^ 

Ms. Witzburg 





Ms. Peters 


Ms. Edmonstone 


Mr. Schwanbeck 


Ms. Gibb 

Ms. Maresh 

Ms. Miller 


Ms. Potus 

Ms. Cote. Chair 

Mr. Howard 

Mr. Renoni 

Mr. Dore. Chair 

Mr. Dolleman 

M.S. Furber 

Mr. McEachern 


Mr. Morelli 

Ms. Matteson 

Ms. Raffol 

Ms. Rosengarten 

Ms. Percy 

Ms. Sharry 

Ms. Medsker, Chair 

Ms. Wilkinson 

Ms. Connors Ms. Coulombe Ms. Dalton Mr. Halperin 

Ms. Lawless Mr. Mehigan 

Ms. Renfranz Ms. Santan 






Wr^m m ^M Ma I 


W^if. jstm- H^Ji^r "^J^ -^t ^^^^^^^^V^^T ^1 


TB j^l 








In? I 


I . 






^ f.* 












Elizabeth Abraham 

Christian Adams 

Christopher Adams 

Wesley Adams 


Thomas Ahearn 

Christopher Anamateros 

Alexander Archambo 

Mariah Arnold 


(^t^ ^T^\ 



Hadi Audi 

Mia Ausis 

Philip Azeredo 

George Balekjian 


Alexandra Bartholomew 

Alan Baryudin 

Marsaux Barzin 

Neha Basu 


Michelle Beatty 

Danielle Bradley 




^^ rl 







Maya Bechara 

Mark Black 

Sean Broderick 

Madeline Bugeau-Heartt 


Patrick Bowler 

Anthony Burden 


Audra Cabey 

Shawna Caldwell 

Peter Campion 

Nastasha Casale 

i w 

Kelly Casey 

Beverly Cheng 

Michael Chirokas 

Corey Christian 


William Contreras-Gonzalez 

Jacqueline Cooke 

Madeline Craig 

Sarah Cucchiara 


Bradford Cushman 

Claire Daniels 

Katherine Dawson 

Sarah Deangelis 






Jennifer Dello Russo 

Dylan Demora 

Kelly Donlon 

Carley Donovan 

■^ - 


John Donovan 

James Drew 

Lauren Drew 

Malachy Duffy 






Kristen Emerson 

Amanda Ethridge 

Michelle Parrel 1 

Matthew Ferren 


Matthew Follen 

Amy Friel 


Michael Foxx 

George Georgaklis 




Kayla Franceschi 

Alessandra Giugliano 

Peter Frangiadakis 


Katherine Glover 


/ / 

Cameron Gulczynski 

Taolun Guo 

Chandler Hall 

Paul Hanley 








Ryan Hanlon 

Kathleen Harrington 

Kerri Harrinston 

Melissa Haughn 



I- 1 



/' '£|| 

1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

Christian Heaney-Secord 

Cara Henderson 

Kelsey Hession 

Lambsey Hoang 

Sarina Huang 

Mariah Hurley 

Denisa Ikonomi 

Megan Isberg 


s , 

Nadeem Istfan 

Michael Jacobs 

Andrew Ju 

Marjorie Juste 

Rachael Keatina 

John Kelly 

Matthew Kenney 

Chase Kerzel 



Aaron Kesler 

Alexander Kessler 

Emma Krause 


Andrew Kusmin 

John Lally 

William Lasher 

James LaughHn 



Colleen Laughter 

Jennifer Lavoie 

Yuanwen Liang 

Allison Lim 









f ^ "" tr 


V - 




Catherine Loftus 

James Looney 

Kevin Luo 


Victor Maccow 




Jordan Macpherson 



^' .r-» 


Lisa Majid 






^ '% 1^B> 

Charlotte Malin 

Caitlin Mannin" 

Madeline Martin 

Elizabeth Mason 

Paul Massad 


John McCabe 

Rebecca McClelian 

John McDonald 

Katharine McDonough 




Ryan McHoul 

Casey McLaughlin 

Courtney McLaughlin 

Erin McManus 

Stephen McManus 

Ries McQuillan 

Daniel Meagher 

Janice Michaud 


David Milano 

Michael Molchan 

Michael Montrond 

Rebecca Morgan 





Jacqueline Morra 

Paige Moscow 

Dima Moujahed 

Sarah Muellers 

"T^ ■^r* 







^ ^ 

Samantha Mulligan 

Alison Murphy 

Bridget Murphy 

Erin Murray 




^^^P * ^^^^v^^^^^^l 




Brittany Musto 

Michael Musto 

Erica Nangeroni 

Caitlyn Nesbitt 



Juliane Nguyen 

Bridget Norris 

Jill O'Brien 

John O'Brien 

Kathryn O'Brien 

Olivia O'Leary 

Christina Papianou 

Hannah Park 

|-<^ .^^»* 



Alisha Patel 

Penelope Pease 

Joseph Pellegrini 

Paul Pender 






^^k: VA^*"';^ *^^l 


'''- H 



^pVi.^ •» ,_-i), . ', 



'^^'^jV^^" ' 

T - "\ . 



,'•> **■:< •■-AsT.-.- 

Brian Perkins 

Kara Pierre-Charles 

Jennie Power 

Matthew Powers 


Olivia Powers 

Joel Priestley 

Mirtza Prieto 

Mark Prokes 

Peter Radonich 

Madeline Randolph 

Madison Rau 





Anna Ribas 

Kelly Rich 

Ashley Rioidan 

Allison Ristaino 





^ i 


Chrislopher RiKlenbuNh 

Adrienne Rose 

Rian Rossetti 




Natalie Sliapeion 

Disha Sharma 

Mason Shaw 


Rachel Stanke 

Ann Sheehan 

Casev Smith 

Karohna Sobieska 

IK* 'r-^^^ 

' "^^P 





■^Imm ^^'^^^ 



'""'■ j^K 

^' \ 

Danielle Stein 

Antwione Taylor 

Elizabeth Teebagy 




John Trakas 

Mathew Venti 

Alexander Ventola 

Robert Ventura 

1 ^9»i 

% X 

Adam Walker 

Stephen Weinreich 



Madeline Walsh 

Michelle Whelan 







Emma Ward 


Meaghan Winn 

Nimi Wariboko 


Joseph Wisialko 


Allison Wittich 

Venkata Yelleswarapu 



f % 




I^^V 4r^ 


« ^> 




^^^B ^^ ' ^9 IIJM 


.s A 

• • •• V rfli 

Km "^ t«fflrl 








^ i^^^^^^^^H 
















-a T 






John Abi-Elias 

Brianna Bates 

Elise Blanchard 

Caitlin Adamakis 

Bradley Adams 


Katharine Akikie 

Tayla Allen 



Davieson Annis Anthony Antonelhs Cohn Arnpriester 

Charlie Audi 

Jackie Audi 

Jennifer Besaan 

Kara Belinsky 

Rachel Berluti 

Jessica Berry 

Kylie Blizzard 

Ariel Bornstein 

Arnett Bracy 

Vito Bruno 

Jessica Burns 

Riley Cachelin 

Jacinta Calixte 

Jonathan Campbell Alison Campion 

Sierra Carrasco 

Olivia Cawley 

Giovanni Centeio 

Nicole Chan 



Michael Cicerone 

Sean Amaru 

Joshua Babbin 

Sarah Biron 

Stephen Burke 

Stephen Campion 

Harry Clapsis 

.^^^K '^ v^ H 


_1 _i — 



Hannah Coffey 

Sean Condrick 

James Conner 

Paul Cook 

Thomas Costello 

James Curtin 

Samuel Cutler Francesca Debenedictis David Decenzo 

Jason Demarmis Christa Demovellan 

Am Derderian 















1 1 

H 1 

^^» *- 


Hki ' vl 


K V 

r* 1 


Caitlin Delorey 

Samantha DeTore 

Amanda Diiulis 

Nasuf Dizdari 

Erin Curran 

John Delsignore 

Sarah Dixon 

Carolyn Donovan Jessica Donovan 

**»-.♦*'. It / \iit^i 

S%' _ 


V f 



r f 

I stiM 1 






Mary Doyle 





1^ , 





^ '^ 

Kyle Fedorowicz 



Kathryn GiUiland 

Brett Egizi 

Michael Filbin 

Elizabeth Elcock 








fe ^ 


i 1 


Nicole Fiorino 

Nicholas Elliot 

Micheal Gallagher 

1 Tf '^'^^k J 

Cameron Etchings 

Kevin Gavin 

Sabrina Farley 

Maria Georgaklis 

Kate Ginsberg 

Benjamin Glaser 

Joshua Goldberg 

Michelle Grimaud 

Michael Hallion 


Edward Han 

Elise Harrington 

Nicholas Hawes 

Alexander Heier Keelin Henderson 



I&L 1^^ 

Jacqueline Henry 

Shannon Hogan 

Tommy Hu 

Hillary Hui 


Matthew Hurley 

Ryan Humey 

Jacob Indursky 

Daquira Ingram 

Alexandra Jackson 

Louis Jacobs 

Matthew Jessup 

Gregory Keene 

Eliza Kaplan 

Mahr-u-nisa Khan 

Sydney Kaplan 

Sophie Karpf 

Brianna King 

Christina Koutris 

Beverly Kwong 

Maria Laham 

John Landry 


Katelyn Keane 

Ellen Kunkel 


Nicole Lama 

Michael Lannum 

Robinson Law 

Alanna Leahy 

Joseph Leibson 

Matthew Levine 

Kevin Liebrock 

Ashley Littlejohn Samantha Liu 

Katharine Loiacono 

Kenneth Lona 

Joseph Lupica 

Patrick Lyons 



l % 





Macston Maccow Elena Maimonis 

Jacqueline Martin 

Patrick Masi-Phelps 

Rachel Masotta 

John McCarthy 

Shannon McCarthy Steven McCarthy 

Myles McDonough 

Robert McGee 

Emily McGrail 

Molly McLaughlin 


f » .1 ''I Ki 


1! — 



Ik '- 







Alison McNulty 

Michael McNulty Thomas McNulty 

Kyle Menyhert 

Alexander Mertz 

Michelle Miiano 

Christopher Molchan Daniel Moloy Lucienne Montgomery Nicole Moylan Brett Mulderry-Hotfer Fahad Munir 




Conor Murphy Stephanie Murphy 

Dylan Nanna 

Erin OConnor 

James O Doherty 

/*• 'm 




Patrick 0~ Donnell Annmarie O'Raherty 

^He^ s\ • 


Ailvn Pestana 

Nicole Pettit 

Steven 0~Leary 

Mary O' Sullivan 

Believe Opara 

Klaudia Pogace 

Sarah Polin 

Christian Portanova 


Samuel Pease 

Megan Porter 

Nicholas Post 

Kevin Power 

Lillian Priestley 

William Ralph 

Ullas Rao 

Michael Raskin 




Isaac Rice 

Conor Rogers 




Shayan Salam 

Laura Sandborg 

Anne Shea 



Leigh Ronan 

Yalda Rostamnezhad Caroline Rvan 

Malek Sayegh 

Patrick Scannell 

Leah Schroeder 


Anthony Sadler 


Kevin Sennott 



Adam Shipp Marina Shkuratov Hani Singer Patrick Singleton Brendan Skehill 



Patrick Sleiaht 



Amanda Thomas 

Leisha Valentine 


William Smith 

Kelley Sleeves 






r ^^ 

Christopher Treon 

Katrien Vanwagenen 



Cody Whalen Joseph Williams 

Not Pictured: John Greenwood, Leah 
Lessard, Andreas Nicolos, Melissa 
Poche, Kenneth Reisman, Reginald 
Sethna, William Spear 

ir-in f- f !] 

John Troy 

Michael Ventura 

Quinn Wilson 

Erica Sweeney 

Scott Sykowski 

Dylan Terry 


Derek Tucceri 

Renaldo Tutulani 

Juliana Ucuz 

David Voneuw 

Kevin Walsh 

Patrick Walsh 

Andrea Winn 

Enn Young 

Melanie Zahka 







love I 






1 ^l^^^ BHHflL l^'k^^^j^B 



n^J^ ^ 



Tina Abijaoude Catherine Abraham 

Alexis Argiros 

Grayson Asmar 

Neeraj Basu Benjamin Beal 

Erik Brakke 

Molhe Brown 

Ryan Carey 

Michaela Carlin 



Derin Ahigian 

Sarah Ansehci 

Kimberly Antome Emma Archambo 

Jenna Aswad 

Michael Bambini 

Sarah Bams Samantha Bartholomew 

Daniel Bonkowski Julia Bornstein 

Patrick Bowe 

Casey Bowler 

Christopher Burke 

Patrick Busa 

Sean Cabey 

Matthew Cannon 

Christine Casavant Bnanna Cataldo 

Ehdi Chan 

Paulina Chin 



Mariana Chiulli Jonathan Cloherty Christopher Colby Madeline Conway Madeleine Cooke Emma Cope-Flanagan 

Onir •'y 

Chiisi;i Cosen/a 

Annie Craii; 

Allison CucL'oli 

Joseph Cushman 

Brendan Dalton 

// ''.ll 




Nicholas Danircn Kalhenne Deansielis Conor Delanev 

Brian Delsisnore 

Kawika De\ab 

In\ a Doci 

Trac\ Donlon 


Glen Donovan 

Luke Devin 

Elizabeth Dorsch 


James Drew 

CoiKir Duri\ 

Jonathan Dnllea 

Joseph Elkhoury 

Conor Emerson 


Yifei Fan 



Rebecca Farlex 

R\an Fairell 

Courtne\ Fa\ 

Daniel Feidman 

Sean Fii/sierald 

Andrew Fiiiniedora 


Rvan Fow 


Caitlin Friel 






Nicole Galjagher 

Nicolle Garcia 


^^n ^r ^B^^I^^^nP^V <J 


^atthew Gee 


Chad Giacchetto Gabriella Giugliano 

Albert Good 

Alyson Grealish 

Holly Griffin 

Katherine Groton 

Cory Guinta 


Matthew Haddad 

Dorjan Hajderllari 

Peter Halkett 

Yona Hamill 

Carol Han 

Thomas Hanley Victoria Harding 

Alycen Harney 

Jonathan Harper Camille Harrington 

Samuel Harris 





^-- «f, 




Terrence Harris-Hughes Lee Hatfield 

_\ .-..-jnrtj&tgl 

Brian Hedal 


Kaitlin Hutchinson Samantha Janfaza 

Kelsey Jenks 


Nicholas Henderson 

Rosemarie Jenks 


Sarah Hogan 

Anne Husted 

Kristine Kay 

Michael Keane 

Abigail Keaveney Samantha Keene 

Dennis Kelley 

Alexander Kendrick Daniela Kessler 

John Khan 













Cory Krakowsky Caroline Lacey 

Marisa Lalli 

Ivy Lee 

Stephen Lesage 

Jingjuan Li 



Lochlainn Macdonald Alyssa Mackinnon 

Sean Laughlin 

Don Liang 

Sara Laughna 

Christopher Lui 

Jenna Launie 

Jennifer Lyons 

Justin Magnan 

Shane Maher 

Rebecca Mahn 

Erik Maloney 

Samuel Malonson 

Thomas Mandeville 


Gabriel Markarian 


Bryan McCarthy 

Madehne McDonald Richard McDonough 


Laura McHoul 

Scott McKenna Alexandra McLaughlin Brendan McLaughhn Dylan McManus 

Ryan McNulty 



Alexandra Mealey Nicholas Moin 

Matthew Muellers 


Stephen Mooncai 

Julie Moore 

Ryan Moujahed 



Siobhan Moylan 

Gregory Murray 

Deena Najim 





Kevin Nangeroni 

Samia Nassif 

Ryan Neville 

Sean Nocera Marykathryn Norton Lydia O'Brien Mitchell O'Brien 


Molly OBrien 

Sara O'Brien 


^'■^ '-' 


. 1 


Sheila OSullivan Dorian Oberstein Thomas Ollerhead Anokh Palakurthi Michael Papianou 

Glenn Parsons 

1^ I 





Emily Paterson 

Sydney Petta 

Michael Phillips 

Alana Piccirilli 

Molly Powers 

Georgia Priestley 



Zoe Radner 

Nima Rahimi 

Elizabeth Ralph 

Alanna Raskin 

Caitlin Reilly 


Matthew Reissfelder 

Molly Smith 

John Swartz 





Kate Rich 

Haley Richman 

Sina Salehi 

Chnsanthe Salemis 





fl^^^dF <^H 

lb - f 



fll^ J; 


Ell ^K 

ifL A| 

m 1 

^^b. ^^k^ 

,:!■ ^ ^ S 

Kristina Saliba 

Nora Smith 

Derrick St. Hill 

Anthony Sweeney 

Jessica Sykowski 


Genevieve Rogers 

Delaney Russell 

William Scarpa 

Kelly Sennott 

Molly Stachowicz 

Santi Strickland 

Euripidis Tanery Nathaniel Teebagy 

Griffin Ryan 

Elizabeth Shaw 

Elizabeth Stuehr 

Calla Tiberi 














Elizabeth Trakas 

Keira Travers 

Jaclyn Ventura 

Alexa Verni 

Theodore Treon 


Kurt Walker 

Christopher Tso 

Julia Tucke 

Katherine Vanasse 

Morgan Walker 

Joseph Walsh 

Maria Walsh 



Richael Walsh 

Kyle Ward 

Bele Wariboko 

Anna Wilhelm 

Soyer Wilson 

Nicholas Wisialko 

Jenny Young Julian Zamudio-Henera James Zapcic 


Lauren Werth 

Ehren Wong 

David Zdonik 


Kyle White 

Valentina Wigozki 

Kwan Wong 

Alex Young 

Not Pictured: Eric Rose, 
Melissa Solimine 


r: <: 








^^- — "l 




' ^m^^^^B'^' v^l^^r 



i^^u ^ — *^ »^^ 

^9A iR 

rwf I 







*■ f ^ 





James Adamakis 

Ashley Adams 

Timothy Adams 

Asmani Adhav 

Nicholas Adjami 

Meghan Ahearn 

Jonathan Allesrezza Jonathan Anamateros 

Curtis Anderson 





Nicholas Antonellis 

Rami Audi 

Rebecca Axworthy 





Nicholas Bambini 

Kristina Barounis 


Alexander Beach 

Sarah Beggan 

Joshua Belinsky 

Eva Berberian 

Lucy Bergemann 

Alex Berluti 

Allison Black 

Zachary Blum 

W". -1 

^F^"^ ^^B 

1^ <^ 1 

^K H 


^L T '' ^H 




Hailey Boettger 

Julia Boettger 

Andrew Brodsky Emma Buckle 



;\ \ 

Daniel Calderone Benjamin Cautela 

Julia Bugeau-Heartt 

Eric Burgess 

Bridget Burke 

^^^ ^^^L t^^^H 


^ JV_ 1 

Marina Burke 

Douslas Chin 


Edward Coffey 

Patrick Comer 

Shannon Cotter 

John Cronin 

Kayla Curran 

Nathan Daley 

Graydon Decamp Kelley Delorey 

Khadijah Desanges Samantha Diehl 

Eva Daniels 

Amy Doherty 



Geoffrey Cote~ 


Austin Deangelis 

Arev Doursounian 

Tahne Doursounian David Driscoll Sonia Dunkelbarger Brittany Dwan 

Alex Fallah 

Sean Fallon 

Stephen Fallon 

Jamil Fares 

Megan Ferren Bridgette Fiumedora Kimberly Flatley 

Allison Flemins 

Christopher Frangieh Alexandra Frangiosa Alexandra Freedman Diarmuid Gallagher Benjamin Gantert 

Julie Gardella 

Patrick Gardner 

Daniel Gavin 

John Gebhart 

Andrew Gettings 

Christopher Gilman 

Xiaolun Guo 




m^ ^ 



^v A T^^kflH^^^P^^^K ^ J r - 










Emily Haddad Areg Hakhinian 

Richard Han 

Kelly Hanlon 

Molly Hunion 

Emily Hanrdhan 

Lauren Harrmgton Ebru Hazar 

Katherine Healy 

Jennifer Hichar 

Kimberly Huang Christopher Hunter Patrick Hutchinson 

Farid Ilupeju 

Kaitlyn Hogan 


Christopher Irvine 

Margaret Holler 


Slcven Kane 

Danielle Kaplan 

Julia Kaplan 

Philip Keenan 

Meghan Kelly 

William Kenney 



Samanlha Kitchen Jacqueline Kouri 

Meredith Kress 

Michael Kress 

Joseph Lally 

Eric Lavoie 

Catherine Leonard 

Kyle Leslie 

Hayley Lim 

Sebastian Lis 

Kimberly Liu B 

■ J 



Eli/abeih Liitiii> Stephanie Lombard 





Kevin Lon 

Forest Lovett 

Anthony Luo 

Bryn Macgillivray Brooke Magliozzi Aleena Malcolm 

Sally Mansour 

'^ it 

Matthew Lynch 

^atthe^Masi-Phel^ * 

J III""! 




r \ 

* € ^ 



Charaine Matthias David McDonald Jacqueline McDonald Anthony McGuire Robert McLaughlin Kailey McLeod 


Joseph McNamara Katherine Molchan Jonathan Mooncai 

Fiona Movlan 

Kelly Murray 



Nabil Nakhoul 

Jihad Muhammad 

Matthew Mulderry-Hoffer Maria Munar 

Katherine Murphy 


■ ! 





Leanne Murray 

Hannah Musto 

Samantha Muzzi 

Matthew Nagle 

^«t>f 1 

Patrick Nanna 

Sarah Nassif 

Katharine Nedder 

Colin Neville 

Charles Owen 

Kayla Parker Carter Peckinpaugh Matthew Pellegrini 

Jonathan Pelosi 


Joseph Perez 

Mario Perry 

Treshon Perry 

Robert Persons 

Lisa Petrie 


Caroline Pidgeon 

Yu Qiao 

Arun Rangarajan William Reissfelder Rebecca Rice Brandon Rodenbush Aislinn Rodriguez 

Miles Rossetti 

Mina Rowe 

Alexander Rudi Christopher Ruggiero Jacqueline Ryan 

Maria Salami 

Michael Santisi 

Larissa Sattler Adam Sawyer 

Jonathan Sayah 

Laura Shea 

Andrea Simi 

Leah Singleton 


Haley Smith 

Olivia Smith 

Chloe Snyder 

Kiernan Somers Lauren Sorrell-Ward Lillian Steeves 


-*- or 

Heather Sullivan 

Julia Tucceri 

John Sullivan 

Claire Underhill 

Nadine Tashian 

Michael Venti 

Evan Tonsberg 

A nana Ventola 

Costas Toubekis 

Alyssa Verzino 


Michael Tracey 

Erica Vincent 

Meianie Walsh 

Jacqueline Whalen 

Tracie Winn 

Kyle Wise 

Molly Wolt 

Brandon Wons 

Carina Won a 


k - 

Tara Zafar 

Not Pictured: Ola Angeltvedt, 
Daniella Brodsky, Shawna Drew, 
VRobert Hall, Jeffrey Maloof, Kaitlin 
"' ■ "i-Yu Zhang. ^_ 


jiTrci^wnr ^ 



n r-i 


■ ii-uimT 



Student Cou 

« rt 

NAMES (l-R) FRONT ROW: Tim Lally, Annie Qin, Sarah DeAngelis, 
Danielle Stein SECOND ROW: Nick Adjami, Matt Gee, Nathan Daley, 
Matt Levine, Anokh Palakurthi, Joe Lally THIRD ROW: Nick Antonellis, 
Joe Cushman, Ullas Rao, Mike Cicerone, Kyle Fedorowicz NOT 
SHOWN: Mary O'Sullivan, Shannon Hogan, Mike Chirokas, Johnny 
McDonald, Paige Moscow, Viveka Mastandrea, Katherine Nedder 


Student council is the best place 
to have your voice heard. We 
put together all of the school 
events and put students' ideas 
into action. Our most successful 
events this year included the 
girls' football game, the "Viva 
Las Vegas" Dance, bringing 
back the pep rally, and "The 
Student Teacher Diversity Talent 
Show" in the Spring. We work 
hard to bring the Westwood 
community closer together and 
to have succesful and fun events 
all year long. 
- Danielle Stein 

I would say that it was a 
very productive year; 
we had a few pieces of 
legislation and advisory 
statements related to 
SIGS status and 
connecting with 
constituents! It was a 
great year for legislative 
- Rebecca McClellan 

IfNlAMES(L-R) FRONT ROW: Delaney Russel, Jing Li, Chloe Snyder, 
Rebecca McClellan, Hannah Park, Erica Nangeroni, Molly McLaughlin, 
SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mahoney, Mr. Shuman, Ms. Gabriel, Sean 
Condrick, Shayan Salam, Jake Indursky, Will Spear, Shane Troy, 
Meghan Kelly, Julia Bugeau-Heartt, Jimmy Looney, Marina Shkuratov, 
Mr. Mceachern, Shawna Caldwell, Mrs. Higgins, Ms. Ricard, Andrew 
Brodsky, Mr. Fanning, Noah Ouellete 

Rebecca McClellan, Jimmy 

Judicial Council 

Though we did not have any 
cases this year, students still feel 
confident that they can come to 
us if they need to. I like Judicial 
Council because we make sure 
that everything in the school has 
justice and that both sides are 
being treated fairly. 
-J.T Kelly 

Seniors on Judicial Council: 
J.T Kelly, Casey McLaughlin, 
Nina Shapiro 

Julia Bugeau-Heartt (President). Steven Kane (Vice President), Andrea 
Simi (Treasurer), NOT SHOWN: Eva Berberian (Secretary) 

Shayan Salam (President), Anthony Antonellis (Vice President). Sophie 
I Karpf (Treasurer), Anne Lally (Secretary) 

Paul Massad (President). Mike Chirokas (Vice President). Paul Pender 
(Treasurer), Bev Cheng (Secretary) g« 

No Parenthesis 

t's great to be able to see what talent we have each year 
ecause it's all student work. We are each assigned teachers 
D obtain student work, edit it, collect photogrpahy and match 
lat to the literary pieces. I'm really proud of all of our hard 
/ork and I like to see the teachers' reactions. We 

are very sad that Ms. Brackman 
will not be working on the book 
next year. We have a helpful 
staff of Juniors and Seniors, and 
we have all become friends. 
- Annie Qin 

iAMES; (L-R) FRONT ROW: Shannon Hogan, Mary O'Sullivan, 
eah Schroeder, Nina Shapiro, Sophie Karpf, IVIaddie Walsh, 
>iessandra Guigliano SECOND ROW: Andrea Simi, Tracy Donlon, 
leather Sullivan, Neha Basu, Anne Lally, Misha Beatty, Nicky 
'ettit, Jacky Martin, Alison McNulty, Believe Opara, Tommy Hu, 
ani Singer, Charlotte Malin, Rob Ventura, Morgan Walker 

NAMES: Andrea Winn,Myles McDonough, 
Eliza Kaplan, Ellen Kunkle, Jackie Audi, 
Annie Qin, Kelsey Hession, Ms. Brackman 

Movie club is a group of people who appreciate 
film, are looking for a fun time, have intellectual 
discussions and like to eat snacks! This is the 
first year we have had a movie club, and it 
gives students a chance to watch the movies 
they never normally get to see. After each film, 
we spend a good amount of time talking about 
our favorite parts and any questions or 
commentary we have on the movie. In the 
winter, we watched all of the Oscar movies that 
were nominated for best picture. This club is so 
much fun, and gives everyone something 
exciting to do on Monday nights now! I hope 
this continues next year because it is the "best 
club ever" 
- Nina Shapiro 





Photo Club 

I Joined Photo Club because I 
wanted to show my work. Our 
fieldtrips are the best, it was 
fun going into Boston and 
taking pictures at Quincy 
Market. We typically get 
together and show our photos 
and comment on them, 
organize the next outing, and 
practice taking photos! I have 
made many friends and we 
have become a tight-knit 
group of photographers. I also 
love Mr. Mao and he makes 
this club awesome. Anyone 
looking to improve their eye 
for photography should stop 

^^- - Matt Hurley 

NAMES(L-R): GROUND: Sara Muellers, 
Danielle Stein, Mr. Mao, Lauren Drew, Tom 
Castello Tina Wigozki IN AIR: Emma Krause,, 
Matt Hurley, Amy Friel, Bele Wariboko 

Anime Club 

Everyone here is really inviting and nice, and 
we become a family by the end of the year. 
Every week we watch a new Anime and as 
leaders we try and pick a movie that will 
appeal to everyone. Our big event is Anime 
Boston, when we dress up and go to a 
convention to enjoy the culture of Japan. We 
get to hang out with great people, and see 
how Anime is made. At WHS, we are trying ' 
improve the image of Anime and the culture ( 


- Lisa Majid and Tao Quo 

NAMES: (L-R) FRONT ROW: Leanne Murray, Rebecca Rice, Alison Black, SECOND ROW: Taline 
Doursounian, Sam Muzzi, Khadijah Desanges, Lisa Majid, Rebecca Axworthy, Yu Qiao THIRD ROW: 
Mark Prokes, Sabrina Farley, Jenny Young, Kathryn Gilliand, Shannon McCarthy, Ada Wong, Tao 
Quo, Jacky Martin FOURTH ROW: Don Liang, Jason DeMarinis, Matthew Muellers, Thomas 
66 Mandeville, Becky Farley 


I started doing Robotics because I 
was convinced to at the activities fair 
freshman year, and it was love at 
first sight. This year we had a small 
devoted group of people and we had 
very high expectations. At 
competition we ended up in 4th place 
overall which is the best we have 
ever done; that blew our expectations 
out of the water. Additionally, Mr. 
Holthouse is the best teacher and 
mentor in the entire school, he 
devotes so much time and money to 
the project and with very little 
recognition. Driving the robot at 
competition is a blast because it is 
like driving a remote control car on 
steroids! . xander Ventola 

Thomas McNulty, Xander Ventola, 
Stephen Campion, Phil Azeredo, Ben 
Cautela, Believe Oparah, Tommy Hu, 
Jacky Martin, Michelle Whalen 


• - ^- :- 1 

■k.. 4 I. 

This year we held our annual Project Empty 
Bowls night and raised almost $1000 for the 
Greater Boston Food Bank. We made ceramic 
I bowls and also painted glass bowls, which put 
h our art skills and put our creativity to the test. It 
was a very successful year for NAHS and we 
also had a pumpkin carving day for Halloween in — 
the fall! 

- Katie Glover 

MEMBERS: Maddie Martin, Annie Qin, Abigail Keaveney, Ada 
Wong, Ailyn Pestana, Amanda Dilulis, Amy Friel, Andrea Winn, 
Annie Husted, Beverly Cheng, Christine Casavant, Emma Krause, 
Jacqui Morra, Jennifer Dello Russo, Jessica Burns, Katie Glover, 
Lauren Drew, Maddie Craig, Maddie Walsh, Mary O'Sullivan, 
Maya Bechara, Meaghan Winn, Melanie Zahka, Mia Augis, Olivia 

^•A O'Leary, Ravi Yelleswarapu, Sarah Cucchiara, Tao Guo, Caitlin 

'^Manning, Kyle Fedorowicz, Dan Feldman 




Math Team 

This year Math Team, was able to go 
to meets at Boston Latin and 
Xavarian in a limo. Each meet has 5 
different rounds and at the end the 
team with the most points wins. Ravi 
is our MVP and captain this year. 

The best part was all the limo rides NAMES: (L-R) Mrs. McGrath, Ravi 
we took, also our team loves oreos! Yelleswarapu, Matt Levine, Nicole Chan, 
- Matt Levine Stephen Weinreich, Marina Shkuratov, 

^^ Brendan McLaughlin, Adam Walker, Cor 
'^^ ^^ Krakowsky, Chris Tso, Julian Zamudio- 
Herrera, Sean Nocera, Matt Gee 

^ Science Team 

Joining this club as a freshman 
opened up many opportunities 
to explore science outside the 
standard science curriculum. 
Having the choice to compete 
in events ranging from robotics 
to taking chemistry tests 
allowed for a diverse group of 

people to join. This year, we received a gold 
medal in the State Olympiad and competed 
vigorously during monthly meets. I loved the last 
minute preparations, using "resources" to rank 
high, and racing to get the bad pretzels and soda 
With many new members joining 

ROW: Zach Piscitelli, Lochlain McDonald, Alex Young, Julian thiS year, thlS Club ShOWS promlSO for nOXt year'S 

Zamudio-Herrerra, Adam Walker, Steven McCarthy, Josh , ■. ■ 

Goldberg, Marina Shkuratov, Stephen Weinreich, Pat Masi- COmpeiltlOn. 

Phelps, Ravi Yelleswarapu, Mr. Geary -Ravi YelleSWarapU 

NAMES; (L-R) FRONT ROW: Don Liang, Jacky Martin, Ada . . . 

Wong, Carina Wong, Jacqui Martin, Sarah Muellers SECOND ^t tne meOtS 


For Debate Team a typical meeting is 
preparing for our next meet. My favorite part 
of this club is getting to see Ms. Sharry after 
school. This year, we went to a debate in 
Needham and Shayan won his debate! I 
joined because I really wanted to have the 
experience of debating and public speaking 
skills, and because Mr. Dolleman is really 
- Jake Indursky 

NAMES:(L-R): Sammy Pease, Wl 
Spear, Jake Indursky, Pat Masi- 
Phelps, Mrs. Sharry, Mr. Dollema 
NOT SHOWN: Shayan Salam 


I joined Academic Decathlon 
because my brothers did it and 
said it was fun and you learn a lot. 
With Mr. Dore as club director, this 
is definitely true. The team would 
prepare by talking about art, math, 

science, music, etc and then 

we'd compete with about 100 other 
students from other schools for 3 
hours of nerve-wracking testing. 
Over the years, I've gotten a lot 
better. This year, Ravi, Sarina, 
and Jackie all won medals, and the 
team qualified for the Regionals! 
-Joe Leibson 


NAMES (L-R): Becky Farley, Sabrina Farley, Don Liang, 
Alex Young, Julian Zamudio- Herrera, Ravi 
Yelleswarapu, Marina Shkuratov, Sarina Huang, Jacky 

d fU 

Mock Trails 

! lAMES: L-R George Balekjian, John 
rakas, Marina Shkuratov, JT Kelly, Carol 
Ian, Denisa Ikonomi, Jing Li, Bele 
^/ariboko, Adam Walker 

I've been part of Mock Trials since 
freshman year. Even though it's a small 
team, we work together and did 
tremendously well. This year, Mock 
Trails did better than we've ever done, 
winning 3 trials and moving on to the 
next round. I always enjoyed staying 
after school on Fridays (once until 9:30 
p.m.) to prepare, especially when we got 
Chinese food or McDonald's. 
-J.T. Kelly 






SADD works to promote 

students making the right 

decisions, and show how their 

decisions will effect their 

future. Mr. Morelli is a reallly 

great role model and he 

always encourages us help promote making 

smart choices to the WHS community. This 

year we had Virginia Lester share her story 

during the week of prom, which taught kids 

the dangers of drunk driving and the real-life 


- Ailyn Pestana 

I V' 

I Jo 

NAMES: (L-R) Thomas Mandeville, Alex 
Young, Matthew Muellers, Shannon 
McCarthy, Peter Campion, Sarah 

I joined because it's a place where you can 
be who you are without judgement, also to 
fight for the rights of myself and other people. 
Ally Week is when we have announcements, 
a booth, buttons and more to have people 
pledge to stop using derogatory names. We 
also had the "Day of Silence" when we 
remain silent to symbolizes the voices 
unheard because of GBLTQ. This has gained 
a lot of momentum, and I am very proud of 
people standing up for what they believe in. 
-Peter Campion 

Anriei>tY International 

Amnesty is a group that is' dedicated 
to helping people who are less 
fortunate. We do activities such as 
making scarves for the homeless, or 
working at soup kitchens! It's feels 
great to do somethning good for the 
-Nina Shapiro 

NAMES: (L-R) Genny Rogers, Kenneth Loni 
Ms. Ricard, Nicole Gallagher, Casey Bowler 
Nina Shapiro 

slAMES: (L-R) Keelin Henderson, Caitlin DeLorey, Megan Porter 
slOT SHOWN: Cara Henderson 

Key Club 

I heard about key club in 8th grade and 
because I love community service, I decided 
to join. Our group met on Tuesday afternoons 
and brainstormed ideas and planned for 
upcoming events. This year, we did 
'Stockings for Joy' at Christmas, a carnation 
sale for Valentine's Day - with proceeds going 
to Haiti, and a Food Drive for the Westwood 
Pantry at Thanksgiving. Mrs. Matteson is 
really nice and gets us all the supplies we 
need. Our goal for the future is to increase 
our membership so that we can get even more 
-Cara Henderson 

NAMES: (L-R) Sabrina Farley, Sarah Muellers, Matthew 
Muellers, Kathryn Gilliand, Jacqui Morra 

* » 

I joined EcoClub because I have an overactive 
conscience - when I see something is wrong, I 
need to get involved. Mr. Schwanbeck was the 
club's advisor this year, which was great 
because we got to see his 'after school version'. 
His calm vibe really dictated the feel of the club 
this year. We did some great things this year, 
including a clean-up at hale and two in the 
woods behind the school. Our 'dumpster dive' 
was great. We used the cardboard we found in 
the recycling dumpster to make posters! We 
learned some too. Mr. Holthouse packed the 
room with his talk on nuclear energy, and Mr. 
Schwanbeck's friend, a biologist from Hawaii, 
Skyped us about her government research job 
working with turtles. 
-Matt Muellers 



French Club 

French Club this year was awesome- 
we would go out for ice cream, or 
have movie nights! We sold 
friendship bracelets to raise money to 
help in Haiti, and this Spring we 
participated in the "Walk for Haiti" in 
Boston. It was fun to spend the day 
together as a club! 
- Melissa Haughn 

NAMES: (L-R) FRONT ROW: Alexis Argiros, Annie Craig, Nadeem Istfan, Jolnnny 
McDonald SECOND ROW: Lizzie Trakas, Samantha Bartholomew, Ellie Dorsch, 
Michelle Whalen, Rebecca McClellan, Mark Black, John Trakas, Michael Chirokas 
THIRD ROW: Matthew Muellers, Brad Cushman, Alex Young, Don Liang, Dr. Zarrow, 
Adam Walker, Stephen Weinreich NOT SHOWN: Alisha Patel, J.T Kelly 

George Balekjian, BACK ROW: Ms. 
Akyanian, Viveka Mastandrea, Lisa 
Petrie, Denisa Ikonomi, Melissa Haughi 

Latin Club 

In Latin Club we do something 
different every time we meet. Thii 
year we played gladiator games, 
watched movies and talked abou 
subjects ranging from mythology 
to food to "frankenwords". 
Basically if we were interested in 
something or wanted to discuss 
and explore a topic that had comt 
up anywhere in our lives, we just 
asked Dr. Zarrow about it and tha 
always led to a great conversatioi 
- Michelle Whalen 

xf ord Pro 

NAMES: (L-R): Nina Shapiro, Allison Wittich, Kelsey 
Hession, Alessandra Guigliano, Mrs. Brackman, Cara 
72 Henderson, Erin Murray, Lizzie Mason, Becca Morgan 


il I'lMO 

AMES: (L-R) Mrs. Roberts, Rebecca McClellan, J.T Kelly 
aige Moscow, Emma Krause, Bev Cheng, Katie Loftus, 
risten Emerson, Lauren Drew 

Spanish Club 

NAMES(L-R)FRONT ROW: Kathleen Harrington, Audra Cabey, 
Danielle Stein, Kelly Donlon, Ellen Kunkel, Maya Bechara, Jennifer 
Dello Russo, Mr. Witt SECOND ROW: Melanie Zahka, A.J Sadler, 
Alex Jackson, Matt Hurley, Shannon Hogan, Erin King, Jessica 
Burns, Xander Ventola, Ms. Testa, Sarah DeAngelis, Mrs. Ferguson, 
TOP ROW: Madeline Craig, Michelle Whalen, Olivia O'leary, Sarah 
Cucchiara, Matt Levine, Kevin Walsh, Casey Smith 

This year Spanish Club planned a lot of new activities including: 
going into Boston to celebrate "El Dia de Los Muertos" at a 
■estival, many trips to Acapulcos and other Spanish restaurants, 
and Spanish movie nights. In the Spring, we set up a booth 
Dutside of the cafeteria to raise donations for the Jimmy Fund, 
and to go to the Scooper Bowl in Boston. We surpassed our 
goal and raised over seven hundred dollars. I have loved my 
four years at Spanish Club and meeting every other Thursday 
las made us very close! Senorita Testa makes this a welcoming 
and fun enviornment where we learn about new cultures, and 
Tieet new people! -Danielle Stein 

M\^ES: (L-R) FRONT ROW: Maya Bechara, Alisha Patel, Annie Qin, Meaghan Winn, Erin King, 
Jtie Glover, Danielle Stein SECOND ROW: Ellen Kunkel, Elena Maimonis, Eliza Kaplan, Sheila 
Sullivan, Molly O'Brien, Megan Porter, Matt Hurley, Michelle Whalen, Sarah Cucchiara, Xander 
jntoia, Jessica Burns, Cara Henderson, Mary Doyle, Alex Jackson, Riley Cachelin, Ms. Testa 
HIRD ROW: Emily Paterson, Kelly Sennott, Tracie Winn, Sarah Angelici, Erica Sweeney, Calla 
beri, Julia Bornstein, Jenna Launie, Maria Laham, Jessica Berry, Samantha DeTore BACK 
OW: Ari Ventola, Maria Munar, Andrea Winn, Erica Nagle, Bale Wariboko, Nicole Chan, Keelin 
snderson, Samantha Diehl, Mina Rowe, Jackie Henry, Camille Harrington, Elise Harrington, 
lly Griffin 



NAMES: (L-R): Mr. Shuman, Danielle Stein, 
Malachy Duffy, A.J Sadler, Harry Clapsis NOT 
SHOWN: Steven Kane, Kristen Emerson, 
Chandler Hall, Alisha Patel, AP Gov't. Class 

We the 

"We The People" forces us to keep up to date with 
current events, and we love Shuman's constant 
motivation and support for the staff. We look forward to 
our intellectually stimulating meetings on long 
Wednesdays in room A115. This club brings together 
people that have a common interest in what shapes our 
world from day to day. "We The Onion" is our favorite 
issue of the year because it allows us to deliver the news 
with some cutting edge humor. Recruitment night at the 
activities fair is also a lot of fun, because we are bringing 
in the future of the newspaper. 
- A.J Sadler and Danielle Stein 

Westwood Wire 

Westwood Wire is the school's student 
written and edited newspaper. It consists 
of a compilation of writings about a wide 
range of topics, from sports news to 
movie reviews. This year, the Westwood 
Wire was able to print several installments 
for the WHS community to enjoy. All in all, 
Westwood Wire is a club in which 
students can enjoy writing or 
photographing for the paper, and which 
provides entertainment for the rest of the 
- Marina Shkuravtov 

■ & a 


NAMES: (L-R): Ms. Whelan, William 
Scarpa, Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, Harry 
Clapsis, Caitlin DeLorey NOT SHOWN: 
Kathryn Gilliand, Marina Shkuratov, 
Tommy Hu 

Peer Mediation 

The peer mediation leaders are a group of Westwood 
High School students who help resolve conflicts 
among students in the school and promote a general 
positive environment. Led by our fearless leaders, 
Mrs. Higgins and Ms. Cataldo, the peer mediators had 
a lot of success. We attended the Anti-Defamation 
League Conference in Boston, where students taught 
and attended seminars. The theme of the conference 
was "the power of one" and everyone took something 
meaningful from this day. We had a lot of fun this year 
and the seniors will miss our lunchtime meetings, 
especially gender swap and people to people! 
- Kelly Rich 

Seniors in Peer IVIediation (L-R): Nina Shapiro, 
Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, Kelly Rich, Mat Venti, 
Alex Prieto 


est Buddies 

Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization 

dedicated to establishing a global volunteer 
movennent that creates opportunities to build new 
friendships. The Best Buddies group would meet 
every short Wednesday, where activities like 
heading out to Flahive for a game of catch, going 
to the gym for some basketball, or hanging out in 
the room to work on some arts and crafts took 
place. We also went on a field trip to the TD Bank 
Garden for a private tour of the New England 
Sports Museum, where members were able to 
complete a scavenger hunt! 
- Shane Troy 

I joined Westwood Ambassadors at 
the end of my freshman year and 
this year I was Vice President. I 
joined because I wanted to help out 
incoming freshman by giving them 
tours and answering their questions. 
While we toured with future 
freshmen, we got them excited 
about coming to the high school. I 
loved working with Mrs. Bowe, the 
club advisor, because she is so 
organized. She always made sure 
we were totally ready to do our job. 
-Sarah Cucchiara 

FIRST ROW(R-L); Annie Heffenrelfer, Lori McTernan BACK ROW: 
Mike Papinou, Thomas Hanley, Gigi Hutt, Michael Santiago, John 
Khan, Adam Shipp, Jonathan Harper, Alexa Verni, Matt Jessup, 
Daniel Macht, Connor Beatty, Mary McQuiad, Matt Muellers, Haley 
Smith, Maria Munar. 75 

NAMES: (L-R): Nick Adjami, Marina Shkuratov, 
Hayley Lim, Aaron Kessler, Rebecca McClellan, 
Brianna King, A.J Sadler, Charlotte Malin, Jackie 
Martin, Steven McCarthy 

Jazz Ensemble 


I joined freshman year, because this 

group of people is extremely 

supportive and it's really fun! Our 

main project was the student written 

play performed in January "Pitch a 

Pilot." Our second project was "Kids 

on the Block" which we performed 

for the elementary schools, to teach 

them about kids 

with disabilities. 

My favorite memory 

is the puppet show 

because it feels 

good to help the 


Rebecca McClellan 

I would say Jazz Ensemble is a 
constructive experience where we 
are able to advance both our 
ability and knowledge of jazz 
music. Mrs .Labetz was a great 
leader and we are excited to be 
more involved in the process 
going forward. It was awesome to 
play our music and have the 
audience love it!" 
-Will Spear 

NAMES:(L-R) FRONT ROW: Chris Lui, Christoph | 
Tso, Sam Malonson, Sammy Pease, Pat Masi- 
Phelps, Will Spear BACK ROW: Anokh Palakurthi| 
Erik Brakke, Conor Emerson, Ms. Labedz 

NAMES; (L-R) FRONT ROW: Deena Najim, Viveka 

Mastandrea, Carina Wong, Olivia Smith BACK ROW 

Dr. Miller, Molly Hanlon, Lisa Petrie, Sarina Huang, 

Kimberly Huang, Katherine Murphy, Taline 

Doursounian, Katherine Nedder 

Dance Tea 

The Westwood High School Dance Team is a 
^student organization that choreographs, 
learns, and performs all dance routines. 
Throughout the year, year we danced during 
halftime at home varsity basketball games. 
This year in particular, we performed at the 
Scoring for Haiti game. In January, our team 
represented WHS for the first time to 
participate in a regional dance competition, 
and brought home a gold trophy. We were the 
opening act of this year's school-wide Talent 
- Sarina Huang 


Murray, Claire Underhill, Karolina 

Sobieska, Steven Kane TOP ROW: Ben 

Beal, Hillary Hui, Justin Magnan, Sarah 

Hogan, Elise Blanchard 

azz Band 

joined because I like to play the drums and Jazz 
land gives me that opportunity. In a typical meeting 
le practice, and at the end we talk about three things 
le can improve on. My favorite part this year was 
etting to hang out and jam with such cool people, 
he best song we performed this year was "Maximum 
'elocity" Anyone that wants to join should because it 
) wicked fun! 
Conor Duffy 

Passing Notes 

I joined last year worried that the teacher transition would be 
difficult to cope with, but we have actually grown stronger. When 
I go to rehersal I know that I will always get a good laugh! The 
best part was a collaboration we did with strings and chorus 
when we performed "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay in the Spring. 
Mr. Renoni is a great guy- he's so funny and very productive. He 
sets out to do something and always gets it done. 
Elise Blanchard 



» 1 



NAMES: (L-R) Mr. Reavey, Hani Singer, Ullas Rao, All 
Lim, Nick Elliot, Phil Azarado, Nathan Teebagy, Malachy 
Duffy, Conor Duffy, Nadeem Istfan, Keelin Henderson, 
Alison McNulty, Alison Campion, Stephen Campion, Ben 
Gantert, Hayley Lim 



The National Honor 
Society is an 
organization based 
upon the ideals of 
scholarship, leadership, 
volunteering, and 
character. It is the 
responsibiliy of 
members to complete 
55 community service 
hours during the year. 
This year's induction 
was held on April 27, 


NAMES: (L-R) FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Teebagy, Maddie Craig, Kristen Emerson, Penny Pease. 
Misina Beatty, Emma Krause, Ashley Riordian, Paige Moscow. Liz Abraham, Juliane Nguyen, 
Nastasha Casale, Erica Nangeroni SECOND ROW: Ali Lim, Lambsey Hoang, Corey Christian, Rot 
Ventura, Matt Kenney, Bev Cheng, Casey McLaughlin, Chris Adams. Paul Pender, Kelly Rich, 
Lauren Drew, Maya Bechara, Courtney McLaughlin THIRD ROW: Kelly Casey. Matt Ferren, Neha 
Basu, Meaghan Winn, Michelle Farrell, Kelsey Hession, George Balekjian, Christina Papiano, Bride 
Morris, Jackie Cooke, Maddy Randolph, Maggie Barzin, Maddie Walsh, Katie Glover FOURTH ROV 
Danielle Stein, Allison Ristaino, Audra Cabey, Chandler Hall, Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, Sean 
Broderick, Brad Cushman, Alisha Patel, Mariah Arnold, Sarah Cucchiara, Michelle Whalen, Nina 
Shapiro, Alessandra Guigliano FIFTH ROW: Rian Rossetti, Erin King. Phil Azeredo, John Trakas, 
Disha Sharma, Stephen Weinreich, Nadeem Istfan, Johnny McDonald, Tim Lally. Sarina Huang, 
Lizzie Mason, Cara Henderson, Sarah Muellers, Paul Massad SIXTH ROW: Jimmy Looney, Alex 
Kessler, Malachy Duffy, Ravi Yelleswarapu, Rebecca McClelian, Xander Ventola. Rebecca Morgar 

Unity Club 

WHS Unity Club is a group of students dedicated to promoting cultural diversity ■ 
in the community by organizing and volunteering at events within the school 
and in the Boston area. This year, we organized our school's Diversity Week, 
which included our annual foreign language trivia contest, and helping with the 
exciting Diversity Day booths. This year members have performed at, 
Westwood Chinese Cultural Night and the Children's Museum. In the past, we 
have held school-wide Unity Day assemblies and helped to usher at the 
Nanking Massacre Memorial at the John Hancock Hall in Boston, which gave 
members an incredible, hands-on cultural experience 
Sarina Huang 

NAMES: (L-R) FRONT ROW: Julian Zamudio-Herrera, Sarina 
Huang, Jacqui Morra, Cara Henderson BACK ROW: Sabrina 
Farley, Sarah Muellers, Kenneth Long, Don Liang, Alex Young, 
Taolun Quo 

ncounters With The Arts 

n March, WHS held the third annual Encounters With 
'fhe Arts, which is a night of showcasing all art classes 
and after school activities related to all the different arts. 
The various activities included performances from 
prama I, III, and IV, the jazz band and jazz ensemble, 
an accapella song from Passing Notes, and the 
JDrchestra. The night additionally hosted "Project Empty 
3owls" hosted by NAHS to raise money for food banks 
around the area. 

• -•# ^ 




^^^^^^^^^V V *^| 




\ r 





Interview with Ailyn Pestana and Danielle Stein 

What was something memorable about the year? 

The yearbook staff broke records this season when it worked on 

the book till 10 pm 

What is a typical practice like? 

A typical "practice" at yearbook involves lots of downloading 

pictures as a warm-up. Then photoshopping and editing, with 

uploading to the website. Then we work on layouts which is intense 

for a few hours. And our cool-down is eating golden oreos, and 

spinning in the chairs for a few minutes. 

Aiiy team Bonding Activities? 

Team bonding includes making mix CD's, eating breakfast, lunch, 

and dinner together in June, and going to Danielle's house or coming 

in on Saturdays to work on the book. 

What was your biggest goal this season? 

The biggest goal this year (and every year) is the final deadline in 

June. To get there it involves mental preparation, and thinking 

about/ working on the yearbook 24/7. This is a full-time job in the 

spring, and the yearbook becomes your best friend pretty much. 

To Seniors, what will you miss the most? 

The way that each year "Green Years" starts off as a pretty 

random collection of people but by the end of June we truly are a 

fcumily. Also, A157, spinny chairs, Otis, the old computers, the 

snack cabinet, and the huge music collection, but mostly the 


Any final thoughts about the yearbook? 

It's like a home away from home. We become a family. 










High SchOQl 


By Tom Stoppard 


I like this play In 
general because the 
group Is a lot smaller 
which means you get to 
become closer to each 
other." -Aaron Kesler 

\ \ 

The play depicts two minor 
characters from William 
Shakespeare's play Hamlet, 
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who 
find themselves on the road to 
Elsinore Castle at the behest of the 
King of Denmark. They encounter a 
band of players before arriving to 
find that they are needed to try to 
discern what troubles the prince 
Hamlet. Meanwhile, they ponder the 
[meaning of their existence. 

FIRST ROW (Left to right): Eliza Kaplan, Cara Henderson, Aaron Kessler, Lizzie Mason, 
Rebecca McClellan, Madeline Bugeau- Heartt, Erica Nagle, Mary Doyle, Julia Bornstein 
MIDDLE ROW: Shannon McCarthy, Jason DeMarinis, Peter Campion, Jacky Martin, 
Sabrina Farley, Kyle Menyhert, Brianna King, AJ Sadler, Elise Blanchard, Melissa 
Solinnine, Alanna Piccrilli, Justin Magnan LAST ROW: Delaney Russell, Jenny Young, 
Anokh Palakurthi, Becky Farley, Galla Tiberi, Sarah Hogan, Steven McCarthy, Nick 
Damren, Matt Hurley, Matt Levine, Grayson Asmar, Thomas Mandeville, Katherine 
Nedder, Leanne Murray, Steven Kane. 






"A huge part of why I love 
theater is the people; It's a 

real family-like 

atmosphere because we all 

get along really well. 

Rosencrantz and 

Guildenstern definitely 

brought everyone closer 

through its messages and 

themes, too. It's a 

wonderful play, and I'm 

glad I was apart of it." 

-Brianna King 





< kit 


Cast & Cr 



"The best show by 
far I've done in 
high school due to 
an amazing cast " 

- J.T. Kelly 

^ "Most enjoyable high 
school experience so 
far. I loved forming 
frienships with both 
the cast and crew! it 
was a rockin time!!" - 
Mary Doyle 

"The show itself is 
serious but we had 
awesome and fun 
times backstage! " 

- Danielle Stein 



From Top Row: Ben Pincus, Connor O'Brien, Nick Adjami, Stepinanie Lombard, 
Maria Munar, Steven Kane, Andrew Gettings, Leeane Murray, Arun Rangarajan, 
Arev Doursounian, Margaret Holler, Julia Kaplan, Juliia Bugeau-Heartt, Hayley Lif 
Julia Gardella, Jackie Kouri, Katherine Neddar, Chlo^ Snyder, Lisa Petrie, Molly 
Hanlon, Viveka Mastandrea, Lauren Harrington, Zach Piscitelli, Brian Delsignore. 
Matt Levine, A.J. Sadler, Allison McNulty, Ben Cautela, Thomas Mandeville, Matt 
Hurley, Jenny Young, Kyle Menyhert, Anokh Palakurthi, Jonathan Anamateros. 
Annie Craig, Justin Magnan, Khadijah Desanges, Zoe Radner, Lee Hatfield, Abig.; 
Keaveney, Delaney Russell, Grayson Amar, Nick Damren, Sarah Hogan, Melissa 
Solimine, Julia Bornstein, Edia Chan, Gabble Giugliano, Ben Gantert,Becca Malir 
Josh Goldberg, Allison Campion, Mary Doyle, Ellen Kunkel, Alex Jackson, 
Shannon McCarthy, Jackie Martin, Erica Nagle, Eliza Kaplan, Hilary Hui, Elise 
Blanchard, Caitlin Delorey, Brianna King, Steven McCarthy, Stephen Weinreich. 
Jimmy Looney, Peter Campion, Nina Shapiro, J.T. Kelly, Cara Henderson, Lizzie 
Mason, Rebecca McClellan, Kristen Emerson, Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, Danielle 
Stein, Karolina Sobieska, Aaron Kesler, Alex Kessler. 

' ^ t J 







< r'l 


Argentina's controversial First Lady is the subject of this dynamic musical 
masterpiece. As an illegitimate fifteen year old, Eva (Madeline Bugeau- 
Heartt) escaped her dirt-poor existence for the bright lights of Buenos Aires. 
. Driven by ambition and blessed with charisma, she was a starlet at twenty- 
two, the president's (Justin Magnum) mistress at twenty-four, First Lady at 

twenty-seven, and dead at thirty-three. 







We'll Miss You 


You've been a wonderful group of 
seniors who have demonstrated in 
so many ways that you care about 
our school community and care for 
each other. I'm confident that all of 
you will do well m the future at 
school, in your career, and in your 
personal life. I encourage you also 
to do good- to continue to make 
this world a better place. I've 
enjoyed teaching you- and thank 
you for (usually) laughing at my 

^r. ^^trls^ 

Chair of the English department 

Congratulations to the class of 2010! I can truly 
say that you have been my favorite class ever. I 
have thoroughly enjoyed the classes we have 
shared and our trips to Quebec, France and Italy 
were wonderful! 

I would like to give you two pieces of advice. 
The first is to always have a dream. It's 
important to have something you are striving to 
achieve, whether it is an advanced degree, a 
vacation in an exotic place, a better job, or 
spending more time with your family. The 
second is to take advantage of every 
opportunity that comes your way because you 
never know where it will lead you. I took a 
summer job after college that led to a very 
satisfying 35-year career in public education 
and travel to many interesting places. Carpe 

I wish you all the best of luck in the future. 

f4£^. t5^(^\?€r^ 

As they say, Westwood really is "an excellent 
place to learn" -thanks for all you have taugh 
me for so many years. Below you'll find 
advice based on my Westwood education. 
Best wishes always, 
Stephanie Kelsch 

Advice for Westwood High Students . 

1. Breathe diaphragmatically as often as ' 

2. Live with the joy of Huck Finn and the i 
generosity of Queequeg. I 

3. Love with the steadfastness of Hester 
Prynne and the courage of Edna Pontellier. 

4. Re-read Our Town at least every five 

5. Call me if you ever feel like sledding in 
Starkfield; I'll try to talk you out of it. 

6. End every speech with "thank you." 


Chair of the Foreign Language department 

English Teacher 





t is my greatest wish for everyone is to love his/ 
ler job as much as I have loved being a special 
education teacher at WHS for the past 33 years. I 
;an honestly say that I have looked forward to 
)oing to school each and every day of my 5940 
Jay tenure. Part of my enthusiasm has come 
rom my involvement in extracurricular activities 
such as being an advisor to the Senior Class, 
Student Council and HuRARR. A thought I would 
ike to leave with the WHS Community is to GET 
NVOLVED. A school is only as good as the 
participation of its members, and one's memories 
3f a place are enhanced by the degree of one's 
participation and involvement. 

special Education and Learning 
Center Instructor 

To the Class of 2010: 

I now know more about those little tootsie rolls than I 
ever thought I would. I know who likes them, those 
that enjoyed them first thing in the morning and those 
that need them as a mid-morning snack, and those 
that need one at the end of the day. 

I have seen firsthand the joy that those little rolls can 
bring and also the disappointment when they are all 
gone, and how word spreads when they return! 

Since most of you have enjoyed these tootsie rolls, I 
thought I would share with you how that phenomenon 
first started. 

My first Fall at WHS I had a small bag of them at home 
and decided to bring them to school. Being the "new 
kid" in Guidance, it turned out to be a great way for 
me to meet students and staff that came through the 
office. After that first bag was gone, that was it- so I 
thought. Well, word soon spread that there were "no 
more tootsie rolls in Guidance" and soon I had a lot, I 
mean a lot, of kids and faculty asking for more. So 
one night over dinner, I told my husband about this 
"tootsie roll craze" and he suggested buying a large 
bag at BJ's. I did - well truth be told he really bought 
them and continued to do so for many years. 

That first bag I just wanted to get rid of because I am 
not a fan of tootsie rolls, well now, the joke is on me 
because it took on a life of its own. In the future 
whenever you have a tootsie roll, I hope you will 
remember me. 

^e^ LuoW Oa^^ (^ Z0\0! 

Guidance Department Secretary 


iri's F 

■ II 


The junio/ and senior girls faced-off on Flahive Field for a spirited football game in celebration of 

Homecoming Week. The seniors won 6-3. 





Halloween decorations and costumes remindedthe students to celebrate. A 
parad^twitttall three lunches q^ve-^^a-^o dressed up a chance to win 
M ^^^^ M H priies^ 




Epic Week illustrated the school's spirit through its many themed days. From sports day to "stunnah shade" day the students 
were excited to participate. The successful week ended with the much anticipated PEP RALLY! 










f _ 

iv ec;A6 D 

^e Vegas themed semiformal dance held on February 5th was a great success and raised tons of money 
2010 Senior class. DJ Dougie Fresh entertained the crowd and everyone had a great time. 

nYou don't realize how fast 
"V high school goes by until 

you're at the end, so make V V 

the most of it! 

Danielle Stein 


Paul was never afraid to 

speak his mind at any 


- David Milano 

L ■ m 



i \h^ 



/- i 



Paul Hanley was truly one of 
a kind. He lived his life to the 
fullest and left us all with great 
memories that will never be 
forgotten. Rest peacefully my 
friend and keep smiling. Love 
and miss you always. 
- Mariah Hurley 



.-•' ^* na 


"^-^i^ w 





Paul was such a good friend to everybody, he 
never had anything bad to say and he got along 
with anybody. He always knew how to have a good 
time and how to make people smile. He was all 
around a great guy and you could always depend 
on him to be there for you. I miss him every day. 
Things aren't the same without him. He made such 
a big impact on our lives, and we'll always 
remember him. 
- Katie Dawson 

Interview with Ryan McHoul 
Are there particular drills or activities which the 
team loves or dreads? We love beating up 
Sawyer and 21 . We dread playing on bad golf 

Describe a team bonding activity: Going to 
Chili's after a game. 

What are your pre-game routines? Getting an 
iced coffee, making sure my shades are straight 
and white, and putting. 

Describe the most memorable match of the 
season?: The last match at TPC Boston. 
Why was it memorable? TPC is the pro course 
where Tiger Woods plays. Me and Joe gave up on 
winning and played against each other. 
Did anyone sustain a significant injury? Archie 
always seemed to have the sniffles. 
To seniors what will you miss most? Mr. Gillis 
Team nick name/inside jokes? Burgess is 

^RONT ROW: Christopher Hunter. David DriscoU. Eric Burgess, 
ohn Delsignore, Ryan Hurney, Patrick Singleton BACK ROW (R- 
^):Coach Gilhs, Joe Wisialko, Joel Priestly, Ryan McHoul, Alex 
^.rchambo, Mike Jacobs, Rob Law, Tim Lally 

FRONT ROW (R-L): Arun Rangarajan, Eric Burgess, Michael 
Kress, Chad Giacchetto BACK ROW (R-L): Coach McGunagle, 
Michael Santisi, Samuel Malonson, Christopher Oilman. Alexander 
Rudi, Joshua Babbin, Brian Delsignore, Joshua Belinsky NOT 
SHOWN: Cameron Etchings, Sean Fitzgerald, John Swartz ^^l 

Cr9§§ §9untry 

Interview with Yalda Rostamnezhad 
^ny team inside jokes or nick names? 

boys", "pass the zaaaa", the icecream BRAWL at Katie's & a LOT of 
crazy nick names 
Describe a typical practice? 

Practice was brutal, we started off with stretching and drills, followed 
by running atleast 3-6 miles a day; but in the end it was totally worth it 
seeing girls shaving seconds and even minutes off their times! 

Ito the seniors, what will you miss the most? 

^he lifers, the hugs, the vent sessions, all the jokes, underclassmen 

^(encouragement, their team spirit, and the road trips, but at least we 
ave unforqetable memories 

FRONT ROW (R-L) Kathleen Harrington, Audra Cabey, Rachael 
Keating, Neha Basu, Olivia O'Leary, SECOND ROW: Kaela Carlin, 
Kelly Sennott, Maddie Cooke, Leah Schroeder, Callee Donovan, 
9 Sophie Karpf, Katie Ginsberg, Lizzy Orsini, Lexi Freedman. Julia 
j Boettger, Coach Teehan THIRD ROW: Emily O'Hara, Jackie Ventura, 
i Zoe Radner, Xiao Xiao Guo, Heather Sullivan, Sam Diel. Stephanie 
Lombard, Keelin Henderson NOT SHOWN: AnnMarie O'Flaherty, 
/ Nicky Pettit, Yalda Rostamnezhad 

FRONT ROW (R-L): John Trakas, James Looney, Nadeem Istfan, Phil Azerado, 
John McDonald, Stephen Weinrelch, Malachy Duffy, Sean Broderick, Matthew 
Kenney SECOND ROW: Douglas Chin, Nicholas Hawes, Patrick Sleight, Benjamin 
Cautela, Luke Devin, Jonathan Anamateros, Nick Moin, Jake Indursky, Connor 
Delaney, Robert McLaughlin, Nathan Daley THIRD ROW: Tommy Hu, Conor Duffy, 
Stephen Campion, Matthew Reissfelder, Christopher Burke, John McCarthy, Quinn 
Wilson, Joe Leibson, Derek Tucceri, Josh Goldberg, Zachary Blum, William Spear, 
Patrick O'Donnell, William Scarpa, Patrick Scannell, Coach Neal White NOT 
SHOWN: Eric Dahl, Conor Emerson, David McDonald, Sean Nocera, 


Gr9§§ Cgyntpy 

Interview with Sean Brodricl< 

'ell us about a typical practice: Neil would either give us a workout, including warm-ups 

ind repeats, or tell us to run roads typically between 3-5 miles 

^re there any particular drills/activites which the team loves or dreads? We usually 

ireferred running roads over workouts. Repeat miles were most dreaded. 

)escribe a team bonding activity: Pasta dinners every Tuesday night at different 

)eople's houses brought us together as a team because everyone got to know each other 

ind have a good time. 

Vhat are your pre-game routines? We usually ran a mile or two to warm up, and then 

lid dynamic stretching before the race. 

)escribe the most memorable meet of the season? The most memorable meet was the 

VL race at Medfield, when everyone ran in the cold pouring rain through puddles and 


Vhy was it memorable? Despite the conditions, we all ran as hard as we could because it 
Hvas our last race and we weren't about to give up. 

hid anyone sustain a significant injury? Johnny stepped on a piece of metal and hurt 
foot at the beginning of the season 

^0 seniors, what will you miss most? Seeing friends every day and facing the grueling 

oractices together as a team. 

Vhat advice would you give to underclassmen? Even if you think it is impossible to 

)ecome a good runner, never give up because with practice and guidance, anything is 

if What does a meet day feel like? The race is constantly in the back of your mind, and you 

5Pticipate how the race will go until you finally get to the starting line and the gun goes off. 

Interview with Kerri Harrington, Alanna Leahy 
Vhat are your pre-game routines? 

re-game routines are mostly get dressed and get going. It's not just about being physically 
irepared; you have to be mentally prepared in order to win. We warm up and then we play 

Take me through a game day: 

toame days are much different in school, it's harder to focus. For us, every game matters. There 

no automatic win, it's who wants it more. The whole day I'm nervous and excited and I just 
vantto play the game. 
seniors, what will you miss most? 

hat we will miss most about field hockey is Wilson's brownies, 20 minute runs, Alanna's jokes, 
asta dinners that last for hours, bus rides, sing-a-longs...and when Mia gets carded. 


Varsity: FRONT ROW: Nastasha Casale, Ann Sheehan, 
Sarah Biron, Elena Maimonis, Ani Derderian, Andrea 
Winn, Riley Cachelin SECOND ROW: Cara Henderson, 
Katherine Groton, Lucy Montgomery, Anne Lally, Alanna 
Leahy, Kerri Harrington, Mia Augis, Casey Bowler, Katie 
DeAngelis, Alex McLaughlin, Delaney Russell 

FRONT ROW: Kelly Hanlon, Alison Flemming, Margaret 
Holler, Mollie Brown, Julia Tucke, Julia Bugeau-Heartt, 
SECOND ROW: Coach Dick, Brynn McGillvray, Alyssa 
Verzino, Molly Powers, Victoria Harding, Catherine 
Leonard, Sarah Laughna, Claire Underhill, Jessica Ovalle, 
Delaney Russell 


*'f'*^^«IF« ^%#li 




Interview with Cameron Gulczynski 
Tell us about a typical practice: Our warm-up is running around the field then sketches. ...45 minutes 
defense, 45 minutes offense, then team defense and offense. 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves or dreads? We love Oakies, Thursday 
Dractices and Friday night games. We hate stations, sprints, and Sunday morning practices. 

Describe a team bonding activity: Pasta Dinners mostly and all our games. 

Take me through the day.. .is there something different during school? On game days we're 

definately the 'big men on campus'. Game days are really intense. 

What are your pre-game routines? Food. ...sleep. ...eye black. ...and then silence. 

Descibe the most memorable game/mett of the season: No one 

game stands out. ..they were each memorable in their own way. 

Did anyone sustain a significant injury? Chris Rodenbush's 

ankle and George Georgaklis' arm were the only major 

injuries. i^ri 

To seniors: what will you miss most? Being in school on game 

day.. ..and all the games. 

What advice would you goive underclassment? Work hard -^ 

and make good decisions. 

Any inside jokes? Cats in the cradle, fallen soldiers, walk the line, 

and raspberries 



jOF ROW (L to R): Chris Rodenbush, George Georgaklis. Peter Radonich, Joe 
Pelligrini. Peter Frangiadakis, Paul Pender. Paul Hanley, Pat Bowler FRONT 
^OW(L to R): Wes Adams, Alex Contreras, Cameron Gulcynzski Chris 
^dams, Jordan MacPherson. Chris Robertson, Tommy Abeam, Mat Venti 



fTN Cs 


FRONT ROW(L-R): Will Smith, Isaac Rice, Jake Lupica, Mike Hallion. 
Brett Egizi. Danny Moloy, Brendan Skehill, Davieson Annis, Greg Keene. 
David VonEuw BACK ROW(L-R): AJ Bracy, Charlie Audi, Kevin 
Liebrock. Anthony Antonellis. David DeCenzo, Kyle Fedorowicz, Sean 
Amaru. Billy Ralph. Kevin Walsh 


FRONT ROW (L to R): Terrance Harris-Hughes, Chris Colby, Matt 
Cannon, Jon Dullea, Pat Busa, Andrew Fiumedora, Glen Donovan 
SECOND ROW(L to R): Nick Wisialko, James Zapcic, Joey Walsh, , Mike 
Keane, Brendan McLaughlin. Patrick Bowe. Mike Bambini THIRD ROW 
(L to R): Kyle Ward, Kevin Nangeroni, Richard McDonough, Derek 
St.Hill, Morgan Walker, Erik Brakke, Glenn Parsons BACK ROW(L-R); 
Dan Bonkowski, Michael Phillips. John Khan, Thomas Hanley, Kurt 
Walker, Mike Papianou, Derek Ahigian, Ryan Neville 

FRONT ROW(L-R): Mark O'Connor. Evan Tonsberg. 

Jardin, Chris Frangieh, Eric Lavoie, Nicky Antonellis 

SECOND ROW (L-R): Matt Hoft'er. Matt Pelligrini. Tim Morin, Nick 

Bambini. Costa Toubekis, Alex Berluti THIRD ROW(L-R): Mike Venti. 

Charlie Owen, Billy Reissfelder, Dan Moore. John Gebhard. Jonathan 

Allegrezza BACK ROW(L-R): TJ Adams, Brandon Rodenbush, Johnny 

Cooke, Jake Cronin, 

Alex Beach 109 

BACKROW: Chrisanthe Calemis, Emileigh 
Rau, Amanda Thomas, Erica Sweeney, Bele 
Wariboko, Nicole Gallagher, Francesca 
DiBenedictis FRONT ROW: Paulina Chin, Carol 
Han, Lizzie Trakas, Jing Li, Leigha Valentine 


BACK ROW: Hannah Musto, Jackie Ryar 
Stephanie O'Connor, Arev Doursouniar 
Elizabeth Loftus, Yu Oiao, Lauren Harringto 
FRONT ROW: Caroline Pidgeon, Am 
Doherty, Kailey McLeod, Meredith Kres 
Monica Norris 


jRONT ROW (L-R): Leah Lessard, Molly McLaughlin, Rachel Berluti, Leigh Ronan, Michelle 
lilano, Christa DeMovellan MIDDLE: Amy Friel, Melissa Haughn, Samantha Sestito, Gate Nesbitt 
ACK: Ashley Riorden, Bridget Norris, Madeline Randolph, Jill O'Brien 

iterview with Maddy Randolph and Bridget Norris 

Te there particular drills/activities which the team loves or dreads? As a team, we love 

crimmaging and obviously eating. We dread two-touch, running, and being hungry. 

ake me through the day. ..Is there something different during school? We are obnoxiously loud 

1 the hallways, send mass "I love you" texts for no reason during the day, and ditch our friends to sit 

vith the team at lunch. 

lescribe the most memorable game of the season. Our last game versus Bellingham, which we 

/on and reversed the record curse. 

lid anyone sustain a significant injury? When Maddy hit a ball at Gate's head, followed by a sprike (^^ 

1 the face from Meliss, she sustained a major concussion. ^ 

o seniors, what will you miss the most? Were going to miss the juniors more than we can 

escribe. We all became best friends this season and we don't know what we are going to do without 

racticing, laughing, and eating with our volleyball family next fall. We're going to miss Pistol Pete, 

matching Baby Brooke grow up, crazy bus rides, and Hey Lottis, but we will always be literally 

'bsessed with vball '09. 

Vhat advice would you offer underclassmen? Don't try to top vball '09, it'll never happen. Also, 

'lon't interrupt Pete in the huddle. ..or else. 

"eam names/nicknames? Dootsew, LIOTG, Pistol Pete, Bentley, Lumberjacks, Steak& Gheese, 

/leliss's stories, Awesomeee, What would you do?. Boom chicka boom, secret bus rides home, green 

pandex thread, Gail's cupcakes, p-dins, WW Football <3's WW Vball, Saran Wrap, cult, best friends 



brever, Vball '09 never dies 




B ,p 




s^^^j^m^ ' 

h^M ^«pB 


_^ 1 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Bridget Burke. Sonia Dunkelbarger. Brittany Dwan. 
Jackie McDonald, Sarah Nassif, Melanie Walsh. Irina Chiulli. Sally Mansour, 
Kimberly Flatley, Renee Pisano, Maria Munar, Brooke Magliozzi, Kayla 
Curran SECOND ROW: Lilly Steeves, Mariana Chiulli, Krissy Casavant, 
Annie Craig, Elidi Chan, AUie Cuccoli, Kaitlin Hutchinson, Sammy Nassif. 
Kate Vanasse, Maddy McDonald, Caroline Lacey THIRD ROW : Katelyn 
Keane, Klaudia Pogace, Jackie Audi, Elise Harrington. Megan Porter. 
Michelle Grimaud, Bev Kwong, Nicole Chan, Jessica Burns, Erin Curran. 
Melanie Zahka, Amanda Diiulis, Caroline Ryan, Annie Shea, Kylie Blizzard 
Kelley Steeves, Ariel Bomstein TOP ROW: Penny Pease, Maddie Craii:, 
Kristen Emerson, Juliane Nguyen, Sarah Cucciara, Kelly Donlon, Michelle 
112 Whelan, Beverly Cheng, Sarah DeAngelis NOT PICTURED Laura Shea 


Girls' Swimming/Diving 

J Interview with Sarah Cucchiara ^^^ ^^^ 

jell us about a typical practice: We would arrive on the pool deck at about 2:45 
jist to start stretching before our warm up. After warm up we would do the main 

3t, then finish with a cool down. 

re there any particular drills or activities that the team loves or dreads? The 

1 club is definatly an activity the team dreads. You do it all four years on the team 

nd each year it doesn't get easier. 

ake me through game day.. there something different during school? 

he day can't move fast enough. We are all so excited and we show our spirit by 

'ressing up with themed dress up days like 'crayon day'. 

|/hat are your pre-game routines? We have music on our bus rides to pump us 

|p and we have lots of "DPs" = dance parties. If we're lucky 

|e can get coach Sparks and Fergie-Ferg to sing and dance too. 

escribe the most memorable meet of the season. 

le beat Ursuline Academy! It was a really close meet and 

very single race mattered. It was the first time we beat 

rsuline in five years! 

seniors, what will you miss most? Juju's Place, 4 am 

ractlces, Cafe Fresh Baget & Costa!, Sparky & Fergie Ferg, 

us rides. Pasta Dinners, close friendships we've made, 

mping into a cold pool after a long day at school. 

^hat advise would you offer underclassmen? Swim hard and 

3t goals for yourselves and your team. Also, swim team is 

lown for being one of the closest teams in the high 

:hool. Keep the strong friendships you have and make 

ew ones too because girls' swimming isn't just a team, it's a 


ny inside jokes you want to share? Our coaches have 

Dngs dedicated to them. Sparks - "Heaven is a Place on 

arth" Fergie Ferg - "Ferg-a-licious". We call ourselves a 

riple threat team" because we beat Milford, won the underwater 
beat Ursuline. 




Nina Shapiro, Janice Michaud, 
U Erica Nangeroni 


BACK ROW (R-L): Kara Belinsky. Christina Koutris, Alisoi 
McNulty, Alison Campion, Elizabeth Elcock. Mary O'Sulliv; , 
Shannon Hogan, Emily McGrail. Marina Burke. Laura McHdl. 
Ebru Hazar. Coach Chant FRONT ROW (R-L): Mariah Arndl. 
Kelly Casey. Janice Michaud. Courtney McLaughlin. Kelly Ijjh 
Maddie Rau. Misha Beatty, Erica Nangeroni, Maddie Martirlii 
.^ Shapiro CENTER: Katherine McDonough. Claire Daniels 


Interview with Claire Daniels 
Irell us about a typical practice: We would warm up and do stretches and do more drills and 

ngs that we called "walk throughs" to prepair for the next game. We always ended every 
iiactice with sprints. 

\re there particular drills/activities which the team loves or dreads? We loved playing soccer 
olleyball, and we hated any form of sprints. 
^f'scribe a team bonding activity: During the pre-season 
^eniors would wear one color and we would make all the underclassmen do a skit to celebrate 
Lits ending. Also, pasta dinners are always a good teaming bonding activity, 
lat are your pre-game routines? Before a game we would all stretch and warm up together in 
s. and then we would play keep away for about 15 minutes, and lastly the offense and defense 
lid split up and the offense would take some shots on goal and the defense would practice some 
^ kicks. 

Iake me through game day. A game is generally an adrenaline rush, everyone is excited and 
eady to get on the field. 
Oescribe the most memorable game/meet of the season. Why was it memorable? I think that 
he most memorable game was senior night. That night was really emotional, and I think as a team 
,ve were all on the same page and excited for the game. 
id anyone sustain a significant injury? During the season, I think that every single 
flayer on the team had an injury of some sort. 

To seniors, what will you miss the most? I think we will miss all of the 
drls. This year was the first year that everone wanted to be together as much as 
,\e were. 

What advise would you give underclassmen? I would say just keep up the work. 
We all know it can get overwhelming, but in the end it's worth it. 

BACK ROW: Nicolle Garcia, Abby Keaveney, Keira Travers, Molly 
Smith, Catherine Abraham, Meghan Kelly, Tracy Donlon, Eva 
Daniels, Jen Lyons, MaryKate Norton, Nadine Taghian. SECOND 
ROW: Sheila O'Sullivan, Siobhan Moylan, Kristina Saliba. Caitie 
j Reilly, Dani Kessler, Aly Grealish, Alexis Argiros. FRONT ROW: 
Emily Haddad, Shelly Walsh. NOT SHOWN: Chloe Snyder, 
Samantha Kitchen 

BACK ROW (R-L): Nicolle Garcia. Coach Hamblin, Sarah 
Beggan, Tara Zafar. Megan Ferren, Julie Gardella, Jacqueline 
Whalen. Andrea Simi. Julia Tucceri, Leah Singleton, Abbey 
Power, SECOND ROW: Kaitlin Plecinoga, Hayley Lim. Hailey 
Boettger, Bridgette Fiumedora.Kristina Barounis, Fiona Moylan, 
Katherine Molchan CENTER: Asmani Adhav MISSING: Lauren 
Ollerhead «e 


FRONT ROW (R-L): Mark Black. Alan Ban'udin. Patrick \k ■ 
Phelps. James Drew. Thomas Ollerhead. Andrew Kuzmin. Se; 
Laughlin. Paul Massad. Sebestain Lis. BACK ROW: Shyan S:;in 
Mike Chirokas. Joe Williams. Jonathan Harper. James Laughl , 
Myles McDonough. Ries McQuillian. Malak Sayeg. Matte w J su 
Shane Troy, Nasuf Dizdari 




^^f Interview with Malak Sayeg 

Vhat was the most memorable game and why? 

'he most memorable game was definetly the season closer against Bellingham. Our seniors stepped it 

p and brought everything they could to field that night. It felt good to beat the opponent on their own 

lirf. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the season. 

Loy team inside jokes or nick names? 

''eah, I know that I'm gonna miss the 'deets circle', and I hope Joey's child is doing well. And you 

/ouldn't wanna know our nicknames. 

Vhat does game day feel like? 

ive minutes before the opening whistle is indescribable; like having butterflies and adrenaline like 

lO other. In the huddle, everyone was in their own world, but looking around and watching 

veryone's breath steaming, it was obvious that we all shared the same nervous, excited feeling. Its 

lOt easy to explain. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Jamie Connor, Patrick Masi-Phelps, 
Kyle Leslie, Sean Cabey, Austin DeAngelis, Andrew Brodsky 
Nicholas Henderson, Shane Maher, Chris Lui, Ryan McNulty 
BACK ROW:Corey Krakowsky, AJ McGuire, Nima Rahimi, 
Diarmuid Gallagher, Michael McNulty, Peter Halkett, Erik 
Maloney, James O'Doherty, Daniel Feldman, Sean Condrick 

BACK ROW (L-R): Michael Tracey. Connor Cote. Matt 
Nagle, Graydon DeCamp, Joey McNamara. Ben Pincus. Billy 
Kenney, Kieman Somers. Kyle Wise FRONT ROW: Zach 
Piscitelli, Joseph Elkhoury. Bobby Persons, Patrick Comer, 
Patrick Nanna. Matt Masi-Phelps, Colin Neville. Jared Leslie. 



^ B^ J 





■ il>3K 

^^■C^^B "'wi^^^^ )eseh 




^V « ^ 







M 1 







Interview with Tracie Winn 

Tell us about a typical practice: 

We stretch together then we run 

through our routine and cheers. 

After, we break into groups and 

work on stunting and dancing. 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves or 

dreads? Running snakes are horrible but we love pasta dinners and 

bus rides! 

Describe a team bonding activity: Cheer camp, bus rides, and pasta 


Take me through the day.. .is there something different during 

school? Yes we dress up for spirit days. The most memorable? Disney 


What are your pre-game routines? We get together before every 

game to get ready as a team. Usually there is a lot of hair braiding and 

energy drinks. 

Descibe the most memorable game of the season: The most 

memorable games were the Senior Night game and the Thanksgiving 

day game. The energy was so high from the crowd and we tried our 
\\ hardest to keep it up throughout the whole game. Although the football 
jj team did not win either game, we felt successful in keeping the spirit 

high and the crowd cheering! 

To seniors, what will you miss most? 

Cheer camp and the feeling you get when the music is about to start 
I and you can't breathe and you feel like you are going to throw up. And 

the feeling at the end when everything is over and you could not have 

put in any more to the great performance you just gave. 

What advice would you give underclassment? Fight & Don't Give 


Team nick name/inside jokes? "I get back from lunch turn my spirit 

on, Take a look at Dougie Fresh and say what up? Yaa go bananas!" 

Sophomore 6. Big Dave. This aint the victory cheer. Banana 09. 


Front Row: (left to right) Casey Smith, Meaghan Winn, Maddie Walsh, Katie Glover, Jennifer 
Lavoie, and Alessandra Guigliano. Back Row: (L to R) Mina Rowe, Christa Cosenza, Marisa 
Lalli, Meghan Ahearn, Jennifer Beggan, Maria Georgaklis, Rosa Jenks, Anna Wilhelm, Tracie 
Winn, Caitlyn Moore, Rebecca Rice, and Ah Ventola. 


Ski Team 

Interview with Shane Troy 
Tell us about a typical practice. 

It's a good time, people come out to the mountain and ski together. 
Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves or 

No one dreads anything at practice. It's always a great time unless it's 
too cold out - but even then we find a way to rally. 
Describe a team bonding activity. 

No race is complete without a Wendy's trip. We go every time. 
Take me through the day.. .is there something different during 

No, we do our getting ready on the bus, getting geared up, and just 
before we head to the mountain. 
What are some pre-game routines? 

Listening and pumping up to music. Also chatting it up on the bus. 
Describe the most memorable game/meet of the season. 
The trip to Wachusett Mountain for States. It was really amazing. 
Why was it memorable? 

We got to skip a day of school to go ski and we took a team bus out 
together. It's the best. It was also great to see how much we have 
improved and achieved. 
Did anyone sustain a significant injury? 
Unfortunately Matt Follen had a torn ACL. 
To seniors, what will you miss most? 
Team bonding. Frost bite. Matt Follen. The End. 
Team nick name/ inside jokes? 
Chase is a freshman. 

ROM LEFT: Chris Tso, Lizzie Trakas, Aly Grealish, Genny Rogers, 
'had Giacchetto, Patrick Comer.Sina Salehi, Lochlainn IVIacdonald. 
JOT SHOWN: Antiiony Antonellis, Bobby Mclaughlin, Stephen 
/ampion, Chase Kerzel, Lucie Montgomery, Andrew Brodsky, Matt 
•ollen, Myles Mcdonough, Josh Goldberg, Patrick Hutchinson, Mark 
^acDonaid, Alex McLaughlin, Courtney McLaughlin, Nick Damren, 
Jani Singer, Zoe Radner, Jen DelloRusso, Jimmy Looney, C.J. 
hunter. Mat Venti, Shane Troy, Samatha Bartholomew. 

%9i ™»iarMa9 

Lauren Drew, Rachael Keating, Anna 
Ribas, Nina Shapiro, Misha Beatty 










> "-*- 
>^- .^^ 












r Track 

Interview with Lauren Drew 
Tell us about a typical practice. 

We stretch and do warm-ups in lines, and then we'll split off to do a workout designed for 

our different events. 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves or dreads? 

Any sprint workout outside when it was cold was always dreaded. 

Describe a team bonding activity: 

Occasionally for a warmup we played this type of dodgeball game that was hilarious. 

Take me through the day.. .is there something different during school? 

The bonds that form during track are unique because the team is so large and is 

comprised of all grades. We say hi to each other in the hallways or joke about things that 

happened at practice. 

What are your pre-game routines? 

We would run warm-up laps around the track, do stretches, and then go do event-specific 

things such as getting steps for high jump, adjusting blocks, or trail leg drills over hurdles. 

Describe the most memorable meet of the season. 

Medfield is always our biggest meet of the season because they are always a challenge, 

and we moved people around to maximize potential points. 

Why was it memorable? 

Medfield is always a tough meet and we were psyched to beat them after we lost to them 

in indoor last year. 

To seniors what will you miss most? 

The underclassmen, definitely. 

What advice would you give underclassmen? 

Try a new event, you never know what you might end up being good at! 

What does a game day feel like? 

At first we're pretty tired because our meets were mostly on Saturdays, but once we get 

there and warm up everyone gets pumped up for their event and to cheer everyone else 


Any new coaches this year? 

All of our coaches, with the exception of Coach Teahan, were new this year. Coach Booth 

for hurdles and throwing. Coach Ricard for mid-distance and jumps, and Coach Testa for 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Coach Teahan, Anna Ribas, Neha Basu, Nina Shapiro, Maya Bechara, Lauren 
Drew, Misha Beatty, Rachael Keating, Emma Krause, Tayla Allen, Coach Testa, SECOND ROW: Bev 
Kwong, Santi Strickland, Claire Underhill, Hailey Boettger, Madeleine Cooke, Alison McNulty, Alison 
Campion, Tracy Donlon, Leah Schroeder, Sophie Karpf, Renee Pisano, Molly O'Brien, Sheila 
O'Sullivan, Cory Guinta, Coach Ricard. THIRD ROW: Ailyn Pestana, Erica Vincent, Bridgette 
Fiumedora, Steph O'Connor, Nora Smith, Sydney Petta, Caitie Reilly, Kate Groton, Anne Lally, 
Andrea Simi, Nadine Taghian, Catherine Leonard, Shelly Walsh, Alexis Argiros. BACK ROW: Lauren 
Sorrell-Santos, Kimberly Antoine, Katrien Van Wagenen, Jackie Ryan, Amanda Dilulis, Ani Derderian, 
Liz Ralph, Nicky Pettit, AnnMarie O'Flaherty, Samantha Kitchen. 



ys' Indoor Tv^l^ 

I Interview with Yuanwen Liang 

Fell us about a typical practice: At practice, we would join together at the beginning and hsten to 
Ipur coach Tom. Then he would split us into our groups to do our workouts. 
^re there particular drills/activities which the team loves or dreads? No matter how difficult the 

irills were, as long as we did them as a team, we were loving them. 

)escribe a team bonding activity: Every Wednesday night we have Karaoke night at JMac's house, 

vhich was always a great time. 

What are your pre-game routines? Before the meet starts we would always huddle around the 

captains who give some insane pump-up speeches. 

What advice would you give underclassmen? Don't stop the traditions that we have had for years- 

^specially the Karaoke nights. 

4ny new coaches this year? TOM DAVIS and booof cakes. They were really helpful throughout the 


Team nick names/inside jokes? We like to pretend that we slay the opposing mascots before meets. 

s / 




r r 





-•^ ' ^\ 

\^ 4< 

s^== — c^ 

. s 

Mike Chirokas, Peter Campion, 
Chris Anamateros 








i r 


V m 




FRONT ROW (R-L)- Dylan Nanna, Cody Whalen. 
Dahl. Peter Campion. Chris Anamateros. Mike Chu 
Coach Nason BACK ROW: Alexander Rudi. : 
Ouellette. Michael Venti. Julian Zamudio-Herrera. Grt 


Ipoys' Swimming/Diving 

Interview with Peter Campion 
111 us about a typical practice. 

V;ll, practice begins at 2:45 every day and goes until 5:00 p.m. 

/e there particular drills/activities which the team loves... dreads? I think the team 
i n agreement that we'd prefer land exercises over actual swimming. The worst swim 
ell we do is a pyramid/reverse pyramid (50, 100, 150, 200 and then 200, 150, 100, 50). 
I scribe a team bonding activity. 

l^ta dinners were always a fun team bonding activity. We ate, laughed, played video 
tmes and were really able to become a good team. 
'ike me through the day. ..Is there something different during school? 
^i did dress up days for meets (shirt, tie, dress pants - and some went the further mile 
vth a suit jacket). In school not much is different, but on the bus to the meet and 
dving at the meet. .. .intimidating. ...hahaha.. .just cause we're looking at the other team 
ting to find at least a few kids we know we can beat. 
Iscribe the most memorable game/meet of the season? 
liink the most memorable meets are the ones where we only lost by about 10-20 

Id anyone sustain a significant injury? 

1) real injuries this year, thankfully, cause we need every one of our 1 1 guys to be well 
t compete. 

t seniors, what will you miss most? 

h gonna miss the whole experience. Being on the team for fours years was great and I 
;vays looked forward to going to practice and being able to do something I was really 
fssionate about. 

hat advice would you offer to underclassmen? 

■) my underclassmen - keep trying your hardest. It's not about whether you win or lose, 
It that fact that you know you tried your hardest and gave it your all. 
ly new coaches this year? 

Ills year we had a new coach, Ms. Nason, social studies teacher here at WHS. With a 
Iw coach came new coaching styles but the team was able to adjust and we all got 
ong really well ! ! 


• , /■ 











Mirls* Hookey 

Interview with Rian Rossetti 
yhat are your pre-game routines?We would always stretch and warm up as a team, sometimes outside 
ji the freezing cold. We would do a lot of relay races and strange warm-ups such as this thing called "the 
ijprechaun." We listen to an inspirational speech in the locker room last thing before the game starts 

escribe the most memorable game/meet of the season?The most memorable game was probably our 

ist game at Martha's Vineyard. We lost, but we got to take the ferry to the Vineyard and then we spent the 

ight down the Cape, which was really fun. 

)id anyone sustain a significant injury?We had four different people with concussions! 

seniors, what will you miss most?Practicing at 5 am in twenty degree weather! Just kidding, although 
think that having such a rough schedule brings the team closer together. Maybe just bonding on super 

)ng bus rides since only three TVL schools have hockey teams. 

Vhat advice would you offer to underclassmen?"ln any fight it is the guy who is willing to die who is 

oing to win that inch." -Al Pacino 

my new coaches this year? We had four new coaches this year. Our new head coach. Rick Chrusciel, 

ad us working ha rd on off-ice c onditioning, which we had never done as a team before, and brought a 

strategy to our game that really suited us as 
a team. We got really good at hitting the puck 
"off the boards!" or at least knowing that was 
what we were supposed to do. Our new 
assistant coaches, Greg, Erica, and Justin, 
^^_^__ did a great job motivating us and also 

1 iK'^I^^^^V ^^P^ X2K ^idki^fi teaming up on us in practice. 
I iwi^^^Hfl ^^H •^Sh^^Q^^V Team nick names/ inside jokes? One time 

we made a humongous breakfast at Molly's 
house and we pretty much ruined her 
kitchen. Also, Fresh: Charging Rhinos 

•RONT ROW (R-L): Kristina Barounis, Alison Murphy, Courtney 
ay, Mollie Brown, Gabble Giugliano, Janice, Michaud, Georgia 
'riestley, Meghan Kelly, Kelly Sennott BACK ROW (R-L): Coach 
^olthouse, Coach Justin, Heather Sullivan, Audra Cabey, Rian 
bssetti,Liz Stuehr, Bridget Burke, Molly Smith, Alanna Leahy, 
Jryn Macgillivray, Jackie Ventura, Coach Rick Chrusciel, Coach 

NAMES (L-R)- FRONT ROW: Brad Adams, Jimmy Curtin, Mike Foxx, James Drew, Jordan 
Macpherson Chris Treon, Mike Musto, Brendan Dalton, Mike Raskin, Theo Treo, Louis Jacob: 
Conor Murphy BACK ROW: Coach Welby, Kevin Gavin, Kevin Sennott, Brendan Skehill, Brel 
Eqizi Andreas Nicolos, Danny Moloy, Micheal Gallagher, Rob Ventura, Chns Molchan, Kevin 
Walsh, Shane Maher, Coach McCusker NOT SHOWN: Sean Condrick, Pat Busa, Jack Swart 
Anthony Sweeney 

Soys' Hockey 

Interview with Mike Musto 
(escribe a team bonding activity. Eating witii the guys at 
lurph's Place and New Garden, then kickin' it back at 
trett's house. 

} there something different during school? You sleep 
uring classes, stock up on caffeine drinks. We sit together 
t lunch and during frees and talk about the season. 
lescribe the most memorable game of the season. The 
ame versus Concord Carlisle, ranked first in Division 3. In 
^e third period we tied the game. It was one of the most 
itense games I have ever participated in and it was an 
ccomplishment to have competed with such a strong team. 
b seniors, what will you miss most? Hanging out with 
16 boys, keeping everyone in line, ha, and playing the sport, 
Vhat advice would you offer to underclassmen? Keep 
our head up in every situation. Remaining positive is key. 
lever point the finger to blame anyone else, just work 
arderto make up for mistakes. Most importantly, have fun. 
Vhat does a game day feel like? Intense, especially the 
econd you hit the ice. Your adrenaline sky-rockets. 
eam nick names/inside jokes? Dennis the "Big Man " 
/loore, sittin' on the toilet, walkin' up racks, the honesty 
hair, Skee getting dropped by Jake Drew every practice, 
lenders, top-chedda, top-zella, bah down, top daug. 




VARSITY TEAM MEMBERS: Malachy Duffy, Kevin 
Liebrock, Macston Maccow, Victor Maccow, Erik 
Maloney, Ries McQuillan, Glenn Parsons, Nick Post, N 
Powers, Shayan Salam, Eric Tanery, David Von Euw 

Boys'* Basketball 

j Interview with Ries McQuillan 

'ell us about a typical practice. We start off with about 5-10 minutes 
f stretching and warming up, then we usually do some drills that focus 
n specific skills. After that, we get into some live situations, both half 
ourt and full court to work on something that we need better. And 
lere would always be conditioning for whichever group lost the drill. 
describe a team bonding activity. Pasta dinners were always very 
iteresting. It was quite a good group of guys to be around. 
/hat are your pre-game routines? We would always hang out in our 
)cker room and joke around and listen to music in order to loosen up 
)r the game, then our coach would give a quick speech and then we 
'ould motivate ourselves further. 

•escribe the most memorable game/meet of the season? The very 
ist game of the year, against King Phillip. We won in a very close 
ame. Everybody played their absolute best, and all the members of 
16 team contributed what they needed to do in order to win. 
seniors, what will you miss most? To me, I will miss the pasta 
inners the most. They're just a really simple but fun time to be around 
good group of guys. 

/hat advice would you offer to underclassmen? Always give your 
est effort, and don't "cheat" on any drills. It'll be over a lot sooner than 
ou think, and you want to look back and not have any regrets 
eam nick name/ inside jokes? Flowers. Enough said. 


FRONT ROW (L to R): Lilly Sleeves, Meghan Ahearn, 
Kelley Delorey, Emily Haddad, Meredith Kress, BACK 
ROW (L to R): Sarah Beggan, Julia Tucceri, Sam Diehl 
Trade Winn, Emily O'Hara, Mina Rowe NOT SHOWN: 
Alyssa Verzino 

BACK ROW (L to R): Laura McHoul, Jackie McDonald, Cas« 
Bowler, Nicolle Garcia, Keira Travers, Mary-Kate Norton 
FRONT ROW (L to R): Christa DeMovellan, Tina Abijaoude, 
Megan Ferren, Kristina Saliba, Dani Kessler, Molly Powers 

Girls' Basketball 

BACK ROW (L to R): Ms. Bognanno, Kara Belinski (manager), Erin Young, Kelley Sleeves, Molly 
McLaughlin, Rachel Berluti. Kate Rich, Keelin Henderson, Leah Lessard, Erica Sweeney. 
FRONT ROW (L to R): Emily McGrail, Kelly Rich, Kerri Harrington, Katharine McDonough, 
Mariah Arnold, Kelly Casey 

Interview with Katherine McDonough 
Describe a team bonding activity. Pasta dinners, singing on bus rides home, trips to outback and murphs, 
meeting Patty, eating bagels together every Saturday, and going to coach's house. 

IWhat are your pre-game routines? Some people go to Kristi's for sandwiches, we watch Freshman and 
JV games, listen to music. Then we all go into the lockers room. Erin listens to "Hard" and coach tells us 
what we need to do. We go through a specific routine and then sing "Ain't no mountain high enough", 
scream lets get ready to rumble, breathe, and go out and warm up. 

Are there any particular drills/activities which the team loves or dreads? We love Bentley and hate 3- 
man-weave boxout. 

Describe the most memorable game of the season? Our away game against Hopkinton because we played 
a great game and beat a team that we lost to twice last year. Also, afterwards we went out to Outback and 
ate lots of cheese fries. 

Did anyone sustain a significant injury? Kelly Casey and Kelly Rich both injured their feet. 
To seniors, what will you miss most? Teammates, coaches, and hanging out in the locker room. 
What advice would you offer to underclassmen? Have fun, work hard, and remind coach what team she 
is coaching. 

Any new coaches this year? Freshman coach Meineke 

Team nicknames or inside jokes? BSATPLAC, ain't no mountain high enough, cats Outback, 10 things 
that make you smile, Kelley's really old boom box, one stop hip hop spot, frizzy, bad dye job, blake 
underwear's mom. the beautiful Millis coach, being sent off to Haiti, watching coach's basketball movies, 
basically living in A228 and ne\ cr. EVER fixing the star drill in warm-up's. 


Girls' Track 

Interview with Rachael Keating 
/hat are your pre-game routines? Pre-game routines are 2 laps around the 
ack, stretching, with abs and push-up circuits. 

describe the most memorable meet of the season. The most memorable 
)eet was probably the meet against Medfield because it was very close and 
jally intense, to add to that it was raining. 
seniors what will you miss most? 

eniors will miss the team and the coaches so much. We not only were close on 
'le track but we were also close outside 
Vhat advice would you give underclassmen? 
'ave fun! Track can get really intense sometimes so make as many friends as 

u can and do your best to stay positive. 

hat does a meet day feel like? 

meet day is very intense especially when its a meet that will be close. The 
|iost intense and nerve wracking part is stepping up to the line right before the 

n goes off. 
id anyone sustain a significant injury? 

ere were no significant injuries throughout the season - just some minor 
ny new coaches this year? 

e had 5 new coaches this year which was AWESOME because we were able 

get different advice from each coach and use that to our advantage. 
eam nicknames or inside jokes? 

side jokes- putting gnomes in Jen's bed, randomly ransacking Jen's house, 
inning laps in the maze(secretly) instead of lakeshore, DREADING workouts 
id many more. 


r ROW (R-L): Audra Cabcv.Olivia Powers. AmiMane O'Flahrelv. Racliael Keating, Alison McNulty. Caitlin Adamakis. Keelin 

!son, Sydney Petta, Heather Sullivan SECOND ROW: Leah Schroeder, Alison Campion, Caitie Reiily, Nicky Pettit. Nina 

', Maddie Cooke, Zoe Radner, Sophie Karpf, Katie Ginsberg, Coach Testa, Coach Thereau THIRD ROW:Neha Basu, Kale 

I. Tracy Donlon, Nora Smith, Liz Ralph, Courtney Fay, Brianna Cataldo, Kaitlin Piecinoga, Samantha Kitchen, Santi Strickland, 

j-u Ricard FOURTH ROW: Jackie Ventura, Kaitlin Hutchinson. Sarah Nassif, Kelly Hanlon, Allison Fleming, Julia Bugeau-Heartt, 

yn Macgillivary, Margaret Holler, Elise Harrington, Sally Mansour, Annie Craig FIFTH ROW: Julia Bornstein, Sammy Nassif, 

istina Saliba, Dani Kessler, Catherine Abraham, Julia Kaplan, Xiao Xiao Guo, Hailey Boettger, Camille Harrington, Nadine Taghian, 

ijlma Wilhelm, Christa Cosenza SIXTH ROW: Lauren Drew, Casey Bowler, Amy Friel. Marisa Lalli. Cory Guinta, Megan Ferren, 

'idrea Simi, Julia Boettger, Catherine Leonard, Alexis Argiros, Samantha Bartholomew SEVENTH ROW:Kelly Murray, Kat Molchan, 

la Priestly, Julia Tucke, Ashley Adams. Shannon Cotter, Francesca Debenedictis. Yalda Rostamnezhad, Leigh Ronan, Anna Ribas, 

'le Ryan EIGTH ROW: Jackie Ryan, Meghan Aheam, Fiona Moylan, Caroline Pidgeon, Alyssa Verzino, Hannah Musio, Sarah 

I lellers, Sabrina Farley, Ariel Bornstein, Katrien Vanwagenen, Maria Georgaklis, Melissa Poche NINTH ROW: Tayla Allen. Lexi 

t|-'edman, Sonia Dunkelbarger, Jacqueline Whalen, Melanie Walsh, Meredith Kress, Carina Wong, Stephanie Lombard, Emily 

I [inrahan. 

Johnny McDonald, Paul Pender, George 
Georgaklis, Matt Kenney, Pat Bowler 








I^B 1 ^HPI^^^^k '~' 




1 } l^mH 











Kiiii ^ 

» "^ 

oys' Track 

Ml0 Interview with George Georgaklis 

"ell us about a typical practice. Everyone shows up and we split into groups(sprinters/jumpers, 
irowers, 400m runners, mid-distance, and distance) 
)escribe a team bonding activity: 

■or team bonding we would have pasta dinners and karaoke at J-MAC's house. 
ake me through the day of a meet... is there something different about the day? 
;ometimes we wear our uniforms to school and maybe try to eat healthier on meet day, but we also 
let excited for the meet. 
IVhat are your pre-game routines? 

liach person's warm-up depends on the event he is doing and his own personal preferences. 
)escribe the most memorable meet of the season. 

he TVL Championship meet was LEGENDARY. We won the meet for the first time in 1 4 years! 
'he team really came together and we had a great victory lap with the trophy. 
Vhy was it memorable? 

io seniors what will you miss most? 
I'atrick O'Donnell 

1/hat advice would you give underclassmen? 
iun. A lot. Never limit yourself. Set goals high and work hard to achieve them. 


Misha Beatty, Kelly Rich, Erica Nangeroni 

5 ^^=^ ^^" ' ^Vr, ' -- J'. 

FRONT ROW (L to R): Misha Beatty, Janice Michaud, Maddie 
Martin, Kerri Harrington, Erica Nangeroni, Kelly Rich, Katherint 
McDonough, Courtney McLaughlin, Kelly Casey BACK ROW ( 
to R): Richael Walsh, Christa Demovellan, Emily McGrail, Anne 
Lally, Laura McHoul, Emily Haddad, Kelley DeLorey, Mary 
O'Sullivan, Sarah Biron, Alex McLaughlin, Riley Cachelin, Meg! 
Kelly, Marina Burke, Mollie Brown, Kate Rich 

Interview with Katherine l\/lcDonougli 

hat are your pre-game routines? We do a warm up lap, stretch, stick 

varm up, seven point star, ground balls, and shooting. 

)escribe the most memorable game/meet of the season? Why was it 

nemorable?: Our Longmeadow game because we all worked together 

ind everyone played so well. 

,)id anyone sustain a significant injury?: Kelly Casey played through a 

b seniors, what will you miss most? The 

^am, underclassmen, our non-pasta pasta 

inners, Princess Ali, aka Ali Jacobs, spirit 

ays, and playing together. 

i^hat advice would you offer to 

nderclassmen? Never show any sign of 


/hat does a game day feel like? It's a very 

itense atmosphere, we're all very excited. 

Lny new coaches this year?: Ali Jacobs - 

nd she has fit right in with the team this year! 

ream nick name/ inside jokes? : SC vs. 

ISC, this is our house, where's Christa?, 

irgin obvi, TODD, SHARKS, We will not miss 

lose 15 lbs. 


ACK ROW (L to R):Delaney Russel, Kaitlyn Hogan, 
elley DeLorey, Julia Tucceri, Jackie McDonald, 
iobhan Moylan, Abigail Keaveney FRONT ROW 
-- R): Ebru Hazar, Maddy McDonald, Marina Burke, 
lonica Norris, Molly Smith, Meghan Kelly, Emily 


oys' Lacrosse 

^ Interview with Jordan MacPherson 

ell us about a typical practice. At a typical practice, we stretch, then do some running, and after 
hat we do some passing and shooting drills. Sometimes we play six on six or full-field scrimmage. 
\re there particular drills which the team loves or dreads? We like shooting. We dread sprints. 
Describe a team bonding activity. Every Saturday night we joined at Adams' house and did our 

Did anyone sustain a significant injury? Chris Adams rolled his ankle going into the playoffs. 
To seniors, what will you miss most? 'Broing' it up and hanging out with the team. 
What does a game day feel like? A game day is exciting because we are all getting excited for the 
jame. For big games we dress up as 'Lax Bros' which includes wearing backwards hats, high socks 
nd sneakers. 

iny new coaches this year? Yes, Coach Todd Zahurak. 
earn nick name/ inside jokes? This is fwaming dwagon. Home is where you make it. 

titiiiiiiiiiiir — — — 


'"H'lnnn r- 

III tiiiniinii. . ^EM" j 




' 'lit 

'SSii ■ 





BACK ROW (R-L):Patrick Walsh, Sean Condrick. Chris Adams, Patrick Masi- 
Phelps, Anthony Antonellis, Patrick Singleton, Ryan Hanlon. David Voneuw, 
Ries McQuillan, Shane Troy, Michael Filbin, Michael Keane, Davieson Annis, 
Michael Musto, Conor Murphy FRONT ROW: Charles Owen, Joseph Lupica, 
Michael Phillips, Jordan Macphereson, Joseph Williams. Michael 
Raskin, James Curtin, Wesley Adams, Charlie Audi, Thomas 143 

Ollerhead, James Drew 


'¥=» C 




mk' ik 

\ \% 



Olivia O'Leary and Allie Lim 


MaryKate Norton, Kelley Steeves, Allie Lim, Melanie Zahka, Jing Li, Amar 
Thomas, Lilly Steeves, Olivia O'Leary, Juliana Ucuz, Becca Morgan, Emn- 
Archambo, Coach Houston, Otis 

Girls' Tennis 

Interview with Olivia O'Leary 
,re there particular drills/activities which the team loves or dreads? As a team, we love the time 
e would share after matches, also practices were always so much fun. On the other hand, we would 
Iways dread pre-season training. 
lescribe the most memorable game of the season. The most memorable match of the season 
'as the match against Medfield in the playoffs. It was especially great to win against them because 
)ey didn't expect it at all due to the fact thart they beat us the second time they met us in the regular 
eason. Houston said it was the best win he has ever had in his coaching career! 
|o seniors, what will you miss the most? We're going to miss practices and all the fun times we 

id with the underclassmen. Especially going out to Bubbling Brook after practice and team dinners 

Bertucci's. Oh, and Otis running onto the courts mid point. 

'hat advice would you offer underclassmen? I would say to the underclassmen- don't get too 
larious, and always have fun! Also remember to always make time for SBT. (sun bathing time) 
learn names/nicknames? There were so many jokes that were created throughout the season. If 
JDu liked it then you should have put a Jing on it. Otizzle. Ballz. Go die your own death. Roger that. 

runtzzzz. Mel's random facts. Houston forgetting sunblock. 

RONT ROW: Abbey Power, Leah Singleton, Hayley Lim, 
elly Sennot, Tori Harding BACK ROW: Caitlin Delorey, 
ndrea Winn, Genny Rogers, Nicole Gallagher, Katie 
j'eAngelis, Molly Powers 


Christian Heaney-Secord Matt Levine 


^ ^ 

i^ft > 

' '"^nH 





^^^^^Klkk.. .ii)*ikJ^H 



. ^S^gg 








■A ^ 

' f:^H^^^^Htt*i-«> Xj f 

^B |- -i^-* 


^t + - ~Ll "! . ' ; 



Boys' Tennis 

Interview with Alex Archambo 
What are your pre-game routines? For a home match we usually get there an hour before to have a mini- 
practice. Then we have time to listen to an ipod to get focused. 

Tell us about a typical practice. Roughly an hour and a half starting with three laps around the courts, a warm- 
up stretch, then drills. We finish with running. 

Are there any particular drill/activities which the team loves dreads? We love around the world' but dread 

'inch worm' and 'push-ups'. 

Describe a team bonding activity, I would say right at the beginning of practice when we are all sitting together 

stretching and talking about our day at school. 

Did anyone sustain a significant injury? Nothing major, although for the entire season, our star. Christian, had 

an ankle brace because he had twisted it. 

Take me though game day. ...Is there something different during school? Not really. Sometimes we wear our 

lerseys or a shirt and tie. It depends on who we're playing. ..but usually it's just like any other day. 

To seniors, what will you miss most? Being the oldest and having the other kids look up to you. 

What advice would you offer to underclassmen? Just have fun, and to play your best. 





FRONT: Chris Frangieh, Hani Singer, Matt Levine, Believe 
Opara, Rob Law, Ryan Moujahed, Matt Gee BACK: Daniel 
'Feldman, Tommy Hu, Kevin Walsh, Josh Goldberg, Christian 
Heaney-Secord, Alex Archambo, Ryan McNulty NOT Pictured: 
Cody Whelan 

Front: Chad Giacchetto, John Swartz Back: Will Scarpa, Mike 
McNulty, Anokh Palakurthi, Nick Adjami, Robert Persons 




Interview with Sam Sestito 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves or dreads? We love the infield position drill and hate the 
"pepper" drill and when we have to hit the bucket or run sprints. 

Describe a team bonding activity. Every year we go bowling as a team. Even though Coach Sherr and Rocha 
usually win, it's still a lot of fun bonding with the team and laughing at each other when we get gutter balls. We also 
have pasta dinners and it is a great way to become closer as a team. 

What are your pre-game routines? We sit in a circle and usually Rian brings a quote to read to the team. 
Afterwards, we go around and say our individual goals for the game, this motivates us to play our hardest. It also gets 
us pumped up to play as well as relaxed for the game. 

Describe the most memorable game of the season. Our home game against Holliston because we all played really 
well and beat a team who has been our rival for the past couple of years. 
To seniors, what will you miss most? Going bowling 
Iwith the team, pasta dinners at Rachel's and riding her go- 
cart, and all of our teammates and coaches. 
;What advice would you offer to underclassmen? Don't 
race Coach Rocha and make sure Mr. Sherr's eyes are 
open if you take a picture with him. 
Team nicknames or inside jokes? Lofty, Lil' Lofty, 

KOBE, Sheilsey, Molls, Mamold, Molly's awkward ^ .J^^f^J^ SWI^^I)- 

loment during her first pasta dinner, the Lofty effect, Liz ^-^B^^^-*^* i«Kjf,E«ftM. ^aAli. 

iLoft moments, bus rides, TPing, Molly roids, me tripping 
bveryone, bowling and many more. 

ROW (L to R): Colleen Laughter, Rian Rossetti, Mariah 
j^old, Katie O'Brien, Samantha Sestito, Katie Loftus, Coach Sherr 
=RONT ROW (L to R): Keira Travers, Rachel Masotta, Leigha 
Valentine, Elizabeth Loftus, Sheila O'SuUivan, Molly O'Brien 

Back Row (L to R): David Milano, Matthew Nagle, 
Glenn Parsons, Matt Venti, Casey McLaughlin, Daniel 
Moloy, Chris Treon, Tommy Ahearn, Brett Egizi 
Front Row (L to R): Isaac Rice, David Decenzo, Kevin 
Gavin, William Smith, Brendan Skehill, Michael 
Molchan, Alex Berluti, Sean Amaru 

Boys' Baseball 

Interview with Sean Amaru 

'ell us about a typical practice. Every day we do have the same routine; we stretch, throw, then have infield practice where we 
)lay a game called skins, and finally we do live batting practice out on the field. 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves/dreads? We love live batting practice and we hate everything else. 
pescribe a team bonding activity. We all go to eat at the Chateau, and we were able to partner with them and raise money for 
)urteam this season. 

)escribe the most memorable game of the season: When we played Hopkinton because we were down by 8 and we came 
)ack to tie it in the end. 

Vhat advice would you offer underclassmen? Take practice seriously because it pays off, and don't cheat the 2 mile run. 
Vhat does a game day feel like? We get little butterflies in our stomach before any big games. 
\ny new coaches this year? The new coaches were Jimmy Vanaria and Pat O'Brien. 
'eam nickname/ inside jokes? Sandman. 

ACK ROW(L -R): Nicholas Post, Derek Tucceri, John McCarthy 
rian Delsignore, Andrew Fiumedora, James Conner, Jacob 
'idursky, Liam Folan, Ryan Carey FRONT ROW(L -R): Matthew 
annon, James Drew, Alexander Heier, Nicholas Henderson, 
rett Hotter, Kevin Nangeroni, John Delsignore 

BACK ROW(L to R): Jonathan Cooke, Nicholas Bambini, 

John Gebhard, Jake Cronin, Sean Fallon, Costas 

Toubekis, Joshua Belinsky, Timothy Morin FRONT ROW 

(L -R): David Driscoll, Eric Burgess, Michael Kress, Forest 

Lovett, Jonathan Allegrezza, William Reissfelder, Robert 

Hall, Matthew Mulderry-Hofter 

-• 151 





"If there's ever a tomorrow when 
we're not together, there's 
something you should remember: 
You are braver than you believe, 
stronger than you seem, and 
smarter than you think. But the mo; 
important thing is, even if we're 
apart, I'll always be with you." 

Thank you to all my friends and 
family. My time at Westwood High 
has been unforgettable. I've had sc 
many amazing memories and gooc 
times. I couldn't have done it withoi 
you guys. I love you all so much ar 
will never ever forget you. 

Chris Adams 


Wes Adams 

It was the best of times, it was 
the worst of times. I had a 
dream that for 40 days and 40 
nights our father who art in 
heaven said; quality, comfort 
and price. ..that's nice. 

A141. f\yiay the Jeep rest in peace. Bass Pro Shops with ronoc. 
A new adventure every weekend with Pauly. Brotha Pollen and 
Casey Mac, You Tryna? Pond Hockey after school, I still dont 
have a lefty stick. Flying around town in the space ship with 
Tommy and George, the next step is NASCAR. I love my family, 
Nunnie, Paul and Laura, Conor and Paul, Dad and Mom, Brad, 
Ash and my dog Blizzard. Thank you for everything. 

Tommy Ahearn 

WHS was a fun experience. I'm gonna miss the friday nights 
when everyone comes out to watch us play football and gonna 
miss the guys on the football team. Good times hanging out with 
the crew from freshmen year (you know who you are). Gonna miss 
driving around with George and Kitty Kat when there was nothing 
to do, and my rides with Madison. All in all WHS was fun but its 
time for the next chapter, #45. 


Mariah Arnold 

■' $w '^ 

As we go on we remember all the times we had together.. .Don't 
mess with the family- ww soccer '09= LOVE. BSATPLAC- 1 love 
you guys! Two unforgettable seasons- ww bball. MISO. Vertex c 
friendship. By golly we can beat Ashland- ww softball. KM- skadi 
I'm so cute, 2 shots, photobooth, stonehill camp- end of story. 
KO- Aaron Carter dp's, life, RFIatts, Perkins, Newton sb. AP- 
Trisha, bulbasaur, dollywood?, McDonald's dp's w/ Sean and 
Katie. 00- leven-leven, antonia. RR- amo latima among other 
Latin struggles, I have a thing, RFIatts, adventure camp!. ..but aJ 
our lives change come whatever, we will still be friends forever. 


Mia Augis 

Taco Bell, taxi's, New Years 
('09 + '10), Supa Troopa, Clia 
Harter, happy car, WW FH '09, 
JV LAX, Jolly Green Jetta, 
Florida '10, Jailbait, Calabria + 
Kanye West, "IT'S MY 
WEDDING DAY!!", Summer 
Jamm + John Mayer, 
ranchesapan, bertuccis man, fx, 
boom boom room, mario and 
luigi, scoop, satisfaction, frisky, 
getting lost everywhere, "(snap) 


Phil Azeredo 

In September of 2006 I walked into the high school and was 
astounded by what was around me. The hallways didn't smell, 
and everything was big. I had to crane my neck to see the 
seniors, and the classrooms were enormous. It was intimidating. 
To adjust, I decided to focus on my classes, my activities, and 
my friends and just let my transition take its natural course. I 
jumped on the train to success, and still haven't gotten off. I will 
continue riding on this train, with its first stop in high school, for 
the rest of my life. 

George Balekjian Alexandra Bartholomew 

Going to France- The bus is coming!- Little Hands... GYPSY!- 
Denisa, my sunglasses buddy- Mock trials was really fun... right? 
I was once birthed in Singapore... our communication 
breakdowns are legendary for us... Burnout Vision?, cowboys 
and bush?... Thomas buddy= Gilly buddy= Starbucks addict 
buddy= Adrienne Rose= Museum of Science buddy!= Christian... 
basically there 99.9% of the time in my life starting in 7th grade- 
Melissa... Thank you for liberating me from it, I will forever be in 
your debt... one day we will have our movie marathon and watch 
a Goofy movie and sing along with Powerline... POTASH 

"We do not remember days; we remember moments." Gretch 
and Bruce, Latin IV family, PAVAL, Max and Connor boyfriends, 
azn, eeyore, nose, Joe Maher, Reuby J, Jonas and Seamus, 
Mexican boy, VEGAS, Martha's Vineyard, Nadia, 
Christina+bluemoon, fishies, chinqui, Hollywood wolverines, cool 
whip, GRAMMYS '09, Cape Cod, OSB, SEN10RS,SMB, ENB, 
PDB I love you guys. Ries- 1 love you. "Memory is a way of 
holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things 
you never want to lose." Thank you so much to everyone who 
means so much to me. 

4 i 

Maggie Barzin 

Tripod, MARPH (miss it), breaking beds, duets with sarah, 
promweekend09, moosehead lake. The Pod, OAR, perfectIO, 
dancing/dances, exts with Kelley, EPICWEEKEND*, CDB, my 
babies my babies-lanklanklanklanklank, teencenters,"! don't wana 
forget", "the sky looks so nice tonight", Housten's 
BEECHES/bootcamp, das-a-knuckle, attlewood's rage, chonga, 
wingman/charles, walnutconfuscious, babysitters club09, pilaf, 
2010den, MY EYES ARE OPEN!, greek palace, bombthreats, 
benoui, fighter, birthdayseason, purplejump, A141, icecweam, 
powderpuff, Ashworth with nor/peter/jordan, bridget killing 
jokes, salami, mcgarey, getting lost in boston, slushes, 
NONONASEYI, "By the time I recognize this moment, this moment 
will be gone, but I will bend the light, pretend that it somehow 
lingered on" 


Neha Basu 

I can't remember all the times I've 
tried to tell myself to hold on to 
these moments as they pass. The 
good, the bad, the happy the sad, 
these were the times we'll 
remember as we move on to a 
world that's so unknown. These 
days are changing our lives 
tomorrow. These are the friends 
that will never leave your side. 
Maybe in the end it's about looking 
back, smiling, and knowing you 
wouldn't have it any other way. Its 
been an amazing four years. 
Peace out Westwood :-) 


Misha Beatty 



"Be who you choose to be not who 
others choose to see." I'll always 
remember Nappie Chapel- State 
Champs '08 and '09, trackies, rides with 
Acamps and McNulty (back in time), 
Coldstone with Catherine and Mobster, 
hit-a-runner, Soccer, Wolverine Den, 
Powderpuff, F Block free, trumpet. Prom, 
Johnny's mom's food. One f^ore Time, 
charades, puzzles, my bffs/ nOOb 
Poners: Katie, Penny, Bev, Ann, Emma, 
Maddie, Kristen, and Lauren, Yuanwen, 
Kevin, Matt "the Bee's Knees" Kenney, 
Johnny, Rob and Mike "the Situation." 
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Connor for all 
the support! Go SENIORS X!...and then I 
found $5. 

Mark Black 

Maya Bechara 

"We're just gonna go to Dunkin Donuts... We'll be right back... 
Okay... Bye..." and the joke we don't talk about. Monjas Coquetas- 
Que pasa Calabaza? The Frosh Five that didn't make it past 
freshman year. Ter-Ray-Heth. The U.N. Banana and Yam- Chili's 
at the bar, "visitin' my grandmotha at the hospital", midnight runs, 
ABHD, THE BUS, "OHH YEAH" 'fist pump*. Romantic DD's with 
Bev- "EAT IT' and paying off those mortgages. Making fun of 
Lauren and her noises (meh-meh). Gas station- GIRLS NIGHT. 
Lifers with Bean and Baby Michelle: The Abyss. "Is this the 
Bechara household?" I loved high school. 

m ^ ^ 

Pat Bowler 


The Westwood High School memory that will remain with me 
forever is the endless fun that I had during free blocks 
surrounded by friends. The soccer program has taught me 
many life values such as teamwork and the rewards of being a 
hard worker. I want to remember my time at Westwood High 
School as a roller coaster of memories that we as a class got 
through. I want to be remembered as the kid that was nice to 
everyone and always had fun. 


Pod in ceramics. PB, MH, MB, KG, ST, Mrs. Lamb-Wanucha. 
Homeroon with Dani for 6 years. Football; Mickey Fafara, pat get 
fat program, working out in the mornings. Sean Amaru. 
Basketball: Hasan Davis. Cyo. The Blizzard. Track: States 
09'/10'. White Plains. Glenn D, Louckes. Getting tennis ball. 
AB's house, Jenns House, Gretchen/Bruce. Cape: 
Boat, Biz, chillen with my boi greg. Wamps, Ranch, Brian/Dick 
Sullivan. Tom Petranoff. Wisialko's. BF Moj. Wedge. Tying knots 
with rope. Seamus. Piano. Survivor: James Clement. 
D0MINICA<3 Martin Carriere, AL. " If you want to built a 
ship, dont bring people together to assign them tasks, but rather 
teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." 

Dani Bradley 

'The things we did, the things we said, 
keep coming back to me and make me 
smile again... "Seniors BROUGHT back 
the Den! Bomb Threats. Fighter. 
Babysitters Club 09. Prom 08 09 10. Pilaf. 
Westwood Moms. Florida 09. Maggie's 
Dancing. Cougars. Powderpuff (girls 
football). SUDACKS. Breaking beds, 
fences, and hearts. Kerri's rage. Tennis 
boot camp 09 10. Homeroom with Patrick 
for 6 years. Classy B's. TRIPOD. Original 
XC Crew. LB-i-Cassie. 
Cantelope+Honeydew. Sleep Mode. 
Birthday Season. Perfect 10! We laughed 
when they told us we'd miss it. We cried 
when they told us we had to leave." 

Sean Broderick 

After this year, 1 will never forget all the memories I've had these 
past four years at Westwood High, including: XC'09, The Merger, 
B-block free, Latin IV with Dr. Z - 'The Family," Ski Team, Leg 
Council, Working at Roche Bros, and North Beach, TER-RAY- 
HETH, Walden, "Homeroom A147, Prom, Car rides to school 
with Michelle, Spring track - distance, and Wolverine games, but 
especially all the friends who have been there all along. 1 wish 
the best for every senior, wherever you may end up. 

1 iSii '^1 ~ a 



Madeline Bugeau-Heartt 

"I want to speak at an intimate decibal/ with the precision of an 
infinite decimal/ to listen up and send out a true echo/ of 
something forever felt but never heard/ 1 want that sharpened still 
of truth in every word." -WHY? 

JT breakfasts and Bobo, Rebecca Kecky my rhetoric partner of 
all time, lunches and NOT disappearing to New York, rehearsals 
and the beautiful people in each cast, Grandmama, the group, 
movie night, Washington DC! 



Peter Campion 

As Charles Dickens put it:"lt was the 
best of times, it was the worst of 
times, it was the age of wisdom, it 
was the age of foolishness..." 
Westwood High School was just 
that; being with friends, having cool 
teachers/classes, friend drama, lack 
of sleep studying for tests and doing 
projects, waiting and wanting to 
leave for college as a senior. 
Through all this we knew that what 
ever we were going through 
everyone else was experiencing as 
well, and finally being able to taste 
freedom, finishing high school and 
going to college, was all worth it! 

Audra Cabey 

High school was. friends, sitting on a bench, Maine natives 
kumbaya, Roche Bros., the playground, car rides, cape trips, late 
night phone lifers, Spanish lunch, only firend, sitting under the 
stairs, Ritz crackers, taking pictures, ihop, PMC challenges, 
tattoos, face paint, going to the beach, footie pajamas, whoopie 
pies, dance parties, sleepovers, random music, chem with 
Bean, Black Friday, hockey, cross country, gnomes, DQ, Boston 
on the train, driving hours with Dianne, hair dye, spirit days, 
Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift, the library, making bracelets, 
Espaha 2010, Annie's mac and cheese, pasta dinners, Hale 
adventures, making smores, the island, canoes, wild 
adventures... no regrets. 

Nastasha Casale 

"You never know when you're making a memory" field hockey '09, 
speed dial, Jonas and seamus, reuby j, riesy f baby, latin IV- the 
family, gretch and bruce, Martha's Vineyard, fishiessss, max and 
connor<3, chinqui, gary on the kickdrums, toys r us, cape cod, 
countryfest; "A part of you has grown in me, together forever we 
shall be, never apart, maybe in distance but not in heart" 
SENIORS. ^iH^^pr^ ' *« 




Kelly Casey 

"True happiness consists not in the 
multitude of friends, but in their worth 
and choice. "...Great times with 
friends over the years... vertex of 
friendship, legit bats, revival skills, 
sea urchins, body language, BBM, 
twin buggies, Shawn Johnson, 
penguins, McDonalds, midnight 
puzzles, ducks, scrapbooking with 
KK, kah kah taco, only friend, secret 
operations, Club Victoria, spying, 
Pictionary, eating everywhere, belly 
bumps, wrestling, forts, my mascara 
... Westwood Basketball 2010 tourney 
run, Westwood Soccer 2009, 
Westwood Lax State Champs, 
Jaguars... love you all & wish you all 
the best in years to come! 

Bev Cheng 

WHS for me has been: paying mortgages & having babies with my 
darling Clementine, Fab 5, swim team TRIPLE THREAT, daily 
Starbuck runs & becoming regulars, tie-dying & taco bell, lifers at 
Islington, taking care of my bodayy. Initiation 10, having a little bit 
of "beh beh", "I just got here", hanging like a pendulum, UNAGI, 
"again and again...". Bourne hockey game "U-ee!", KUH!, shark 
faces, stuttering, prom '09, & more. Graduating means leaving and 
going to new places, but I will hold all the good times & memories 
close to my heart. Keep in touch, and stay classy Westwood. 


Mike Chirokas ^ Corey Christian 

Remember: Mr. Pitiful, Rob takes a Spill 
awkward face.acing summer school, way 
too intense monopoly night, Kevin stole 
my lunch.Jersey Shore, jumping out the 
window during class, Quebec!, hands 
held open, 7thgrader,WWMD, way too 
much track knowledge, BorneHockey, 
phrases never catching on,Eladio, 
Sherrriii, JV soccer, when I say soggy..., 
losing an entire bucket ofbaseballs, 
flyball collision w/Matt's head, Vitale's 
class, JohnD and I shouldbe pro actors, 
Latin-club injuries, acing CS final with 
JT, Madden/NHL,lnvictus, LAUGH!, 
Grossman, AIM, basketball?, excessive 
interventions, Narnia/HarryPotter taunts, 
overestimating video-quality, 
Cape.strawhats/tikitourches, spending 
every night like it's a weekend 


I had a great four years at Westwood High. It had its ups and 
downs. Waking up at 5:30 every morning, chasing down the 
bus every time I was late getting to the bus stop. I will miss the 
good times and good laughs had with friends. 

Alex Contreras 

Jackie Cooke 

Freshman Year Basketball with 
the crew on bench. Football 
2009-2010 quite a year, JFB, 
Track: shotput/discus- 
Boofcakes, Peanut/CP3, B- 
Balling it up with the boys, 
Adam's Household, 51, P.F., 
Rocky vs Mr. T, Big Daddy Mac 


Maddie Craig 

have made so many unforgettable friendships and countless 
memories these past four years. The swim team is the most 
amazing group of girls and we had so much fun together, I will 
miss them so much! I will also never forget my trip to Spain 
which was an amazing experience. So many good times. I am 
going to miss everything about high school, including the 
people, friendships, inside jokes. Senior year, teachers, and all 
the fun memories. Love yo guys! 

Perfect Ten. Birthday Season. 148 Grove 
Street. Mississippi. Love Fest. Mexico. 
Prom Weekend. C Block. Chatterton. 
Mom's Taxi. Cape Cod. Ptown. McDonalds. 
Bubbling Brook. Bringing Back the Den. 
Meteor shower. Ancient History Museum. 
Jakes. Johnny Jaxtimer. Glockalalee. 
Seniors as Sophomores. Epic Week. Taco 
Table Interrogations. Tripod. Premier Spirit 
Athletics. Jimmy Buffet. Blink. Rascal. Harry 
and Maggie. Friday Gifts. Driveway 
Smackdowns. Ry-i-Ty. Truck love. Twinny. 
La Ofrenda de Selena. Rog Rides. Raising 
Hell is a speech. Avatar. Loved spending 
senior year with you Matty Follen. Love you 
Tone. "Turns out not where but who you're 
with that really matters" - Dave Matthews. 

Sarah Cucchiara 

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, th 
things you never want to lose." I remember being told freshman year that 
high-school will be four great years and before you know it, it'll be over. It 
flashed right before my eyes. I'll forever cherish our time together laughing, 
crying, and everything between. SwimTeam. RL&X dances. Bringles. 
Procrastinating. Pink Posse. StanfordDrive. Snap-yo-fingas. 
Hayward&Burgess. JV Lax0809. Maggie-Epic-Weekend, Moosehead Lake 
duets. Starbucks-boyfriends. Cat-sitting. Boston. North End. Proms. 
Concerts- JohnMayer, SUMMERJAM, O.A.R. T-Swift. Cape. Walk4Hunget 
Becca-Snowboarding. Booty-drops. Hale&North Beach. SKs. Dot&Hyde 
Park. Antique Stores. Cop-cars. Andrew-Peaks&Stargazing. Latvians. Mia- 
Calabria & Kanye West. KFC. Vins. SandyValley- "Becky&Charlotte". Jolly- 
Green-Jetta. Mia's Confirmation. 007, 008, 009, 0010. New Years'09. 
TacoBell. Florida. Spain2010. Homeroom-A147&Chatterton. 

Claire Daniels 

RANCHESAPAN, getting lost 
everywhere we go, the John 
Mayer conert, singing telegrams 
on valentines day.Taco Bell, baja 
blast.snowboarding.FX dance, 
Feburary vacation'09, 
scoop!, Mario and Luigi, Buttbook, 
frisky, are you hispanic?, whip it!, 
New Years'10, Glenn, snap 
HELLO, Wizz, summer jam, 
Bertucci's man, Cape'09, 
Confirmation, sledding, svieka 
daudz laimes, camp foss and 
the bh's , satisfaction, booty 
dropping, crumping, westwood 
girls soccer'09 LOVE YOU 
GIRLS, BbffI AbffI LbffI EbffI 
WbffI Ibffl(boop) 

Dylan Demora 

My time at Westwood High has been a memorable experience. 
After moving to Westwood in 8th grade. Freshmen year was a 
time when I finally felt fully grown into Westwood. My year as a 
Sophomore was highlighted with new friends, as well as harder 
academic challenges. My Junior and Senior Years were a time 
when I felt at ease with friends and high school in general. I hope 
to be remember by everyone as friendly and laid-back; an easy to 
talk to and genuine person. 

Lauren Drew 

High school was: WTF '07 - '10, obscure vocab, laughing 'til you 
cry, stop that... couch time, photo club, Maya's recycling plant, 
Yoomanities, smurfs are real?, F5, awkward octopus, kidnapping, 
abbrevs, Tomiche, muh bodayy, 'cause you're beautiful ok?, lifers, 
Loucks Games '10, two minute donuts, NLWTG, cape trips, Six 
Flags, bubalahs, random noises, history protests, disappearing, 
noventa y nueve pandas, studio art, track tans, Italy '10: The 

Live Laugh Love 


Jen Dello Russo 

The Island. Blue man group. Roches. Code names. JV tennis 07- 
09. Ice Jacks. UCSD. Fuji's. Ter-Ray-Heth. Car rides. Cape Cod. 
New York. Excel. Tennis lessons. Alexandrafred. Over the hedge. 
THE ARCH. My house or Alexandra's. Grammys. Birth of Jonas 
and Seamus. The Gang. Biscuit heads. Toys R' Us with Tush. 
Celebrities Pizza. Walk for Hunger. Concerts. Facebook. Dancing. 
Spain '10. Celtics. G and B. Mississippi. Georgina. Massages. 
Summer days. Fat Days. Soda can. LMFAO. Sncfa. Dawn and Q. 
Shopping. Frau slumber parties. Prank phone calls. Fire and Ice- 
all locations. 143. LOL :). #44. "You never know when you're 
making a memory. " 

Kelly Don Ion 

Cat-sitting, 007-009, fun car to Newport, New years 09, 
Hemmingway st, goldfish boxes, taxies, John mayer, summer 
jam, skiing with liv, who let the dogs out, 7/7, forest gump, 
powder-puff, scooping, kicks/food poisoning, duels, DeWalt, 
baha blast, swim team, diving with jimbo, mariah carey Christmas 
music, walk for hunger, paying for gas in coins, chem lab table, 
penny proud family, summer beach trips, pocketful! of sunshine, 
sledding, Spain, manny, Bonita springs, John's satchel, Latvian 
confirmation, gary/ irine. Seniors 2010. 

Malachy Duffy 

First and foremost, Duff's in the Truck 
Bumbumbumbum, yeah. Nextly, I 
would like to thank Biscuit Rick, 
Joseph Reagan, the Shot Family, 
BFC, and Martha. Yeah yeah yeah 
yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah was up 
there, along with Cougar Grillz, Bill, 
the Warden, clams, the room, and 
tash-ma-tash. But most of all, kids. 
Beating Chandler 25-0 in Halo that 
time, hanging out in Brad's closet with 
"friend," and camping with Kess. Also, 
my introduction to SOAD, and 
Co&Ca. Raslam, the DC trip was 
fantasmic. Charlotte: trying to find the 
big dipper, dragon face, and poke. 
You're an amazing girl. 



Kristen Emerson 

High school was swim team, melons, Snapple, a carnavale of 
nerds, Barbie boys and ken dolls, history teacher obsessions, 
failed hockey game trips, ooti, Brigadoon, zombie prom, and evita. 
Water ballet, rich farmers, creative swears, flibbertigibbets and 
Sharon. Quebec (ALEXIS), D.C. (JANICE) and Italy (DEIRDRE). 
Star girl, Celine Dion, "all I want for Christmas is you", WIBYTI. 
A+A+K, Harvey, James Franco love, Danielle-Jesus, and Michael 
Jackson. Teen mom, charades, singing in the pool, big words, 
arguments and feminism. Italian footballers, "wakey wakey green 
man", valentines and bank robberies in Rome. The initiation: 
which did you choose? 

Matt Follen 

I guess when it comes down to it high school was pretty sweet, 
and even though most of it was a blur there are a few thing that 
are worth mentioning. ...hitting the gym, getting healthy, dick and 
ellie's, baking cookies, larry the birdman, Sars, pond hockey, 
walks to on the run, cruizin around, doing donuts, you tryna, 
postin up, stoop kids, good times spent with Neelum, dates with 
Jackie, road trips to r dub, Dave Matthews concerts, the peaks, 
the rink, the Hilton, Murphs, Mississippi, Jonny Jaxtimer's, the 
Cape, the den, and Paul Hanley's unforgettable smile. 

Michelle Farrell 

In a world, H41 , Helga and 
Parsley, walk on beach with 
Meg, meow, man pants, who 
said that?, morning car rides 
with Sean, Islington Pizza, 
spring track, peace, 
shellbellez, "nice to see 
you!", wolfpack, hale walk, 
powerade, BCM, the spot, 
stir the soup, hide and seek, 
no socks in the summertime, 
tabu, kthanksbai, 123 break! 

Kayla Franceschi 

The most important things that i 
learned from WHS weren't as 
much academics as the 
everyday lessons. Ive learned 
to appreciate my true friends 
andthats A.B, N.C, J.DR, 
KMcD and W.F. If it werent for 
them i honestly dont think i 
would have made it through this 
year. Who cares if your not 
"popular" or you sit in on the 
weekends with your friends? If 
you can count your true friends 
on one hand, then nothing else 

Peter Frangiadakis 

Hey Pell, Shut up Harvard we all know you GPA, Vaulte de Pell, 
Romatico de Pell, I'm a shaak. Grandmas Chocolate, Cut your 
hair Jordan you look like a chick. Living the dream, Hadi your 
pathetic, Hello pawwww, Decenzo you know what you are and 
always will be, JP Ordeal STILL DONT WORRY ABOUT IT. 

Amy Friel 

High School was... D free family, Vball 
'09, the UN, the art table, truck driver, 
physical science, 8th grade memories, 
Starbucks runs, winter track, physics, 
Ritz crackers, ihope runs, newdons, 
joules, buckmaster, bm, mall trips, going 
to Jersey Shore, photoclub, lifers, 
"dentist appointments", now i gotcho all 
to myself, PATD concerts, A1 1 1 , dance 
parties, speeding in the spaceship, 
clump, drives to the cape, the evil cat, 
bombshell, CCD-Kevin, velvet cupcakes, 
Starbucks boyfriend, Gilly, kung pow, 
twinny, driving Bestitties, i call it WAGS 
for short, swinefiu, meep, n-sss, pikachu, 
teen mom, PMC, family vacations, 
GTBL, CU, Art. ..I'm going to miss it. 


George Georgaklis Alessandra Giugliano 

Nothing better than football 
games and track meets at 
Flahive. Rubber band kazis, 
poker at Perkin's and Ju's, 
creepin' around the 'hood, 
Schwanbeck's physics class 
(Alessandra, Nina, Kelly), Reptar, 
Rag Tag '09, Friday tradition, 
Tom Davis, 3 years of 
McGunagle, Joan, the Plunkett 
days, way too much COD and 
guitar hero, actually, way too 
much McDonalds, 15 Friendlys 
trips summer '09, movie club, 
Mrs. Ricards homeroom, 
Coldstone, 51, TG Confrontation, 
LOL, #10 


Katie Glover 

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really 
have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. "-Lucille 
Ball. SPICE UP YOUR LIFE, cheerleading: senior/sophmore 6 
forever. Mount Ida, I'll never break your heart, I grew a mustache 
and I'm back, Victoria Beckham, cheer fury, Hawaii 09, LI, OCNJ, 
Rita's & chicken cheesesteaks, Italia, Panera, PICKLES, Yolanda, 
meow, cats, H41 , nom, stepping on leprechons, wmcpp, DTO 

"Oh the adventure we'll have." Varsity Cheer/Camp '06-'09. 
Sophomore 6. Big Dave. Pasta Fest. Where are we India? 
Dream Team. Falcons. SOPHOMORE YEAR EPIC. GC Day. 
Blitz. Concussions1&2. Oriely's. Pod(BNMBHPA). Square. 
JACKpot. Jennie&Alexander. Getoffmyfarm. Hershey Park. 
WoolyFlats. Don'tgotothebusstop. Da King. 3EB. Quackquack. 
Blink. Hat boy. DietPeachSnapple&BlueEyelinerFOB. meaningless 
to society. CM. Snowbunglers. Cougars. Hellokitty Pen. PMW. 
Physic's Friendship. FREEXANDER. Bonfire anyone? Motorcycle 
Drive By. In my home country. Reptar. AZ. Subway. FamilyDollar. 
CampFoss. Heather A_^. Dev Face. HowToSayGoodbye. 
cRaZyeYes. Rwanda. George is loyal. Real Friends. Boys with 
edge. Thank you family and friends love you especially Anna 
Ribas B2TMs forever. 51 . 

Tao Guo 

My WHS experience is a mixed bag. Some funny, some cool, 
and some that were just crappy. I met many close friends here, 
in addition to countless random people who just seem to know 
my name. I didn't participate in a lot of WHS activities. Honestly, I 
still don't know half what happens daily. I'm guessing friends, 
clubs, and just off-topic rants (about videogames, anime, and 
whatever pops to mind) are things I would most remember. 
There are teachers I will definitely not forget. I hope to be 
remembered just because I'm Tao, no other reason needed. 

Kathleen Harrington 

When I entered high school, a wide-eyed young freshman, I 
thought "this is the first step to becoming a mature adult and ready 
to take on the world!" As the years progressed, I came to realize 
high school is not about the maturing - it's about holding onto your 
wide-eyed curiosity and youthful energy. Most of my best 
memories from high school have involved goofing around with 
friends, or getting excited about the little things in life, or trying 
something new. Although I have done my fair share of growing up, 
I have learned to hold onto my child-like curiosity and passion. 

Kerri Harrington 

"We all take different paths in life, but 
no matter where we go, we take a little 
of each other everywhere". Warm 
fuzzies. Oreo brownies. Nappel 
Chapel. Lax State Champs'08'09. 
BSATPLAC. Meow. Bognanno's 
speaking blunders. Food comas. 
"Listen baby!" Bringing back the den. 
Sleep mode. Hurrar cake. Greek 
palace. 148 Grove Street. Driveway 
Drama. 6A love. Birthday season. 
Perfect 10. Friday gifts. Meteor 
showers. Daint Don't Daint. Breaking 
the bed, twice. Breaking fences. 
TRIPOD. Thanks for the memories 
Westwood High, NP love yous forever, 
3 best friends, we proved them wrong. 
"Don't cry because it's over, smile 
because it happened". 


Melissa Haughn 

Cara Henderson 



the Jills, Disney 07, North Korea, basketball, dance parties with 
Christine, Herbie the herb man, Quebec, Alexis, Nutella, 
O.O.C., WAHOO, sleepover-"to be honest..." Starbucks 
breakfast H block (minus Rebecca), France, little hands, "two 
stops Boston", Insomnia. ..WHAAAAT? TLS, Danielle's 
probation, Greg Fargo, Harry Munster, French club, VBALL 09. 
never, dies. LIOTC, Petah, SEJ, MLD, what about Bob, the 
cape, poker face. Thanks to my friends and family I love you all 
XOXO "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it 
happened"-Dr. Seuss 

Seniors '10! I can't believe that I'm 
writing my senior expression! It 
seems like only yesterday that I was 
only a little freshman. So many good 
memories! OOTI, Medea, Brigadoon, 
Twelfth Night, ZP, RAGAD, and 
Evita. Cast bonding, dinners and 
parties! Field Hockey '06 - '09. 
Sher's Psych class. Seniors winning 
powderpuff! My friends, you're the 
best and Senior year wouldn't have 
been the same without you, ily! 
Keelin, you're next, make the most of 
your senior year, ly! Mom and Dad, 
thank you so much for your love and 
support, you're the best! These last 
four years have been amazing! 

Lambsey Hoang 

The first day I walked through the 
doors of WHS, I never imagined that 
I'd one day look back to that moment 
and say I'm happy - happy that 
everything had happened exactly as 
it did. I'll never forget all the people 
I've met and friends I've made. All 
the memories I've made in the past 
two years - at the football games 
and dances, all the laughs and 
stories - they'll always be in my 
heart. Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Rachel, and William for loving and 
supporting me no matter what. 
Without you guys I never would've 
made it. I love you. 

Mariah Hurley 

The alley, hAn & mUu, the POD lives on. The culdy, strawberry 
hill, us 3 us 3 what what. The Lasher Lockdown, summer ohsev, 
IT, Bessie, the cream puff, riplewis, Shuman's U.S. history, 
powissett, the bump, cruise route, GIIIRL, callywagon, petuh and 
germine, dA bOb, dA PiGGy, "we on the bench, we skate slow", 
"mmm science", oh oh strike a pose and walk away. The End. 


Sarina Huang 

To my family, you mean everything to me. No words can express 
my gratitude for your unconditional love and support all these 
years; I feel so, so fortunate. To the best friends in the world, I'll 
miss you and I know we'll be friends forever. I'll miss our psycho- 
moments, "study-labbing" lunches, and all the tears we've 
laughed and cried. I will never forget: Westwood Chinese 
Cultural Nights, AcaDec Tuesdays with Mr. Dore and the team. 
Dance Team (gold!), Unity Club, Collegivm, morning 
announcements, and so much more. Thank you, Westwood High 
School, tor four spectacular years! 

Denisa ikonomi 

These last four years have been absolutely amazing. Thank you 
my family and my friends, and I love you all so much. I wish 
everyone the best after high school. This is it! Big Jill, Little Jill, 
Nutella, Sonoso, Potash, Special :) 
"Find out who you are and do it on purpose." 

Nadeem Istf an 

A great four years. with plunkett. quebec trip, great times in 
band, trench with mme aykanian. getting kici<ed out of the library 
because of katie loftus. endless hours in the chasement. b block 
free, thank you friends for such an unforgettable high school 


J.T. Kelly 

2010 Mock Trials (Canton, Braintree, Dover-Sherborn). Video 
Production. 'The High School". Nina. Holthouse Precalc with 
special friend. Physics. Plunkett Biology. Quebec, France, and 
Italy. Rebecca. Madeline's monkeys and breakfasts. Bobo. 
Charlotte and our adventures with my great white shark, her 
chapstick, and leaning over school chairs. Asking Erica what 
homework we had at midnight, and misunderstanding her 
sarcasm. Johnny's outbursts. Acing blackjack with Mike. Once 
on this Island. Medea. Brigadoon. Zombie Prom. Evita. The 
initiation. Deirdre. Green man. Jokes to Alex with Ellen and 
Mary. Being SMRT. Ravi's rice. French. Collegivm. 
Jtkellyrich's Senior Video. Slaughterhouse. Four Years. 

Aaron Kesler 

My favorite memory involves me flapping across the stage. And 
I love danielle stein. And alex kessler is amazing. 

Mar jorie Juste 

So going to Mrs.Goodloes during 
lunch and frees, chillout spot? 
umm YEAHHH! Getting my 
FAVORITE westwoodian girls 
hip to FOOLISH. Which was 
taught from Ouiral! Goodtimes in 
history hallway after school. 
Gossip, gossip, gossip, but the 
love overcame it all. Yelling Mr. 
Beansss junior year everyday in 
cless. He LOVED it! Shuman the 
#2 Diva, obviously after me, the 
#1 (as my girls would say). 
Couldnt of asked for a better 
high school!! Thanks to all who 
helped me through it all. As DJ 
Khaled would say" 2010, WE 


Matt Kenney 

Rob pwned by sled, SOR day/ month, Rob open arms, 3 point 
turn, Johnny takes Bevs phone, ehhhh, Tiki torches, left or right, 
midgets, charades, Mr. Pitiful, grosman, many basements, 
hockey?, lost in da hood, girl who ruins everything, card 
counting, robs phase phase, prom super lifer, yellow T, are you 
from Chicago?, starting expressions, eeyore, Josh McCown most 
accurate OB ever, yuan and wen, dance parties, drawing on 
Kevin, empties, Johnnys moms cookies, french/ chem gtms with 

Erin King 

The people who have been most 
important to me during high school 
are my friends, family, and teachers. 
There have been so many 
memorable moments but the ones 
that stick out the most are Spain 
Trip 2010 (Oue Pasa Calabasa? 
Nada, nada limonada) and all of the 
times with friends: BJUS, GTBL, 
Parsel, Rubeus, Kung Pow, 
Elefante, broken bikes down the 
Cape, the ring, Bobby question 
mark, lifers at Martha Jones 
playground, Rival Librarians, Potter 
C, Jinx you owe me bone marrow. I 
will also miss Spanish Club and all 
of our trips to Acapulcos. 



Emma Krause 

I will always remember the frosh five, track sleepovers, andy 
emmet and Jeremiah, planning tropical vacations, eight hour 
phone conversations, Spanish study lab, the foot thing, the 
face, dynamic duos, home depot runs, David Archuleta, there's 
a cheerleading practice, that's bloody, nancy sprang into action, 
happy dances, stained pants, buffalo, well I'm just gonna SIT 
ON IT, yodeling, wade in the wawa, oh you cursed me, Dane 
Cook, Starbucks lifers, doodoo, beh-beh, Franny?? two minute 
donuts, zigzag method, stick it, pine forests, unagi, rock and 
roll, bus, the initiation. Thanks for an amazing four years, I love 
you all <3 


James Laughlin 

Math class eating apples, browns, protein, and milk chocolate. 
Building #19 3/4- buying blue flannels and sweater vests. Only 
wear ugly sweaters. Buffalo. DC '09. Captain Ju says "sign in". 

Tim Lally 

My time at WHS has been quite an experience. The most 
memorable part of high school for me was playing on the golf 
team, varsity and especially JV. I always enjoyed those good 
times out on the golf course messing around with my teammates 
and draining putts. The Quebec trip sophomore year and the 
France trip junior year were also a great time. Both Latin class 
and Latin Club with Dr. Zarrow rank near the top of my list. 
Overall, I had lots of great times with^great people^ I couldn't ask 
for much more. 

Colleen Laughter 

Seniors 2010 brought back the den, 
fighter, 148 Grove St, sophomore year, 
prom '08 '09 '10, prom weekend-breaking 
Chris' bed, Ryan Poopy McHoul [love 
you], Aylward, army crawls, driveway 
throw downs, love test, perfect 10, scenes 
team '09 '10, Popponesset, Chris' house, 
McDonalds and Christy's parking lot, 
Greek palace, cougars, powderputf- "girls 
football", bomb threats, Jake's, math sem. 
Lake Winnipesaukee, teen centers, tripod, 
ptown, Cancun '10, birthday season, 
Kerri's rage. "It's something unpredictable 
but in the end it's right. I hope you had the 
time of your life". 

Jenn Lavoie 

Yuanwen Li 

"May you grow up to be righteous, 
may you grow up to be true, may you 
stay forever young." Varsity Cheer 
06-09. Sophomore 6. Big Dave. Pasta 
Fest. Dream Team. Sophomore year 
- epic. Square. GC Day. Hershey 
Park. Oriellyssss. CF 07-08. "Don't go 
to the bus stop." Blitz. 3EB. 
Powderpuff 08-09. "Is Will on this 
bus?" Rwanda. Hot tub lifers. 
Melchior. Boston Swag. Prom 09. 
MOB. Top Night! Blink! lhth."This one 
time I touched Chris Martin." Baby P 
fan club. Cougars. Amateur. Pepper 
Spray. JC = Death. Drama Crew. 
Thanks to my friends and family for 
everything, I love you guys. 

#47 Westwood Football '06-'08 starting left, middle, right, 
SIDELINER!!! Never forget it, balls dried, bottles filled, bench 
warmed, RESPECT!BHA,anyways, WESTWOOD TRACK 2006- 
2010, memories that'll last. Freshman year running against 
moose, spring'08 cuaz&me 1&2 in dash against MEDFIELD!!!, 
winter '08 beatingMEDFIELD!!!, 2008 Indoor State Relay 
Champs, 4x200 me,cuazz,clerge,jaaymal, theoriginal. Dartmoutt" 
'08 and Loucks games '09, -'10, stuck in an elevator,nbd. PROM 
2010!!!, Mcguns + Smurfs=Success,NHL/Madden '06 '10,COD 
1+2,GuitarHero+RockBand,k1walllll left/right ,mklounge/pats 
place, mike'scapehouse(barb, barb, barb, barb), C.M.P,BCJLCA,ca 
johnny's mom, gotta give and get 8times, nOOb.pwn.nom. I RUN 
TRACK! TVL Champs 201 

Allison Lim 

I I will always remember the good 
I times with the tennis team, 
backwardsbowling, ice skating 
outings, and 5 Guys runs. Thanks 
Class of '10 for all the memories! 
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Hayley for 
your love and support, Icouldn't 
have done it without you! "Believe 
in yourself and all that you are. 
Know that there is something 
inside you that is greater thanany 
obstacle" (Christian Larson). 

ie Lof tus 

"Accept the pain, cherish the joys, resolve the regrets; then can 
come the best of benedictions - "If I had my life to live over again, 
I'd do it all the same" Westwood Wolverines, Italy '10, P.F. 
Changs, Disney '07, Uziel, Softball Love "By golly we can beat 
Ashland", DC '09, "Meet me under the hotel", Misha's pool, 24, 
PROM '09, Dance parties with Christine, "This isn't the Bechara 
household? B Block Free, Panera, Deemyl, "Gotta live like your 
Diane" "What about Bob?" Karrot the isosceles triangle, 
Raymond, Latino Dating Service, Herbie the herb man, 


Jimmy Looney 

The truss couch. Don't miss the motorcycle. Pit band '08 and 
'10. "Boom, done, it's over." Always beating Ravi in French. 
Never beating Ravi in math. Sticker games with Baylor. "We 
have an angle theta." Blackjack. I love hills. "Sorry for tricking 
you, I promise I'll never do it again." French perfume. Mt. 
Garfield. Duff's in the truck. 

Kevin Luo 

Epic Monopoly games. Track and always getting something 
out of my day made these fours years fly by. 

Jordan MacPherson 

"You miss 100% of the shots you dont take." 
Heeey Pell. Im a Shaak. Shutup Harvard we all know your 
GPA and no Cadams I will not get a hair cut. JP Odreal... 
still dont worry about it. 


Lisa Majid 

Westwood High school was a pleasant surphse. I have so many 
good memories of this school, may it be anime club, G's Locker, 
staying late after school on short Wednesdays the hobo spot and 
more, but the best was making so many close friends. My 
teachers were awesome every year and Miss T's Eleventh grade 
class was the best experience of eleventh grade (Pho soup). I'm 
so glad that things went so well in High school, I will miss it! 

Charlotte Malin 

"Here's to all the years ahead"- ZP. Merger, crazy scavenger 

hunt, the quad. Nange, thanks for always listening & letting me 
hit on you. "Just because it's funny, doesn't make it right!" 
Cougars: On the prowl. JT- lip balm seduction, great white love. 
Lunches Madeline comes to. ooti, brigadoon, zombie prom. Night 
sledding. Crosswords with Chandler. Starting every day with 
Becca in homeroom. Foreign language lab sophmore year. Lap 
tag. C/D Plunkett Bio. BYSO; made me who I am. Laurel, Sasha, 
Fed. Malachy- dragon face, poke, hallelujah. You're the best. 
Love to Seniors X, thanks WHS! 

Caitlin Manning 

Maddie, so many good times. You 
have no idea how much I'm gonna 
miss you! Thanks for everything, 
dude. Peter, I wish you the best of 
luck. It's been a journey. Lisa, you are 
the nicest person I've ever met, and I 
hope you have the time of your life 
next year, Antwione, its been a 
pleasure getting to know you. We've 
had so many good times together. 
Mom, Dad, Riley, Ryan, Michael, 
thanks for being there for me when I 
needed someone. I love you guys so 
much, and I thank you for everything 
you've done for me. 

Maddie Martin 

It has been an amazing four years at WHS filled with many 
unforgettable memories. Some of the few things that I will never 
forget are WW LAX, Napple Chapel, eating at Fresh City, many 
attempts to have sign language conversations with my peers, 
T-Bone and the Chant family, FLYING SQUIRREL, and HELEN 

Rebecca McClelian 

High school was: 5 plays, 4 musicals, RED, the merger, 
mornings in Mrs. Gibb's room, Alexis in Quebec, Mario and his 
"leetle hands" in France, Deirdre's "wakey wakey, green man" in 
Italy, being initiated, the Amsterdam airport medical clinic. Jack, 
the slaughterhouse, Millis, Lit parties, finding the duck in varsity 
pre-calc, special friends in math, playing at questions, three, 
"don't judge me" nutella sleepovers, OOC, cray-cray face, Cecky, 
cheez whiz, 4 student-written plays, the dancer chant, "wait, 
what?," "one for likewise," "wahoo!," get out your phrasebook..., 
and 4 unforgettable years. 

Katherine McDonough Casey McLaughlin 

Soccer- SeniorsX/Chant, 
Basketball BSATPLAC and 
Ain't No Mountain High 
Enough, Lacrosse Napple 
Chapel, Mariah- SKADAT, 
two shots, two shots, 
Tommy and George never 
ending car rides, 
AB.NC.JDR.KF weekends 
together, Alessandra my 
sister forever, gossiping with 
Patrick and state champs, 
BH'S love you JDR,CD,00. 
Lighting Bolt. High School 
was fun, enjoy it while it 

My favorite memories include being state champs in baseball '08, 
bringing back the Den, doing hundreds of pushups, the pregame 
tailgates and the Viking Helmet. Rides in Neelum and the Fire 
Chief Explorer. Hitting the gym. Games of pool at Ju's house 
and Flea cheating in Poker. Chilling at Tierney's. Trips to Bunny 
before Bourne. Sleepovers at Bustys. The bathroom by Mr. 
Fogel's office. Kabloooom, Drama Parties, Nimrods, the Peak, 
Hilton, the Rink , the Cave, XBox Live. Adina Gold and the 
Flying shark. Poppy Beach - RIP Paul Hanley. 

Courtney McLaughlin 



Ries McQuillan 

Erin McManus 

"It's times like these that you'll never forget simply because of the 
friends you've shared them with" - SOPHOMORE YEAR, 
football/hockey/lax games, holiday partis, BootyShake, garage 
parties, Pat's house, lying on the "W", US History, Mississippi '08, 
BK runs with Jane, Jimbo, Breaking the bed '09, turtles, Chris and 
Peter's houses, lexie, Cape Cod, CULT. Senior powderpuff, the 
Den, Fourth of July '08, Hofstra, Bon Fires, the "Wood Walker", 
BC runs, sketchy parties, laxitutes, SENIORS, New Years..., 
gamesof king's at the castle, and so much more. Thank you WHS 
forfour great years I'll never forget 

Janice Michaud 

it has been lots of fun making myself into a student athlete and 
learning how to confront the difficulties that I have been faced with. 
It has been the best four years of my life, so thank you to all my 
friends, teacher, family, coaches, fans, and role models who have 
influenced me. "Speed racer". "Ok Ok Ok". "Captain Rob". "Four- 
star athlete". "The diseased". "So I was in the corner wearing all 
black..." Alexandra, I love you 

Westwood Soccer 09-"Don't mess with the family." Westwood 
Hockey 09-2010. "When we're apart your little, when we're 
apart I'm big. When we're together we make little big. "-Laura 
Mchoul. "Janice I think about you all the time. "-Jackie Cooke. 
"Kiss me I'm lonely," "Jackie, why are you crying?"- Madison 
Rau. Shuman's U.S History class. The work table, 10:33. 

David Milano 

Baseball State Champs 2008 

Senior year was a great time by Ayelward sprayed down the 
fun just a little too much. 

Paige Moscow 

"It's something unpredictable, but 
in the end it's right. I hope you 
had the time of your life". Seniors 
2010 <3. Berkshires chippa 
tooth. I will now create my 
ideal. ..parter. B Block Free. Latin 
IV. Live like you're Diane. 
Salmon salad/meat. Antirubital. 
500 miles. Spring track 08: 
Madame Defarge. Cape Cod. 
Hide, now seek. ^_^ for life. Ian: 
Nancy Sprang into action. That's 
bloody! There's a cheer practice 
in here. 51 . Take a taxi. Funkay 
Town. Is this the Bechara 
household? Socks in the 
summer. Rockin' the bun. THe 
initiation '10 love you all! 

Sarah Muellers 

I give sincere thanks to all my 
teachers, friends, and peers for 
great times at WHS. I will always 
remember hanging out with friends 
in anime club, avoiding work in 
frees, themed food parties and 
pickles and doughnuts in AP Lit, 
science team cram studying, 
orchestra, photo club, and the 
jukebox randomly turning on when 
no one is near it. And to the future: 
"The future is called 'perhaps,' 
which is the only possible thing to 
call the future. And the only 
important thing is not to allow that to 
scare you." -Tennessee Williams. 

Alison Murphy 

"I set out on a narrow way, many years ago", assuming high 
school would involve some studying, hockey, friends. Now those 
grades have gotten me into college, my team has become family, 
and I don't think leaving Westwood will be as easy as I expected. 
It's not the milestones on the journey (although prom was fun), but 
the inches that matter. "Because we know when we add up all 
those inches, that's gonna make the... difference between winning 
and loosing". To my family, hockey family, and friends, thank you 
for everything, love you all. 

Samantha Mulligan 

High school was... the spot under the stairs, laughs, whoopie 
pies, turkey time, Ron, chasing geese, R&L, GDP, benches, 
the library, secret missions, only firend, laps around Roche 
Bros, blasting music, Spanish lunch. Dairy Queen, 
adventures, the gerbil hole, failed and successful biking, 
walking, driving, marker fights, taco, tea, our special movies, 
salt water taffy, the island, sand dollars, 1985, VPS, bloopers 
... you're gonna go far kid. 

Brittany Musto 

Gizzy Gizz, Summer '07, the golf course, peaks, the tower, 
SOPHOMORE YEAR, Strawberry Fields Forever, elm st, 
summer jam '08, white grape, exceeding the absence limit every 
year, 50's, Ashleys back room, the pathfinder, getting LOST, 
near death experiences, bombing to the cape, nebo st, Hingham, 
"sailing", running through thatcher. Bubbling Brook, US history, 
sec, Jill O'Brien, the older you do get the more rules they're 
gonna try to get you to follow. You just gotta keep livin' man, L-l- 
V-l-N - Dazed and Confused 

Mike Musto 

Hittin' the gym, Hilton, the two-tone, Vandy, cruizin' around, 
Martha Jones, Sandy Valley, North Street, lax bro-b.q's, 
overstaying my welcome down the cape, gettin' hoped by Big 
John, the attic, Yukon Crew, New Garden, late night studying with 
Arch, bakin' cookies with Folley and Mook, Lacrosse, pushing 
around Molchan, chicken wing right?, Milano's Junky Music, 
fishing at Buckmaster, boat wars, pond hockey, WPRHL, Hockey, 
Tacobell after captains, post-game chillin at Brett's, bonfires with 
my girls, gettin' firewood, Erin I'll get you someday....Mexico with 
MacDaddy, Slightly Snoopid. Good Times. RIP Paul. 

Erica Nangeroni 

"Memories are a way of holding onto 
the things you love, the things you are, 
and the things you never want to lose." 
Here's to WHS: everything RED 
(birthdays, boats/boots/books and The 
Book of Happy), trio, varsity/special 
pre-calc, my forever twin Katherine, 
merger, bus ride rock-outs and lifers 
with Nina, state champs, Napple 
Chapel, AAR, F-block love, the pod, 
soccer, judgment-free Nutella 
sleepovers, chocolate bar, Quebec, 
endless nights of lap tag and seniors 
forever. Thanks to my family for the 
undying support. Thanks to my friends 
for the unforgettable memories. So 
WHS, here's to all the nights we felt 

Gate Nesbitt 

lasher lockdown, the alley, canton, 
summer09- creep fast, limon, us four, 
"cruise" route and the galant, prom09 at 
colins, VBALL09- the cult, green 
spandex inbox, bentley and LIOTC, 
powderpuff defense, "you gonna have a 
good time tonight? YEAAAHI", anatomy 
with bubbaganush, summer ohsev- living 
at brittany's and the golf course, being 
homeless for a night, natalie's, tracy's 
maine house, twilight/new moon crew, 
concerts, sox games, jennies parents 
being in rome. couldn't have made it 
through without my friends and 
especially my mom and gam, LOVE 
YOU ALL! "every new beginning comes 
from some other beginnings end" peace 
out westwood. 

Bridget Norris 

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and 
impossible to forget." Pink posse, Foss, Long Island, cake fights, 
SOPHOMORE YEAR. ..ha, the pod, bonfires, pink hair. Cult, 
laxitutes, BK runs w/Jane, breaking the bed... twice, confucius 
walnut, Cassie + LB, FL09, rockin the bun, garage parties, 
secretsanta sleepover, Halloween, the Den, meteor showers, 
turtles, LatinlV, the W, powderpuff 10, woodswalker, vball09, 
Bentley camp, Houston's boot camp, birthday season, Friday 
gifts, NP/Perfect Ten, Bayview, the chicken, Chris's house(s), 
Peter's castle, *&*&'* american honey, football/hockey/lacrosse 
superfans, BC runs, attlewood, lifelessons at McD's, dance 
parties, #5. Live, Laugh, Love & Never Forget WHS. 

Juliane Nguyen 

I will always remember 007, 008, 009, cat sitting, swim team 
family, taxis, scooping, goldfish boxes, kix, ranchesapan, fx, 
snowboarding, TACO BELL, baja blast, singing telegrams, John 
mayer, getting lost everywhere, snap HELLO, mario and luigi, 
GLEN, summer jam, bertuccis man, frisky, are you hispanic?, 
confirmation, piragis, whip it, wiz, boom boom rooms, and florida 
10 (to come). I'll miss you all! 

Jill O' 


Summer '07, 
the peaks, strawberry 
fields forever, the 
pathfinder, bombing to 
the cape, "sailing", near 
death experiences, 
Connaught's mixes, 
Bentley volleyball camp, 
VBALL '09 , US history 
with Shuman, lifers with 
Erin, being Gizard, 
Brittany Musto. 
"Yesterday our troubles 
seemed so far away. I 
believe in yesterday" - 
The Beatles 

Katie O'Brien 

"Things are changing, we're growing apart. It's not goodbye, but 
a change in heart. The road we've traveled was just a start, I'm 
sure we'll meet again." Mariah-Newton SB, Perkins, "if that 
were our cart...," RFIatts 06-09. Rian-"you say as you...", "that's 
attached to my face", RFIatts 06-09. Alisha- Celestial white 
horse, oma lookem a hurr, McDonalds dance party. Adrienne- 
OHH YES, B*Witched. Shawna, Rachel and Audra- cat rock?. 
Olivia- MABES, mista balloon hands. Melissa- Yellow Shoes. 
Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things 
you are, and the things you never want to lose. 

Olivia O'Leary 

Cat sitting, 007,008,009, New Years '09, Taxi Rides, goldfish 
boxes, fun car to Newport, The Cape, DuWalt radio. Camp Foss 
BH's (KM,CD,JDR), Tough Town USA, SK's, North Beach '09-'10, 
XC, tennis boot camp, Spain'10, and Bonita Springs (to come). 
"Moving on is simple. It's what we leave behind that's hard." - 
Author Unknown 



Christina Papianou M Hannah Park 

"I don't want to forget. "-Colleen Laughter. 
Seniors 2010 BROUGHT back the den. Perfect 10 & New Possy. 
Prom '08 '09 '10. Fighter. Lovefest. Alexandra+Pickles. Kerri's 
Rage. COUGARS, bomb threats. DA, UFO. you colored it! 
cantelope&honeydew. love my twinny/brunette half. Maggie 
Dancing, freshman year. Westwood Moms. XC. Halloween. 
Tripod. Pilaf. Secret Santa Sleepovers. Classy B's. 
Milky&Aden<3. "For what it's worth, it was worth all the while." 

Alisha Patel 

"A smile happens in a flash, but its 
memory can last a lifetime." 
Trust. Adventure. DITS, what the 
fruit?. Save a cherry, pop a collar. 
Who's Jim? 24 Hour Virus 
Protection. Blood Bars. Dollywood. 
Nancy Grace. Amo Latima. Butter 
Cheese. You Indian? Apple bottom 
jeans. Ghetto operation. MEOW. 
Kokoum. Falling off stools. Tituba. 
REAL monopoly. Patty. Primordial 
ooze. Bulbasaur. Washington DC. 
Janice. Orangutans. BK lounge. 
So Random. LA-apus history. 
Pods. Ray Ray. Magic Movement 
Footwear. Singing sessions in the 
caf. Kitty kat. Maleficent. Flora- 

PJ Pender 

High School has been a great time 
and I met some really good kids. I 
found a wingman, a 2k9 champ, 
the best driver in Westwood, a mid 
kid, a Lebanese bailer, a tree, a 
partner for the games in the 
basement of the castle and many 
many more. Best of luck to next 
years football team, you better 
beat Holliston. I will never forget 
the good times I had in my four 
years here at Westwood High 

Will the Activia make me go? Did you really just break that 
skeleton? High school started with so many questions to be 
answered and expectations to be confirmed. But as these four 
years zipped by they only led to more questions about our 
parting futures. Will I still have my friends after another four 
years? Did Natalie just crawl under the table? 
But now these questions are safely rhetorical, if I learned 
anything in the past four years, it is that the answer is most 
likely, yes. 

Penny Pease 

High School was stop that, couch time, "My bodayyl", the 
basement, youmanities, tituba, vuffalo, mehh. Kinesis, It's Gonna 
Be me, math mistakes, Islington and Starbucks lifers, our table, 
Maine, vioce recital, kidnaping Emma, imaginary numbers, love 
at first sight, papa ginos, senior swim sleepover, Flora Fauna 
and Merryweather, Quebec Trip, Kardashians, Gucci Mane, 
being not-so-subtle, bus rides, boys swim meets, props, melons, 
WIBYTI, vineyard weeked, dance parties, Sharon, charades. 
Chuck, babbawahs, and pizza dates with the Craigs. 



Olivia Powers 

My four years at Westwood have been wonderful. I have made 
so many good friends and have collected so many memories. 
Being around my friends was the best. Spring was always so 
fun. That was when spring track came around and we would be 
like one big family. I'll never forget Bio with Elizabeth and our 
BFF Tom, or drama with Shawna when we would dance to the 
same song everyday. Four years went by so fast. I still cannot 
believe it. 



Alex Prieto 

Annie Qin 

I will have many good memories from Westwood High School, 
from my first day of school (meeting Kara Pierre-Charles) to 
hysterical moments with Marjorie Juste. I met many good 
friends (Olivia O'Leary, Sarah Deangelis). I want to thank them 
and everyone for always being there for me, along with Mrs. 
Goodloe and Mrs. Higgins for always pushing me to do better. 
Without you all I wouldn't be the person who am I today. I will 
always remember Westwood as being a place for opportunities. 
I hope I'm remembered with good thoughts as well. 

Maddy Randolph 

"Oh man we were livin, didn't waste one minute..." 
Sophomore year, Pat's house, hockey superfans, Dennis, 
Eastham, Lexi, Tammy, Peter's palace, Tadams on prom 
weekend, garage parties, bootyshake, treehouses, bonfires, 
district convenience, Vandy, Long Island, birthday kidnapping, 
Buckmaster rock, Nantasket, Rockport, Celtics parade, Pink 
Posse, BK runs w/Jane, cult, dance force, meteor showers, the 
W, Hayward lost river, Mississippi unoriginal crew, fuzzy navels, 
Countryfest, secret santa, birthday season, breaking the 
bed. ..twice, bubbling brook, the chicken, QuadPod, Fireman's 
foam, Bean's homeroom, Bentley, PerfectlO, Physics crew, 
Holloween'09, Powderpuff D-line, woodswalker, Vbair09, *&*&*, 
american honey. Love you, WHS. "...We laughed until we cried" 


watermellon...), weekend 50's 
trips, inventing the "half-sie" with 
Brittany and Jill, "sailing," 
Kilronan, Cape Cod, the Lasher 
household, blink-182 concert, 
summerjam 08, A221, prom & 
halloween party, roadtrips in the 
pathfinder, a long 3 days of 
memorial day weekend 09, 
realizing that by senior year we 
cant all fit in britt's bed anymore, 
"checkkk yaaaa laterrr" - dazed 'n 

I'll miss you high school: Fresh Five. The U.N. THE Bus. 
Jeremiah, Emmett, Andy. DCTrip. The face. The foot thing. 
"Franny?" "No DUH, it's happy ending!" Wade inthe wawa. Zigzag 
method<3. Spanish study lab. Rube Goldberg machine. Batonand 
Clon. Tl people. Dance parties. Opposites, but really twins. Crazy 
midnightdrives. Dinners at Chiles. Unfortunate-looking waiter. 
Farce. Jesus. Shaniqs. Sophomore year wellness. ABHD. 
Pampers. "Let's mingle." Track nights. Creeps. Yamand Banana 
out<3. Unagi. Hanging like a pendulum. Salva los pandas! 
Laurendisappearing. Seekonk. 3 musketeers chemistry table. 
Stuco girls. Bean homeroom. Seniors '10, it's our time now. 

Maddie Rau 

"A day without laughter is a day 
wasted". Soccer Girls, love 
always. 10:36 forever, "kiss me I'm 
lonely!" JMRK. Bean Dream Team 
A221. Powderpuff Champs. blue 
ipod. JACK JOHNSON. 12/29 
bday babies. JD's 
compliments. ORANGE, x ten fo 
lyfe. LDP's and crying with my 
twinny. "OW MY ANKLE", idk 
about that. JACK FROST, dr.phil 
and oprah.Mark Massad.BoOtY 
dRoPpln. F block free<3 Drama III. 
"So i was in the corner wearing all 
black.." Jay&Silent Bob. ..Monkey? 
JL.MW.KD.EM. lifers with yalda. 
kohiz wif sookie. Rest easy Paul, 
loved and missed always. 

Allison Ristaino 

it started with OOTI...The Dining Room, Brigadoon-when in 
doubt, pony!, West Side with Chelsey and the SSG, Volleyball, 
Shoeless Joe from Hannibal MO!, Rube Goldberg Machine and 
heart to hearts with Mr.Schwanbeck, B block McEachern- 
Eugene!, Transcendentalism and Henry David Thoreau, Mr.G's 
hilarious jokes, band parties. The Kinesis war story, 
Nightflight=N*Sync, XNL, The Sycamore family, singing 
Pocahontas with Adrienne, amazing hugs from Alex (varsity 
hugging team), Tomiche, Che, y canciones fantasticos en 
Espariol, intense debates about life in Lang, no dingles dongling 
beyond this point!, GDP, going to school with my mommy and 
feeding Freddy. ..and ended with OOTI. 

3i'> a Ufi:... 


Chris Robertson 

Best High School memory was the night at Cam's, it was one 
of the best. Countless hours spent at the McCabe house. The 
cannons. What are ya' doin? That's the ticket and many many 
more inside jokes. The group will always be remembered, if 
your in you know who you are. Chucking Jav's at track were 
good times. 3/4 of my life during high school were spent doing 
football, those times wont be forgotten. 



Adrienne Rose 

Ding dong, wine and cheese! george- thomas buddies, never 
gets old... gonna miss coffee runs and monopoly with you and 
christian! allie- where to start!? the cape, butcher knife, we're 
going outside!, a filipino in tgi fridays, brianna... kelsey- summer 
days at allie's pool, midnight mod's runs after concerts, epic 
sleepovers with your sleep mumblings... amy- two words: 8th 
grade, buckmaster, red velvet cupcakes, techno dance parties, 
Starbucks boyfriend, gilly imitations, goonight enjoy i crash!... 
alisha- dance team 07! joes, and movie marathons... KB! first 
best friend, OH yes, b*witched, totally our jam. love you guys all 
so much! SENIORS. 

Sam Sestito 

As r\/Iariah once said, "good times in everything and at lunch." 
Train day, hand hugs, Maine natives, kumbaya, legit bats, revival 
skills, chillin in Kathleen's basement, eating pancakes in the 
middle of the street, I have a thing. Hockey & softball love. High 
fives all around. 

VBALL'09. #13. CJC 5.26. I love you. 
Weenie. l\/loomba<3 12.16.07. 

washudooon? Country Fest '08 

Bentley Camp. S.O.P. Janny & Madison; 
Jay, Silent Bob & the monkey.... Cape 
trips. Rockband at AK's. lala. Ky & 
Bwen<3. Bay Colony. Boyfhend#2. 
Leaving Bentley 3am. NEB. Squire. 
Cindy's. LOST. Physics Crew. Marie & 
Zelena<3. Da Bo$$. Christies/McDonalds 
parking lots. Softball. Creeping. 
Mississippi Crew '09. MooShoo. 
Poderpuff'09 CHAMPS, "my jelly". 
ScreamFest. Creampuff. Lost at Yale... 
Lasher House Lockdown. Hole in my wall. 
Football/Hockey games. SENIORS'10. 
' Rest In Peace Paul, love and miss you. 
"Our jokes, no stress. Love Live Life, 
proceed, progress." - Lil Wayne 

Natalie Shapeton 

Lasherhouse Lockdown. "Ohh, oh, strike a pose and walk 
house:doorknob, lights, lawn chairs. Han's rip.Doverboys:Merry 
ChristmaslEddy's chem class. Plunkett's homeroom. Summer 
'09.PUNTA CANA '10. Perkins. Sophomore 

irl.GURL.311 (twice). Hole in Sam's wall. Creampuff. Bessie. Big 
Jen&Bean.Jackieboy&Nat's birthday. Senior skip days 
everyday. Burdan's 18th. "Wait, are we still going to 
IHop??". Life, liberty, property. Bowl Cruises<3. Getting out of this 
hole. Paul Hanley-Rest In Peace, I'll always love you. 

Nina Shapiro 

"Draw a crazy picture, write a nutty poem, sing a mumble 
grumble song, whistle through your comb. Do a loony-goony 
dance 'cross the kitchen floor, put something silly in the world 
that ain't been there before." : ) Thanks so much to my fabulous 
friends and family, I love you! 



Ann Sheehan 

Field Hockey + pastadinners, "Uy! 3 point turn!", Hockey games, 
kiss concerts. Cape + Martha's Vineyard, Basketball games with 
Lauren, 6 flags, Chili's with Bev and the girls, week of friendship 
with Penny, "sooo, physics!", PC, Jesse McCartney with Bev, "I 
like books" Emma + Lauren, Twin + iHop Runs, Birthdays, 
sledding fail, Tswift concert, LSU 7seas 

Casey Smith 

"Old enough to look back and laugh 
at my mistakes, young enough to look 
at the future and like what I see. My 
best days are ahead of me. How did 
this come to an end? We shouldn't 
have to pretend, everything we know 
could change. Will you remember my 
name? I hope you do honestly I'll 
keep you in my memory. I just can't 
wait till our 10-year reunion then we 
will know what all this time was 
for."Thank you to my true friends MR 
JM KG JL EB. Thank you Mom Dad 
Max and Molly, love you guys. 


Karolina Sobieska 

KC> i? /. ;>' ■:a 

I'm having an awesome year at WHS, and I'll remember this 
experience forever because of such a nice and kind people, 
who always helped me =) 

Danielle Stein 

"Be the change you want to see in the world" 

4 years of "Crowd pleasers." RED, you girls keep me 

going. Late Nights. Bonfires. Summers. Ocean City, Ogunquit, 
Hollywood Beach. Elle Woods. H Block Free. Bringles. Stuco 
girls. Neil/Duende. MKAO nights. ScavHunt 09. Epic wins. 
Prom 2009. Monjas Coquetas.DIVAS. A245. ChocolateBar. 
Slave and smangie. SanD. Photoadventures. Lap Tag. 
Powderpuff. Golden Oreos. Come on Eileen. Lifers in Bella. 
Ugly Sweaters. OOTI, Briggadoon, Zomprom, Evita. 
Grandmama. Nutella. The Merger. 

Stay Sassy Seniors 

Elizabeth Teebagy 

These past four years have been quite an experience. I can't 
believe I'll be graduating soon! I've made amazing friends and 
have had experiences with them I will never forget. My best 
friends have been by my side all four years and I wish them well 
for next year when we go our separate ways! Homeroom 227 
was amazing and I'm going to miss our morning talks. Senior 
year has been great. I've made a lot of good memories at 
Westwood High, but I'm definitely ready to see what college has 
in store for me! 



John Trakas 


September 1 997 to June 201 0. What a journey. I will never forget 
the friends I made during this time and those I had as teachers. 
They truly have helped to shape who I am today. I think of 
Graduation as the end of the prologue, so that the book can 
begin. I am reminded of a quote by Abraham Lincoln that sums 
up the purpose of our school years well: "Give me six hours to 
chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharpening 
the axe" We have finished sharpening, it's time to swing! 

Xander Ventola 

High school was a good time. Thanks Mr. Holthouse and Mr. 
Schwanbeck for being amazing teachers. 

Robert Ventura 

Wow, high schools's almost over. All the memories: The MK 
Lounge, everyone else's basements, Johnny's mom's cookies, 
Cape Cod, destroying my face sledding, Chinese food in Cathy 
Change, Quebec '08, Prom '09 and the after parties, DC '09, 
Qdoba, charades, board games, dance parties, roller blading, 
Grossman, pond hockey, rolling around on the turf, TRACK, 
driving in the Highlander. MC MK KL YL JM, thanks for 
smidgets. Oh yeah and the girls, thanks too, especially 
Madeline, thanks for everything. Here's to four great years and 
four more to everyone at college. 

Maddie Walsh 

"I'm gunna stay eighteen forever, so we can live like this forever." 
AND HERE WE GO: RealFriends©, automile adventures, Friendlys 
and McDonalds parking lots, apple picking/potato harvesting-mw 
same person. X stickers/dances, simply tabu, you want in? Cheer 
Camp-Big Dave-when in doubt pump it out-PinTheMan 
sophomore6forever. Homeroom a227 and its foster children. 
Shummer Jams-you should probably go get those hats. LloydDiego 
CarlTomasBigBerthaYolanda.Marshfield, NbksWithStyleAndClass. 
CONS. meaningless, checklists, LOL(: watermelonchickenpotpie, ap 
piesauced, hotlips, themiracle, mailbox? iLoveOurLunchTable. 
singalongs and dance parties in driveways=time well spent. 
Snowbunglers, use the stove. Wait is Will on this bus? Peace Love 
and LittleO. Quality. "May we rest in college <3" 

Michelle Whelan 

High school was incredible! The Moose 
Picture. Bobby? 4AM Swim Practices. TOL. 
PMU. February 21st. Wheedle. Pip. 
Abyss. Carnations for Doug. The Faun. 
Book of Crosswords. Vermont. Lifers with 
Bean. Homeroom: Foster Children, how 
many shirts does he own? they're judging 
us. Latin: "We're a Family", Caesar Pictures, 
Caroling, Stonehenge, Whales? Wales?, 
Trivia. Samuel. Graham. Senior Swim 
Sleepover. K$ forever, Treasure Chest, 
Spain 2010: Manni, Neil, wave your magic 
wand, Monja Coqueta. The Voice. Robot 
Toilet. Late Night Talks. Mr. Giraffe. On the 
phone all night. I'll miss everyone, drama 
and all i wouldn't have it any other way. 

Steve Weinreich 

Slaughterhouse, Invicta, three, 5 points for physical contact, 
cross country, slaughterhouse, verbal diarrhea, G1 10, merger, 
"not intellectually arrogant," Collegivm, emancipation from 
inferiors. Rube Goldberg, track, couch, slaughterhouse, 
Plunkalicious, industrialism trial, chariot races. 

Meaghan Winn 

H41 . Wolfpack. Real Friends©. sophomore6forever. adventures. 
LOL :) tabu, lexus&ed. McDonald's parking lot. automile. 
Friendly's. dance parties, x-stickers. white hats, you want in? 
ihop boy. Mount Ida Cheer Camp 07-09. Big Dave, pump it. 
banana 09. Parstey/Francine/Helga. thunder, walk on beach with 
shell, real quick/ who said that? stir the soup, hale walk, apple 
picking/ potato harvesting/ choco milk, palm tree. Panera pickles, 
pft. WaterMelonChickenPotPie. steppin on leprechauns. 
Falmouth/ Old Silver. Blink 182. SummerJamOS. trampoline 
lifers. A227. mw same person, salad wrap nights. #22. story 
time, good for the memories not for the book, carpe diem. In 
conclusion, MEOW kthanksbai. 




Joe Wisiaiko 

My favorite high school memory 
was going down to D.C. with my 
junior year history class. DC '09! 
Ms. Ettman successfully got me 
through the college process and 
helped me achieve my goal, 
getting into Stonehill. Throughout 
my high school years I've played 
on the golf team and "made it rain" 
in CYO basketball with my boys 
Boofman, C-rod, Pell, and 
Birdman. Good luck to the class of 

Ravi Yelleswarapu 

Never miss my bus, school, or homeroom. Rice. Wearing 
Poloshirt and jeans. Buying first lunch at end of sophomore year. 
Hot chocolateduring Chemistry and finding theta during Physics. 
Getting yelled at by Mr.Rocha. Losing to JT's instincts in math. 
Competing with Steve for everything. Bugging Phil for his test 
grades to never hear an answer. Doing all the workfor projects 
with Nadeem. Always getting beaten by Jimmy by 1 point on 
Frenchtests. Having to carry Science team materials... whether 
as a freshman or senior.Dreading suicides in tennis. Using a limo 
for Mathteam. More rice. 

Allie Wittich 

WHS Band, No Parenthesis, French Trip '09- Gypsies! Kelsey- 

Fun Fact, 3AM karaoke sessions, late night phone calls- P90x, the 
endless , amazing concerts over the past years, "YOU'RE MY 
MOTHER", creeping for pictures, driving and blasting music, me 
tripping over things and you laughing (vice versa), pig out 
sessions, Warped Tour(s)- running from the monsoon!, ROCHIES, 
Extended Day "Assistants", reading each other's minds, trips to 
Boston, JOES-AP, AR, KH. Adrienne- The Cape, laughing so 
much our stomachs ache, 5 hour trips to the mall, "butcher you!", 
kayaking, 30STM, nail painting, switching books. Homeroom 
A227- early morning lifers! Love you guys! 










*• ^ 





ri -fl 



Sesf Parf of Prom ? ^^ ^itn my ^^'^^ 

^^/7c«/>,^ taKi^9 P'^/D Getting ready with my 

'!:^ZZT^^yfn 'food'- 


friends - - AP 







f^e way ttie DJ kepP^^'f - . "^^^^"^i^ 
playing the siren engine H^ ,^® o'esc^^ 

" a^. . ..-.-^ 









h ./ ' 




' •«I^''71 

iors vs. Faculty 

J#.. .^V f-'d^: 

Seniors' Day at the 


The seniors enjoyed a warm day in the sun playing 
games, riding the waves, and picknicking at Crane's ^, 
Beach in Ipswich! 

T f . 




On Thursday June 3rd, the senior class set sail on The Spirit of Boston 
for a day cruise in the harbor. It included a DJ, the distribution of 
superlatives, and sharing memories on the deck. 


Aaron Kesler & Madeline 

Anthony Burden " james Laughlin & Rachel Jordan MacPherson 8. 

& Anny f riel 


Pot Bowler & Jen Dello Pat Bowler & Sarah 



Corey Christian & Dani Xander Ventola 8c Michelle 
Bradley Whelan 

Biggest Gossip ■ Biggest Movie Buff 

Too Guo & Jen Lavoie 

Mike Musto & Olivia 

Ujun McHoul & Olivia 

John McCabe & Nina 

Will Lasher 8. Kerri 

Alex Contreras 8c Alish 

Will Lasher 8c Sam 

Joe Pelligrini 8c Kristen 


iSt Artistic 


;^-k^ M'^ 




Andrew Ju 8c Annie Qin 

Reis McQuillan 8c Kelly 


Approved by the Parents ■ Jersey Shore 

Sean Broderick & 
Rebecca McClcllon 

Dave Milano & Sam 

Steve Mcfianus & Matalie Jimmy Looney & Courtney 
Shapeton McLaughlin 

Joe Pelligrini & Colleen 

Antwoine Taylor 8c Jaqu 

Dylan Demora & Colleen Alex Kessler 8c Charlotte 

Laughter Malln 

Malachy Duffy 8c 
Charlotte Malin 

Most Ssh 





Casey McLaughlin 
8c Danielle Stein 

Mark Black 8c Allison 

Mike Jacobs 8c Sara 


Hadi Audi 8c Sara 

Casey McLaughlin 8c 
Danielle Stein 

Alex Contreras 8c Jen 

Not Pictured 

Best Kicks (Shoes) 
Antwoine Taylor & Kara Pierre-Charles 

Mr. Bevan's "Best Customer" 
Brian Perkins 8t Natalie Shapeton 

George Georgakalis 8c Tommy Ahearn 
Jill O'Brien 8c Brittany Musto 



The Graduation Commencement Ceremony for the Class 
of 2010 was held on June 6, 2010. Rebecca McClellan 
delivered the Valedictorian Address, and Paul Massad 
(President of the class of 2010) gave the Class Address. 
Ms. Parks also delivered an encouraging speech to 
graduates, friends, and family. 

^^^j •*• 

■*■"—«= -rn 


K ^^ * 



"^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B' ^-'^ 








I, Liz Abraham, leave Catherine, endless laughs and 
fun. Erik, my approval. Bus 12, my dignity. Chris, my 
hair. Macston, my hugs. Derrick, my foolishness. Eric, 
our heart to heart convos. Gio, muffins and memories. 
A141 , a ridiculous tardy policy. *l, Christian Adams, 
leave the guidance office my undying love, admiration 
and Christmas music, my vast amount of awesome to 
Sarah Angelici and her friends - there's plenty to go 
around. *l, Chris Adams, leave Von Booby my mediocre 
pre-game speeches, DeCenzo my you know what, Vito 
my purple smoook, Beamen the after burn of fire. 
Sneaky Pars my gentle touch, Flahive Field my left ACL 
*!, Wesley Adams, leave my most prized possession to 
my brother Brad, my car. Brad, learn how to drive a 
stick shift, and don't scratch it!!*l,Tommy Ahearn, leave 
Decenzo M&M, Emily the battlefield, Michael 
BIIIILLLLLL, and Meghan the GEO if its still alive.*!, 
l\/lariah Arnold, leave Bru, Champs, and Nultzy car 
rides home, and Nultzy the goal. WW soccer- summer 
double sessions with Chant. Girls bball- the times of 
your lives on that court. Ksteeves- Hitler cat, Emily- 
William's heart, Laura- birthdays at Bertuccis/ Chant.*!, 
IVIia Augis, leave the field hockey girls a great 
season.*!, Phil Azeredo, leave The duct tape that holds 
my van together to Ullas "Goolash" Rao, My track shorts 
to the next poor sap to pick them out. Whole Foods' 
burritos to Conor Duffy, Invicta to all Swearingen fans *!, 
George Balekjian, leave Jing Li and Carol Han 
awesome mock trial witness skills so that they will win. 
To my cousin Taline, I leave my severe senioritis and 
the best of luck with all things high school related.*!, 
Alexandra Bartholomew, leave Samantha and Alex 
my house. I leave Elena my homeroom. ! leave ND, SB 
so take care of her. I leave Kevin sleeping pills and I 
leave Alex AAK. *l, Maggie Barzin, leave Kelley-kate 
goslings diamond studded bathing Suit & ALL my love, 
Julia-Bev, Juliana-midget trainers & a Div-0, MK-boyzi, 
KatieG-ms. lamb's favorite blouse, Shane-a wedding 
ring, Leigha-a great senior year, Erin-my soccer 
skills&many laughs, Derin-thinking cap, Emma-my 
artistic skills, Dave-mcgarey, Brendan-awkward gazes*!, 
Neha Basu, leave: Neeraj, two awesome years of High 

School. Zoe/Catie, awkward moments w/ Gingy, my 

never ending laughter. Leah, Subway. Nicky/Anne, 52 
oz , daily lifers. Annemarie, hours in my car. Heather, 
boys. Keelin, DP's at MS dances, XCgirls an amazing 
season NO REGRETS*!, Misha Beatty, leave Alison 
Campion a time-turner, Alison McNulty band fun, Erin 
and Keelin the Outstanding Oucho, Hani our hand 
shake, Ullas free advice, Catherine Leonard facebook 
stalking and constant texting, Molly O'Brien Scooby 
Doo, and Riley phenomenal abs.*l, Maya Bechara, 
leave Matt Hurley and Matt Levine- intimate hand hugs, 
Bev Kwong- astlima attacks and lifers, the Spain 

juniors- duende, Melanie Zhaka- failed Dunkies trips and 
parking lot accidents; and Bobby McGee- yogurt.*!, Patrick 
Bowler, leave underclassmen with the advice to always 
complete your homework. Never cheat, participate in sports, 
treat others the way you would like to be treated. Carpe Diem.*l, 
Dani Bradley, leave Kelley- My liver, skeleton grandma, late 
night phone calls, and his password, Erin- High school drama, 
my sock collection, Halloween costumes and eyeliner, Juliana- 
A divalicious senior year and a tutor, MaryKate- My yoga mat 
and kissing boys.*l, Sean Broderick, leave XC'09 hope for an 
awesome season next year, Katelyn and Michael Keane the 
longest possible drive to Westwood High, and all future WHS 
students four great years that wiJI never be forgotten.*!, 
Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, leave Julia the chaos and thhil of 
growing up, the theatre kin: wiach, killer handshakes, mix CDs, 
love of chemistry, Pre-Calc II, and their incredible talent!*!, 
Audra Cabey, leave the track to the xc girls, the blue line to 
Kelly, Kristina and Bridget, Ritz crackers to Liz, random 
adventures to Morgan, sportsmanship to Jackie, and my car to 
Sean, if it lasts that long*!, Peter Campion, leave Shannon the 
poop baby, GraysonA/enti the ability to keep swim team 
awkward, Monkey/Gimpy the ability to walk without breaking 
themselves, Jacky our fabulous chemistry pod, my freshman 
Leanne egg rolls and Ali/Steve CAMPION PRIDE!*I, Nastasha 
Casale, leave Alex McLaughlin my position as midfielder on the 
field hockey team, SB and Alex the job of being role models for 
the team as well, and ND a promise hng and my love.*l, Kelly 
Casey, leave Nultzy my daughterly love & my calculator. 
Champs my umbrella, Ebru BBM, Iris the neighborhood, Ginny 
room 259, Emily my bug, Laura cherry air fresheners, Kate 
power posts & Kanee, Molly Westwood Basketball, Kevin our 
name, Christina Blackhwak, Miles Ceramics*!, Beverly Cheng, 
leave the swim team fantastic seasons to come & crazy bus 
rides, Irina dates at outback and helium balloons, Elise 
"sondays" & Katelyn procrastinations in GD2, Lilly awkward 
hugs and Conor my heart*l, Mike Chirokas, leave epic high 
fives to Benjamin Pincus, work ethic to Erica Dahl, car rides to 
Shayan, disturbance in student council to Ullas, hockey skills to 
Billy Kenney, DERMMIT!, intelligence to Tommy Ollerhead, 
special shin guards to Sean Laughlin and hair to Noah*l, Corey 
Christian, leave my throne on the METCO bus for Macston 
Maccow. Whenever you Boston students don't know what to do, 
stop and ask yourselves, "What would Corey Christian do?"*l, 
Alex Contreras, leave David Dezenso the fitness room and 
P.F. Changs, Steaming Willy beamen gets second in the 
football warm-up line and the older ladys. Sean Amaru I leave 
him LC with the Croppster, Elword to all the upcoming seniors'!, 
Jacqueline Cooke, leave Mikey Phillips my heart, Cory Guinta 
strength to survive the nonsense, Nick Bambini keys to my 
house, 6A Amazing senior years, Mike Papianou my love and 
affection, Brendan Skehill Schwanbeck's class, Johnny and 
Danny Cooke great high school years*l, Maddie Craig, leave 
Annie- Gilly and the last scoop of ice cream; Lane 1- 21 Club, 
Kelley Steeves - scoop! and Mr. Chiluli's binoculars; Kate 


Vannesse and Annie Shea- Trips to Fresh City; Annie Shea- a 
date with Mr. Ferguson and Mr. McGrath, lane 1 supervisor.*!, 
Sarah Cucchiara, leave Jenn-AM car rides and talks; Melanie 
and Shannon- Mr. Magenta and Strange Laughs; Annie, 
Kelley, Jess- Swim Team; Currans and Megan P- my love for 
Gingers; Cody and Pat- BST; Kevin- risky bus behavior, 
rectangles and a flamenco dance; upcoming freshmen in 
A147- Mr. Chatterton (take good care of him)*l, Claire 
Daniels, leave Laura McHoul the booty drop, all my other 
dance moves and Cape '09, Annmarie O'Flahrety the mexican 
on the train from walk for breast cancer*!, Jennifer Dello 
Russo, leave Andrea-i-Melanie tennis, Alanna to reunite our 
siblings, Riley a call ticket, Colin-f-Mike-i-Cody-i-Dylan my car, 
Samantha my Lilly. Elena to care for G and B, Jamie my sn, 
Nicky my love, Emma a new tennis partner and Jessica my 
math skills*!, Dylan Demora, leave to Morgan Walker, Sweet 
Tea and the thrill of a Run to Connor Duffy, The Westwood 
chapter of the Brothers shot*!, Kelly Donlon, leave Shannon 
and Melanie Mad Libs&Mr. Magenta, Kelly scooping and "I 
swear", Tracy early morning dinosaurs, Katelyn and Erin 
summers at the pool*!, Lauren Drew, leave Jake- the rest of 
high school; Matt- photo club; Katrien- high jump, Liz, Christa 
& Erik- hurdles & man thighs; Nicky- my pink spikes; Pat- art; 
Kylie- the bus and Tomiche; DK, RB & CA- gymnastics at TJ*!, 
Malachy Duffy, leave Ullas a shiny new bass, Invicta and a 
Blue Fox; Conor, the drumming insanity of Keith Moon; Colby, 
new basketball shoes: and Joey Lally, my sweet jumpshot*l. 
Kristen Emerson, leave Lilly- boys rooms; Irina- shortness; 
Kelley- scoops; Annie- flibbertigibbets; Abby/Zoe- stomp the 
yard; Conor/Jack- Sharon and Dennis; Lee- voice; Dels- 
swears; Kevin- uninterrupted sleep; Nicole- ballet; Sammy- 
gypsy no fun; AJ- bowling; swim team- a 200 disappearing IM 
and Lane Etiquette; and Alex- AAK*I, Michelle Farrell, leave 
the spring track team great success in the future!*!, Matt 
Pollen, leave the JV lacrosse team to Dave VonEuw, the Ski 
Team to Shane Troy, the Ceramics table to Andreas Nicolos, 
baking cookies to Johnny McCarthy, and finally I leave my 
swagger to Johnny Cooke*l, Kayla Franceschi, leave my 
3D2 skills to Joe Williams, Mike Cicerone and Sean Condrick. 
And for the seniors of 201 1 , theres NO time for drama so 
make sure you know who your REAL friends are, and just 
'orget the rest*l, Peter Frangiadakis, leave Chick number 3, 
\/on Booby STC, Amaru live the dream, Egitzi and Ski 143 
DBby, and Molly keep fist pumping*l. Amy Friel, leave crazy 
:ar rides/driving around to waste time/Bessy to Caitlin, high 
ump to Katrien, Art class to Pat and Amanda, Photo Club to 
\/latt, the house to Sammy, my wardrobe to Sarah, G free to 
Jenn, Krissy my place in the Friel family, family trips to Soyer, 
Dack seat dance parties to Siobhan, my old barbies/baby dolls 
Ellie and Ironman to Wes*l, George Georgaklis, leave 
Jamie: super cuteness and our bromance, OD: birthday hugs, 
.eibson: the dream team, Scott: Estella's last days, Etch: Real 
5ports with Brian Gumble, Christina: leader of the Greeks, 
yiaria: a fun and SAFE senior year*!, Alessandra Giugliano, 
9ave Gabriella THE MATRIX, Jack gangsta's dovesAThe Dark 
(night, Leigh Ronan spring track, Lily Priestly our parents' 
riendship, Maria my love for your family, Erik my spot as 
avorite child, Matt my kitchen, Eric me and Jenn's QUALITY/ 
■PIC legend and legacy*!, Katie Glover, leave the cheer team 
3 my cheerleaders, Christa my sisterhood, the Winn sisters 
ny love, Kevin sleeping pills and Patrick LOST and sheepsy*l, 
"ao Guo, leave leadership and all anime/game knowledge to 
ill remaning anime club members*!, Chandler Hall, leave 
<ocha my heart and Janice my umbrella supply*!, Kathleen 


Harrington, leave Lauren my buggy and morning Mika jam 

sessions, Katie, Yalda and Icky the cross country team and 

the best of luck next year, Sophie my sing-a-long skills, and 

Shawna D. my hallway greetings!*!, Melissa Haughn, leave 

VBALL 09 another amazing undefeated season and our 

neverending thread, Leigh dry heaving, and Leah the middle 

and stories from High St.*!, Christian Heaney-Secord, leave 

Rob Law, court #1 ...again*!, Cara Henderson, leave Andrea, 

Anne, Riley and Alanna an awesome fh season as captains, 

Dels, Steve, Leanne, Julia, Zoe and Abby FAMILIA! Erica, 

games of hide and go seek and OPAH! f<eelin, the 

hendymobile and an awesome senior year*!, Kelsey Hession 

leave Brendan Dalton the position of '90s rep to the younger 

generation. Those were the Good 01' Days...*l, Lambsey 

Hoang, leave behind a song I wrote for creative writing 

class. ..To Elidi Chan, I leave a great junior year. To Myles 

McDonough, I leave the title VP of Membership and all the 

work that comes with it*l, Sarina Huang, leave Kim my love, 

WCCN, the stage, dancing and loads of laughter; MeiMei, 

three fantastic high school years. Alex and Julian, the greatest 

success in AcaDec and martial arts preformances. Dance 

Team freshmen, many more marvelous seasons!*!, Mariah 

Hurley, leave Katie and Shane the POD legacy, Sabrina the T 

set, Stephy the big mac sauce and Saturday cruises, and 

Hurney and Christian a pack-a-butts*l, Denisa Ikonomi, leave 

my monotonous sarcasm to Shawna. fashion chick to Marina 

and my many laughs to my sister*!, Megan Isberg, leave 

Patrick Sleight: Mol!y-i-Rob. Emma Archambo: New Years 

Paties. ND and AN: Friends Network*!, Nadeem Istfan, leave 

Nick Hawes my thighs for running, Alison McNulty Reavey's 

wrath, my brain for Morgan, absolutely nothing for Tommy Hu, 

and lastly, all my loving for Ullas Rao.*l, Marjorie Juste, leave 

Daquira Ingram the step team and my sense of fashion to 

continue on in 201 and 201 1 . We were so much alike in 

many ways, therefore I leave you all that I contributed to 

Westwood High*l, Matt Kenney, leave Richard McDonough 

my shotput skills, Jack Jardin the Busdriver at school dances, 

Erik Brakke all 400m track events, Conor Emerson his Harry 

Potter references, and Billy Kenney nothing*!, Aaron Kesler, 

leave Steven Kane AJ. AJ A PIZZA? I leave Elise in stop 

motion. Will Spear a golden monkey. Brianna warmth and 

fleece sheets*!, Alex Kessler, leave my legacy to the coolest 

(now) junior, sophomore and freshman bros: Ullas Rao, Sam 

Malonson, Hani Singer, Ken Reisman, Believe Opara, Ben 

Gantert, Anokh Palakurthi, Justin Magnan, Ben Cautela and 

last but not least, Nick Hawes. If I'm missing anyone, that's just 

my memory failing me*l, Erin King, leave the drama girls the 

hot guys at Emerson Fest, and Kylie and Klaudia my amazing 

physics lab skills*!, Andrew Kusmin, leave Sweet Tea to 

anyone short on cash. Collegium to whoever calls dibs, Mr. 

Holthouse to those who want to learn in high school and my 

Toll to history 'students'*!, Tim Lally, leave my swag to 

whomever may want it*l, James Laughlin, leave Sean 

Laughlin to Kelly Rich. My cell phone number to any girls 

interested: 617-827-0319. Sebastian all my macking abilities 

and a firm grasp. ND and Shannon a happy ending (but not 

too happy)*l. Colleen Laughter, leave Leigh Valentine 

afternoon car rides, vent sessions and Sunday morning 

Softball practicies, Sean Amaru Mr. Bean's chem class, Erin 

Young my physics labs and high school drama. Dean and 

Nicole four amazing years at WHS and my trusty jeep*l, 

Jennifer Lavoie, leave Eric three good years of high school 

and getting caught by lurch, Maria MF and rides home, Rosa 

feshmen gossip, Meagan pasta fest and the victory cheer 






Costa spot of favorite child, Gabriella me and anos legend*!, 
Allison Lim, leave my sister Hayley my brain, my good looks 
and the Rav, to the two All's I leave Jazz band and all the 6:30 
am rehersals, and to the tennis team, I leave my legacy and a 
win against Medfield*!, Katie Loftus, leave to my beloved 
sister Elizabeth, a shriveled sea slug in a vat of prune juice*l, 
Jimmy Looney, leave the French horn section to Hani, calc to 
Tommy, engineering to Thomas, the XC team to Nick and OD, 
and the family legacy to Mr. McEachern*l, Kevin Luo, leave 
Tomy Hu with my asianess, Richard McDonough with my shot 
putness and all my extra Adipose tissue to Billy Kenney*!, 
Jordan MacPherson, leave Skee best flow in the TVL, Brett 
my hampsters, Decenzo the football team, Moloy 315 6'12", 
Vito my ACL, Von Euw my good looks, and Chhsta I guess 
you can have my mustang*l, Lisa Majid, leave Shannon: 
Check it out! Hair dying stuff, Shawn, Adam the Anime Club, 
Gimpy: Cherry Slushies+David Archuleta concerts, Grayson: 
16, year, olds. All my friends get LOVE AND GLOMPS!*l, 
Charlotte Malln, leave Shelly my cheeriness during morning 
rides to school, Lee my dancing talents and dirty looks in the 
hall. Matt H a big hug, Marina drama club fun and to Becky: 
Jim Halpert and my room*!, Maddie Martin, leave Laura 
McHoul my sign language skills, Leah Lessard some bubbles, 
Riley graphic design class, Kate & Sarah lacrosse, and 
Amanda & Caroline & Pat art class, and lastly Christina D. a 
golf club*!, John McCabe, leave Fumi my lard*!, Rebecca 
McClellan, leave Steven my cute face, Brian paper cuts, Calla 
the lab bench, Lucy and Elidi breathing exercises, Elise our 
lifers, Sarah a hug, the stage managers the binder, Bhanna 
cray-cray face, Lee Kevin Jonas, AJ drama club, and Margaret 
great shoes*!, Katherine McDonough, leave Richard luck, 
Emily BB&Panera. Laura, Marina, Bru Friendly's and Lyuda. 
Kate SQUISHY, Molly my love, Rach the Bench!, Kelley 
shitzen meow, Kara beautiful skin, Erin Mr. McGarey, Leah 
runs together, Michael the Hood, Conor-Schwanny, Soccer09- 
Chant/Love*!, Casey McLaughlin, leave the Den to Vito 
Bruno and Mike Filbin. ! leave Molly the Saab and only herself 
to blame for being late. I leave the library peace and quiet. I 
leave the hockey team with no Super Fan to go to every game 
in Franklin*!, Courtney McLaughlin, leave Alex the car and 
the girls ski team, Bobbby three more great years of high 
school, the soccer team Coach Chant, the ski team trips to 
Panera/Wendy's, and the lacrosse team the best season 
EVER*!, Erin McManus, leave Sean the best senior year and 
the responsibility of looking after Scott, Scott the best four 
years of high school, Leigh retried beans, Christa my hands to 
hold and Will my heart*!, Ries McQuillan, leave Dave von 
Euw Coach Reidy, Christ Treon my physics notebook, Shane 
Troy Eladio, Sean Condrick the lax attack, Sean Laughlin gets 
rides home and finally Erik Maloney gets the yellow ball*!, 
Janice Michaud, leave Westwood Soccer coach Chant, Emily 
McGrai! our car rides, our songs and Greg's camry, Mary 
O'Sullivan, Matt Jessup and Sammy Pease the work table, 
Leigh and Lily the good pasta, Westwood Hockey Greg and 
Justin, Steph Murphy the red practice jersey*!, David Milano, 
leave Sean Ameru, Will Smith and Brett Egitzi the baseball 
team. I leave B-skeets, and Brett the outfield. I leave Joe 
Liebson his Dre beats. I leave Michelle the job of taking out 
Shadow for a walkie every day*l, Rebecca Morgan, leave 
Jenna four amazing years of high school and keeping Deb and 
Doug under control, Kelley, Juliana, and MaryKate tennis team 
cupcakes and 5 mile runs to Hale, and Danny car rides and 
the rabbi*l, Paige Moscow, 
1 90 

leave Shelley Milano and Leigh Ronan my outstanding scatting 
skills, my speedy running, and an amazing senior year, and 
Elizabeth Loftus a half eaten tangerine*!, Samantha Mulligan, 
leave Liz (Panther) her nickname and the public library room 
forever, Morgan a hug and Lauren our bonding over her sister, 
H-woman*l, Alison Murphy, leave the hockey team inches and 
morning practice, Spanish and Piano to Julian, awkward 
encounters to Ben Gantert and my library card to Katie and 
Rose*!, Erin Murray, leave all the humor, fun, love and 
challenges and good times at high school; intellectual curiosity 
and big dreams of the future. Good luck Kelly!*!, Mike Musto, 
leave the hockey team to Stones and Brett, Filbin lead the lax 
defense, Dalton keep up the good looks baby*!. Erica 
Nangeroni, leave Sarah/Kate/Laura/WWLax: the legacy; 
Christina: F-block love and Demi jam-outs; Shannon: my laugh; 
Mary/Emily/AChamps/Soccer: Chant and Sunday morning 
practices; Sarah: Catz and the gym; Emily/Shannon: cafeteria 
slow-walk; Mary/mini: an amazing senior year; Kevin: two years 
as the oldest- make it last*!. Gate Nesbitt, leave Stephy 
whoppers, "cruising", colin w., "are you lost? looks like you're 
looking at a map", paul reveres midnight ride. Leah the middle. 
Shelly clammy hands. Sarah car rides. VBALL09 bentley, all my 
love. Hurney everything*!, Juliane Nguyen, leave Caroline L. 
good luck with the fellas, Erin C. and Melanie Z. my hugs 
forever, and Cody W. and Pat S. BST*I, Bridget Norris, leave 
Monica my wardrobe and an awesome rest of WHS, Leigh my 
childhood, Christa my Foss sweatshirt and Cathy, Shelly 
clammy hands, Lily a cookie, David D. my heart, Leah Ihop ^ 
surprises, Vball Girls an undefeated season, and Tennis girls 
boot camp*l, Jill O'Brien, leave my sister Sara the luck of 
getting her license and the job of bringing Aimee to parties. I 
leave Vball '09 an undefeated season*!, Katie O'Brien, leave 
Sheila, Molly, Rachel, and Leigha the Softball steam, and 
Connor and Daniel the sweet minivan, the TV and the house all 
to themselves*!, Olivia O'Leary, leave amo and nicky giving 
people rides for XC, soph those driving lessons I never ended 
up giving her, kelley steeves the westwood girls tennis team 
and another year of boot camp*l, Christina Papianou, leave 
6A full rights to go to whosever house they wish. I leave Erin 
Young "William John Maresh". I leave Kelley Ann's cakes. I 
leave Lily cZaP<3. I leave Michael my GPA. I leave Ellie the 
responsibility of cracking my brother's back. And I leave Johnny 
Cooke his sister's creativity*!, Hannah Park, leave Red haired 
girl who sits in front of me in piano lab: please talk more at 
home and when at school, find a good book to read and read it. 
Whenever you have any free time, just read that book*!, Alisha 
Patel, leave Christa, Caitie, Lauren, Jess, Aly and Kara dance 
love, Sam crazy martha jones kids (Graham), Bru awkward 
encounters in the hallway, Bulbasaur to Ms. Felton and Latin 
Club to some underclassmen (hopefully)*!. Penny Pease, leave 
Sammy couch time, Gucci, pilaf, luck to deal with Harley, and 
Rochies thps. I leave Megan Nilla Wafters, Jess memorizing 
MASH'S. To Kylie Chuck, Julie, pants and Annie Big Brother 
and pizza dates*!, Joe Pellegrini, leave Von Euw my love, 
Keeno my "looks", Decenzo toughness, Vito pellabruno day, 
Skee my flow, Johnny my "skills". Rami nothing. Pasty chirps, 
Brett money line, Amaru grama's cookies, Kelley privilege to 
drive Matt home*l, Paul Pender, leave Egitzi my thigh pads. 
Von Euw an open door at my dorm, Vito my KG knowledge, 
Filbin tje Jeep Danglers Club, Decenzo my numbers in the gym, 
Beamen my love, Skeets college sweat pants and absolutely 
everything I have left*!, Kara Pierre-Charles, leave it all. The 
laughs, the tears, the smiles, the hugs, the love, the drama, the 


the parties, the trouble, the work, the friends that came and 
went I leave it all. 2010 till the wheels fall off. Love you all!*!, 
Olivia Powers, leave Keelin Henderson and Caitlin Adamakis 
the girl throwers, my special javelin and my attitude. I also 
leave all the other girls the track team*l, Mark Prol<es, leave 
Sketchers the keys to the Coffee Milk Castle. Use it well, but 
don't scratch the paint. And to Alex, the right to make the 
obscure movie references in English class. May the force be 
with you*l, Maddy Randolph, leave Will and Kevin Mr. Samp, 
Leigh and Christa Quad Pod runs to five guys, Leah our future 
nights out, Shelly a butt, Monica the Monica Show, Scotty 
McManus 4 great years, and vball'IO an undefeated seasonal, 
Madison Rau, leave Emileigh Rau 2 more awesome years of 
high school. Emily McGrail freckles, LDP's & my blue ipod. 
Christina Koutris GREEK LOVE. Ebru Hazar vodeps & WM 
love. Laura McHoul BoEbZ the clown status. Chicken rides to 
school and Marina Burke #10, wear it well woman*l, Anna 
Ribas, leave Chicken Legs the track and panera mac and 
:heese, Yoda the little boy on the wall, Nicorette the game 
3ube and vanilla chai runs, Gabriella gangster's blinged out 
stethoscope, Romanov moose munch. Soph the scrap 
Ducket*l, Kelly Rich, leave Kate shake'n'bake, 5, and the 
acrosse team, Emily smileyeyes & lightningbolts. Mayo my 
Donytail, Kelley meows, Erin the neighborhood, Shannon 
Drownies and 5, Laura Tom, Christina Greekfest, Kara soccer 
sidelines, Leah intense Halloween, Molly Huffelpuff, Rachel 
/ellow, Sean safe car rides*!, Ashley Riordan, leave the 
unior vball girls pistol pete and an undefeated season, steph 
"nurphy cvs trips, my carbon monoxide detector down the cape 
and our bacon'n eggs halloween costume, michelle milano 
)oppy and all that comes with it*!, Allison Ristaino, leave 
\yiolly Stachowicz, Elena Maimonis and Olivia Cawley center 
jtage at Xaverian, sore muscles from David and Belmo's 
Tiustache and the practice rooms and the puffy-cased school 
lute to Elise Blanchard*!, Christopher Charles Robertson, 
eave philosophical football debates to all the underclassmen 
nvolved, you know who you are, football game hip- 
ittachments to Busa and looking classy to Shayan*!, Chris 
^odenbush, leave ND big dreams, Brandon Rodenbush, 
mileigh Rau Dr. Pepper and Ebru Hazar #31*1, Adrienne 
lose, leave Samantha DeTore, Cherry Coke and Doritos so 
•.he can watch Criminal Minds and obsess over MGG and 
:!ise Blanchard the will to fight senioritis, it will get you, and 
:eep you, out of ACS senior year*!, Rian Rosetti, leave Molly 
)rders not to laugh and Sheila the title of fastest. Gabble 
^ommodus, Stuehr and Meghan gold one, the softball and 
lockey teams, good luck next year*!, Samantha Sestito, 
save Christa cowlicks, LOST, VBALL'IO captainship, s.o.p, 
ind my heart, Lily, tanorama, s.o.p. & weezy, Kev my heart & 
ie bronco, Leigh&Leigha, VBALL'IO, Shelly VBALL'IO and 
3monade caps, Willy my love, Steph, VBALL'IO & MJ beats, 
*otsy, ridin' solo & Sean, livin' the dream*!, Natalie Shapeton, 
3ave you all to fend for yourselves (except Christina 
•ortanova: I leave to you my undying love and affection)*!, 
lina Shapiro, leave Sophie-bonding with winnie, Leah- 
irectional ability, Alisons-spanish dog, Mary-venting sessions- 
licky-my car keys, Laura-bigfoot and jerking, Molly-toad, 
:mily-perfect nuzzle, Anne-airbags, Shannon-chipmunk face, 
•ru-7, Caitie, Tracy and Gingy-magic carpet.. .and love!*!, Ann 
'heehan, leave Alex McLaughlin #3, Alanna Leahy and 
ndrea the defense line, Alanna Andrea Ani getting lost to 
inner and the rainforest cafe, Riley my stretching line, Marina 
hysics class, Jake Indursky Chase Etstates*!, Casey Smith, 

leave Molly-the car if it lasts that long, Shelly-Molly have fun 
with that, Olivia-JA and lifers instead of school work, Sean- 
nothing because thats what you deserve, and Erik-everything 
bceause I can't put into words what I owe you*l, Karolina 
Sobieska, bequeath the piano in the chorus room to Alex 
Jackson*!, Danielle Stein, leave, Ailyn- golden oreos and otis, 
Sarah-sisterly love, Elise-diuels, Bele-Clubs! Bev K-giant 
numbers, Ellen-lifts, Eliza-the stage. Student Council-to the 
junior girls, Spain Juniors-Neil and "the voice"*!, Elizabeth 
Teebagy, leave my brother Nathaniel our crazy bus driver and 
my improv skills (Jazz!) Stephen W. Whelan, homeroom 227 
and my locker. To Kylie and Klaudia, my physics notebook 
and knowledge. To Ashley Littlejohn, my clarinet*!, John 
Trakas, leave Collegium to whoevers left; Mock Trials to the 
best team in WHS history; 1994 Corolla to Liz (ignore the 
random noise and run defroster constantly); Lake Shore to 
Cross Country; Invicta and Swearingen to the band DDDccD! 
*!, Xander Ventola, leave the robotics team and Starcraft to 
Thomas McNulty and Tommy Hu, good luck next year. To Mr. 
Schwan, I leave my repilica Star Wars lightsaber to complete ^ 
your costume and protect you from cars*!, Robert Ventura, 
leave my harassment and ignorance to Sean Laughlin, the 
Camry to Mike, my snipe and bundling skills to Brendan 
Dalton, and last, but not least, my loving heart and servie 
obedience to Ben Pincus*l, Madeline Walsh, leave Mo Trips 
To Friendlys & My Adoption Papers; Gabriella The 
Whiteboard & A Quieter House; Christa My tears and a box of 
tissues; Andrea Tabu; Lily singing lessons and my love for art; 
cheer team a season with less singing/sarcasm/team 
meetings-oh and have fun rolling out the mats; Joey the TV at 
8/Mom and Dad all to yourself*!, Steven Weinreich, leave the 
Sweahngen and Invicta to the band, DDDccD!*!, Michelle 
Whelan, leave the dead end and baking sessions to Ani, Jim 
to Irinia Maria and Laura, HBIock lifers and carnations to Doug 
Bean, bus ride fiestas to the Swim Team, and Manni and Neil 
to the Spain Juniors*!, Meaghan Winn, leave, Andrea, my 
clubbing skills; Trade, keep it sexy; Brianna, nightly baked 
goods; Scotty apples/excellent music; MoMo awkward eye 
contact; Christa, english wing bathrooms; Dylan, my flash 
drive; WHS cheerleaders, our legend at cheer camp*l, Joe 
"Moj" Wisiaiko, leave my wisdom and ability to achieve and 
succeed, and my humor to get me through the tough times to 
my brother Nick "Wizz" Wisiaiko. I also leave my guidance 
counselor, Ms. Ettman, to assist my btoher through the 
college process*!, Allie Wittich, leave my ever present pile of 
flashcards to study for Mr. Chatterton's lexicon quizzes and 
my desk in homeroom to that lucky freshman*!, Ravi 
Yelleswarapu, leave my Math Team captainship to Marina, a 
stack of pencils! promised to Tommy Hu for joining clubs, 
tennis skills and Nspire to Ryan Moujahead and my brians to 
Matt Gee, Chris Tso and Ehren Wong 



What's Next? 

Liz Abraham Boston University 
Chris Adams Middlebury College 
Wes Adams Westfield State College 
Tommy Ahern St. Anselm College 
Chris Anamateros Assumption College 
Alex Archambo Providence College 
Mariah Arnold Villanova University 
Hadi Audi Bryant University 
Mia Augis UMass Dartmouth 
Phil Azeredo Tufts University 
George Balekjian George Washington U. 
Alexandra Bartholomew Providence Co. 
Alan Baryudin UMass Amherst 
Maggie Barzin Fairfield University 
Neha Basu Boston University 
Misha Beatty Northwestern University 
Maya Bechara Northeastern University 
Mark Black Emmanuel College 
Patrick Bowler Providence College 
Dani Bradley Providence College 
Sean Broderick Catholic University 
Madeline Bugeau-Heartt NYU 
Anthony Burden Air Force 
Audra Cabey UMass Amherst 
Shawna Caldwell UMass Dartmouth 
Peter Campion Hofstra University 
Nastasha Casale Bentley University 
Kelly Casey University of Connecticut 
Beverly Cheng NYU 
Mike Chirokas Syracuse University 
Corey Christian Boston College 
Alex Contreras Suffolk University 
Jackie Cooke UNH 
Maddie Craig St. Michael's College 
Sarah Cucchiara Gettysburg College 
Brad Cushman Boston University 
Claire Daniels Roger Williams University 
Katie Dawson Eckerd College 
Sarah Deangelis Catholic University 
Jen Dello Russo Chapman College 
Dylan Demora UMass Amherst 
Kelly Donlon Bryant University 
Carley Donvoan U.Tampa 
John Donovan Westfield State 
Lauren Drew Buckneil University 
Malachy Duffy Johns Hopkins University 
Kristen Emerson Gettysburg College 
Michelle Farrell Loyola University, MD 
Matt Ferren Bates College 
Matt Follen Roger Williams University 
Mike Foxx Bridgewater State College 
Kayla Franceschi Plymouth State 
Peter Frangiadakis Providence College 
Amy Friel UMass Amherst 
3eorge Georgaklis Stonehill College 
Messandra Giugliano UCLA 
<atie Glover Fordham University 
^am Gulczynski VMI 
Tao Guo Syracuse University 
Chandler Hall UMass Amherst 

Ryan Hanlon Notheastern University 
Kathleen Harrington Catholic University 
Kerri Harrington Northwestern University 
Melissa Haughn WPI 
Cara Henderson Northeastern University 
Kelsey Hession Syracuse University 
Lambsey Hoang Northeastern University 
Sarina Huang Princeton University 
Mariah Hurley Suffolk University 
Denisa Ikonomi Boston University 
Megan Isberg Quinnipiac University 
Nadeem Istfan Boston University 
Mike Jacobs UNH 
Andrew Ju Boston University 
Marjorie Juste Mount Ida College 
Rachael Keating Stonehill College 
J.T. Kelly Northeastern University 
Matt Kenney Villanova University 
Chase Kerzel Davis & Elkins College 
Aaron Kesler Hofstra University 
Alex Kessler Syracuse University 
Erin King Northeastern University 
Emma Krause Davidson University 
Andrew Kusmin Bentley University 
Tim Lally University of Southern California 
James Laughlin UVM 
Colleen Laughter UNH 
Jennifer Lavoie Boston College 
Yuanwen Liang University of Connecticut 
Alison Lim University of Michigan 
Kevin Liu Marquette University 
Katie Loftus Boston University 
Jimmy Looney Harvard College 
Kevin Luo UMass Amherst 
Victor Maccow Lasell College 
Jordan MacPherson UMass Dartmouth 
Lisa Majid Northeastern University 
Charlotte Malin Northwestern University 
Maddie Martin RIT 

Lizzie Mason College of the Holy Cross 
Paul Massad Mass. College of Pharmacy 
John McCabe Regis College 
Rebecca McClellan Weslyan University 
Johnny McDonald Boston College 
Katherin McDonough Stonehill College 
Ryan McHoul Stonehill College 
Casey McLaughlin Boston College 
Courtney McLaughlin Williams College 
Erin McManus Merrimack University 
Ries McQuillan Boston College 
David Milano Roger Williams University 
Mike Molchan St. Michael's College 
Rebecca Morgan UCLA 
Jacqui Morra NYU 
Paige Moscow Brandeis University 
Dima Moujahead Northeastern University 
Sarah Muellers Connecticut College 
Sam Mulligan UMass Amherst 
Erin Murray Boston College 
Mike Musto St. Michael's College 

Erica Nangeroni Bowdoin College 

Caitlyn Nesbitt Stonehill College 

Juliane Nguyen Boston University 

Bridget Norris Boston College 

Jill O'Brien Assumption College 

Katie O'Brien Marist College 

Olivia O'Leary Fairfield University 

Christina Papianou Northeastern University 

Hannah Park Mass College of Pharmacy 

Alisha Patel NYU 

Penny Pease St. Lawrence University 

Joe Pelligrini UMass Dartmouth 

Paul Pender Boston University 

Kara Pierre-Charles Mount Ida College 

Matt Powers Salve Regina University 

Olivia Powers University of Rhode Island 

Joel Priestly Arizona State University 

Alex Prieto Mount Ida College 

Mark Prokes Emmanuel College 

Annie Qin Harvard College 

Peter Radonich Virginia Tech 

Maddy Randolph Providence College 

Madison Rau Bryant University 

Anna Ribas Bentley University 

Kelly Rich Northwestern University 

Ashley Riordan University of Central Florida 

Allison Ristaino Smith College 

Chris Robertson Syracuse University 

Chris Rodenbush Plymouth State 

Rian Rosetti Northwestern University 

Sam Sestitio Bentley University 

Natalie Shapeton UTampa 

Nina Shapiro Carleton College 

Disha Sharma Northeastern University 

Ann Sheehan Stonehill College 

Casey Smith Bryant University 

Rachel Stanke UNH 

Danielle Stein Boston University 

Antwoine Taylor Lasell College 

Elizabeth Teebagy SUNY Buffalo 

John Trakas Northeastern University 

Mat Venti UMass Lowell 

Xander Ventola Stonehill College 

Rob Ventura Pomona College 

Adam Walker Boston College 

Maddie Walsh Providence College 

Nimi Wariboko Carnegie Mellon University 

Steven Weinreich Brown University 

Michelle Whelan George Washington U. 

Meaghan Winn Fairfield University 

Joe Wisiaiko Stonehill College 

Allison Wittich Wheaton College 

Ravi Yelleswarapu Boston University 


Kristen Emerson 

To our sunshine -We 
are so proud of you! 
What a joy it has been 
to watch you grow 
into the wonderful 
young woman you 
are - always laughing, 
always singing, always 

May your life be all 
that you want it to be. 
You'll always be our 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, Maggie 
and Conor 

Amy Frfel 


Wg are very 

proud of you. 



Mom. Dad. and 
Caitl[n...and Daisy 
and Louie 


}emfer VeWo Kueeo 

Vejw JeiMfer - 

Ccwjratulatioue^ to you 3\\i the entire 
c\aee of 2 1 o\\ your jraJu^^tion from 
Wd'i?twooJ Hicjii. ") ou arc? ijrowintj into .^ii 
.iHL^zintj youiij woman anJ hopo that 
college? life? will brintj you a lifc^tim<? of 

Wc? Iiavc? ooniif to know a\\\ \o\ie all your 
ir\e\v\e, who wo hopo will continue? to bo 
your lifolon(] f riondi? ai? you furthor 
ro3.Ae\^ your horizone-. 

All our lovc? an J all tho bot^t in all you Jo 

Lovo - Pad, Mom, ^looy, Coroy a\v\ Lilly 



Dani BradlGy 

There'c no thrill in eacy sailing 
when the skies are clear and 
blue, there's no jOy in merely 
doing things which any one 
can do. But there is some 
satisfaction that is very sweet 
to take, when you reach a 
destination that you worked 
so hard to make. 
Your mom and dad are very 
proud of you and all that you 
have accomplished in your 4 
years at WHS. 

'pQiqa yVbssCGu? 

C©»v9rQtuj2atU9«i6''pQiqfc, cfc's 

DJ(9rkd toll iaxd Ojfd uJe ore s& 


George Georgaklis 




your graduation!! 

We are so proud 
of you! 

Good luck in 
college and 
always believe in 
yourself and your 
dreams will come 
true! We love you! 

Love, Mom, Dad 
and Maria 

Casey Smith 

Be who you are and say 
what you feel, because 
those who mind don't matter 
and those who matter don't 
mind. -Dr. Seuss 

Congrats! We love you! 
IVIom, Dad, IVlax and iVlolly 

MaMine Wdeh 

We're so proud of you and your 

accomplishments. We wish 

you happiness and success. 

Thanl<s for filling our hearts 

with laughter and memories. 

Dream until your dreams come 



Mom, Dad, Kk, Steve and Joey 

Chris Adams 

Chris, congratulations on all 
of your accomplishments both 
in the classroom and on the 
playing fields. We couldn't be 
more proud of you! We will 
miss your high school years 
and spending time with your 

Best of luck, health and 
happiness in the years to 

Go sssadams! 

Love Mom, Dad, Brett and 


'S^ll&mndia 'fjiamano & ■9^inna. 

Maya Bechara and Annie Qin 


Kerri Harrington 

"It's not about how fast 
you get there. .It's not 
about what's waiting 
on the other side.. It's 
the climb." 

Congratulations Kerri, 
you make us proud 
everyday. Play, laugh, 
live and always 
remember that Boston 
is home. 
We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Jamie and 

Mathew Vent! 

Mat, You are our first. You can't imagine how 
very proud we are of you. You have a bright 
future ahead. Always strive to be your best. 
Congratulations! Love, Mom & Dad 

Tommy Ahearn 

May all your dreams 
come true. Wishing 
you success in all 
that you do. 
Love, Mom, Dad, 
Elizabeth and 

Jennifer Lavoie 


We are so proud of 
you and all of your 
May your future be 
filled with happiness 
and success. 
Love Mom, Dad and 

W •v'jr 


Way To Co Ry Dog!! 



Best of Luck 

Next Year 

We Love You 

Mom, Dad, 

John, Kelly 



Danielle Stein 

Dear Danielle, No two parents could 
be prouder than us. You are a true 
joy, a genuine person, an inspiration 
to everyone you meet. Be yourself, 
full of love, life and of course the all 
important "spirit". Love, your family 

Erin McManus 

We are very proud of you ^ 

you will go far. / j^Kr ^^^^^^ I 
Much love and happiness l^^m 9s ^^^H| 

1 ^ ^1^^^ 









PJ Pender 

If you can imagine it, 
you can achieve it. 
If you can dream it, 
you can become it. 

We are so proud of you PJ! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Sean, Brian 

^1 — 

Melissa Haughn 

Looking fonA/ard to your 
bright future. We are pa 
pa proud of you! Love, 
IVIom, Neal and Bobby 

Congratulations Lisa! 

You are the 'bright'. 

Smile, always. Your compassion 

through adversity has defined the 

radiant light that you are. So as 

life's successes inflates you and 

its adversities deflates you, 

remember, everything changes 

every moment, and never confuse 

who you are with your life 


You are not the content of your 

life--you are life. So be here now. 

Dream Big and always know that 

everything is possible--and 

whatever you really want is 

already on its way. 

We could not be prouder of who 

you are. 

Love you "most". 

Mom, Dad, and Adam 

CarlGy Donovan 

KatiG GlovGr 

You made it! You've 
worked hard - good 
job. Congratulations 


Mom and Dad 

3r\L\Qet M. Uome 

Pricijc't, you havt? been oiit? 
of our ijreateet joye. Your 
e\u\\e. trpirit aiiJ lovt? of lifd^ 
j\re un&jryaeeed Ms^y tht? 
iiifxt four yeare briiij you 

tilt? kiidt? of h^^ippillc'tr:? JIlJ 

ijloriout- fric'idt-hi).''tr you hjiA 
aX WHtr. Y-.eey our lov^ with 
you a\wayt-: 

VaA, Mom .^11 J Moiiioa 

Bnva Krauee 


It It? impot^-iHo to e\[reee 
11 worJt? how prouJ we are 
of you .^iici liow much we 
\o\e you. 

\-0\-e, Mom iinJPsiJ 

/\e\ie\i Kbn-ian 

"If you o.=iii Jro.^im it, you can Jo it." 
~W.ilt Dit^noy 

f oiiiji^^itubtioiit^ At-^hlc'y' Wo are eo yrouA of you. 


Mom L^ VaA a\]A Molly too. 


'^llemndia Slizaklh ■^^illwlomeiv 

To laugh often and much; to win the respect of 

intelligent people and affection of children; to 

earn the appreciation of honest critics and 

endure the betrayal of false friends; to 

appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to 

leave the world a bit better; whether by a 

healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed 

social condition; to know even one life has 

breathed easier because you have lived. This is 
to have succeeded. -Ralph Waldo Emerson- 

We are so proud of you and your successes; 
past, present and the ones yet to come! 

Love always and forever, Your Family 

Katherine McDonough 

Maggie and Sarah 

In matters of style, 
swim with the 
current; in matters of 
principle, stand like a 
rock. "Thomas 

With love from your 

Meaghan Winn 

May all your dreams come true! Your 
positive attitude and beautiful smile will 

take you anywhere you want to go. 

Remember, Winn sisters stick together 

and more than anything Mom loves you. 


Do not go where the path 

may lead, go instead where 

there is no path and leave a 


-Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Mom. Dad and Alex 

Nariah Arnold 


We are all so proud of you 
and your accomplishments 
- job well done!! Continue 
to follow your dreams and 
most Importantly, be 
happy! We love you very 

Love. Nom. Dad and 


Joseph "Moj" Wieiaiko 


We all arG so VGry 
proud of all that you 
havG accompliehGd. 
Wg look forward to 
sGGing vA/hat thG nGxt 
chaptGr in your lifG 
holds. Hold onto your 
drGams and don't bG 
afraid to takG 

Congratulations to 
you and thG Gass of 


AAom. Dad. Al and 

CoWeen and Jackie 

Frciii little? ynnceeeee to 

?phi(?tie-jtc'J eeniore, iiL^y 

you continue' to embrsice 

lif^ throUcjIi lovc', jj^ujlitc^r, 

j\\ 1 J f ri(?i i^i;?hi|."'. Wo Ji\'c- ec 

[xoud of you both! 



If '\^ 


•••■jj. •' . 



(,( 1